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Americans sure love their Honda Accords and Toyota Camrys, and Mazda's competing midsize family sedan hasn't been successful in wooing shoppers away from those segment leaders. But Cars.com reviewer Mike Hanley says the 2014 Mazda6's fuel economy — now rated at 26/38 mpg city/highway — may be just the edge it needs to steal some hearts. Hanley says improved efficiency, however, doesn't mean mitigated acceleration or transmission responsiveness. Improved exterior styling, interior materials, cabin comfort and cargo space engender a luxurious feel, but a dinky navigation system undermines that somewhat. Watch the video above.

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By Matt Schmitz | May 10, 2013 | Comments (9)



There isn't much I don't like about this car. But you think they could have plugged in a little better infotainment system. Sat in this car the other day and the switches and dials have a very quality feel to them. Seats were very comfortable and supportative both front and rear. Nice big side mirrors and easy to understand controls too.


I think, it will sell better but not as good as everybody thinks, unless mileage and looks will outweigh all the shortcomings it needs to outweigh:
- bland interior,
- not so good packaging (manual tranny has no Blue tooth, for example),
- leatherette interior vs cloth,
- 17 inch standard tires ($$ replace them)

There were some other points, I don't remember now.


I test drove the 6 twice and I really like it however I won't be buying one until they address the road noise issue. It has to be the loudest car in it's class. I guess that's where they cut corners to save weight to achieve the mpg's.


I have driven this car and the Accord and with the exception of the navigation system in the Mazda (which really means little to me as I don't use or need a navigation sytsem)it is superior to the Accord in every way. Among other things Mazda's styling makes the Accord's tepid, uninspired and utterly forgettable styling look worse every time I see an Accord on the roadway(I dislike the Accord styling so much it is a deal breaker for me as I will never buy another Honda product unless it hires new design studios. I also applaud this reviewer for showing the Mazda's trunk which is superior to the Accords one piece folding seat back with its small narrow opening and exposed hinges and for noting how the hinges slide into the recesses thereby protecting trunk cargo. The Mazda also has better mpg, handling, and the Mazda's great performing 6 speed automatic is better than Honda's CVT which really offers no advantage over the Mazda's since the only reason for going with a CVT is for gas mileage and the Mazda still beats the Accord in that dept.

Rick Alba

Drove one today! A Sport with a 6-speed manual.

Slick. Smooth. Fun to drive. Very responsive throttle and steering. Tight handling in curves.

All in, dealer offered to sell it to me for $24K and some change.

I liked it. Just not for that much money.


It's confounding how Mazda is marketing this car on their website. Despite their 'build & price' tool, a MT can be had in the Touring trim (which has Bluetooth®, 19" wheels and other goodies n/a in the Sport). The MT penalty kicks in by not permitting the 'Touring Technology Package' and, of course, this drivetrain is n/a on the Grand Touring trim.

@ Rick: 24K for a Sport? If this is before taxes & without any options, this is too much.

Rick Alba

joemt, the $24K was all-in, tt&l included, out the door, with a full tank of gas and a temp sticker in the back window.

It did have a lot of extra gear on it, maybe dealer installed, maybe ordered that way by the dealer from the factory for their floorplan.

I passed on it because I thought it was too much even with everything included. Besides, it has no cachet. It may be fun to drive but it is not a BMW nor an MB. There's no "cool" factor with a Mazda.

It was a really fun car to drive but my wife said I'd be getting awfully tired of a MT in stop and go traffic during the daily gridlock of the commute. That's why she got a 2011 Grand Cherokee for herself. It has an automatic.

I'll probably go with an automatic in a 3-series or C-class. My old Lexus ES300 has over 200K miles on it and it is time for a new sedan.


@ rick: 24K is too much yet you are willing to spend 10-15K more (if new) for a BMW or MB? On top of that, don’t forget the additional insurance, gas and repair (Mazda's quality rep exceeds both German marks) costs. Money in the bank has some cachet, too. (I currently own an S4, but would not be embarrassed to own a 2014 Mazda6.)
The MB is undoubtedly more luxurious than the 6 but more ‘fun’? Faster, yes. On the other hand, the BMW is a true sports sedan. Either is more fun than a (comparably priced) Lexus, but neither can match its stellar reliability or dealer experience. Good luck w/ your decision.

Rick Alba

joemt, thanks. It's not the money that matters. It's me being used to an old Lexus ES300 I inherited from my mom years ago for the daily commute and my wife being used to an old MT Wrangler she had all through college and many years after that.

We're shopping around now and will be buying as soon as the 2014 models hit the showroom floor.

I like the 3-series, my wife likes the C-class. We'll have to work something out.

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