2014 Kia Sedona: What's Changed


  • Most significant changes: a revised grille and standard LED running lamps and fog lights give it a fresh face
  • Price change: both trims increase by $1,000–$1,710
  • On sale: later this month
  • Which should you buy, 2013 or 2014? There’s no 2013 model, so 2014 is your only option

The biggest news for Kia's minivan is that it's not dead. After taking model-year 2013 off, the Sedona is back for 2014 with a revised grille, additional interior features and a price bump.

Base LX and uplevel EX trims return. For 2014, LX models start at $26,750 and EX versions at $31,750; model-year 2012 LXs started at $25,750 and EXs at $30,040 (all prices include an $850 destination charge).

The van returns with an updated face that wears standard LED running lights and fog lights. Inside, there's a new interior storage console designed to hold tablet devices. Heated leather-trimmed seats and automatic climate control are newly standard on EX trims. Pretty much everything else carries over, including the 269-horsepower 3.5-liter V-6 and six-speed automatic transmission. It's still EPA rated at 17/24 city/highway mpg.

Kia's minivan has never been a strong seller, so it's surprising that the automaker resurrected it for 2014. In all of 2012, Kia sold just 17,512 minivans. Chrysler, by comparison, sold 111,744 units of its Town & Country minivan last year. According to Michael Ofiara of Kia public relations, "Kia Motors focused on launching seven all-new or significantly redesigned vehicles and no 2013 model year Sedona was offered." But, he continued, "the minivan segment continues to be important to Kia."  

The Sedona's share of the minivan market has always been dwarfed by its competitors, and it's unlikely a revised grille and a few new features will make it important to shoppers. The 2014 Kia Sedona goes on sale later this month.

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Yea... Lets say it straight - Kia tries to sell you a dinosaur for a price of a Honda. But I am sure, with $7,000 off, there will be a buyer for it.

Danny Ulster

I agree. This looks like the same Kia Sedona being sold over 10 years ago. Time for a much needed update.


This revised 2014 model reminds me of a 2000 Ford van. It needs more than just a refresh. How about an entire make-over..

Roger Engle

Who cares about styling? My 2009 Sedona is the most reliable vehicle I've ever had in 44 years of driving. It is built like a tank and has needed nothing but normal maintenance in 106,000 miles.


Roger Eagle said: "Who cares about styling?"

Then you are Kia's target audience, apparently. Still no excuse not to make the minivan competitive with the segment when it comes to styling.

Roger Eagle said:
"My 2009 Sedona is the most reliable vehicle I've ever had in 44 years of driving. It is built like a tank and has needed nothing but normal maintenance in 106,000 miles."

I'm not quite sure what that has to do with reliability. 106k mi. in 3 years is among the easiest driving a car can do- lots of (highway) miles in not a lot of time. I would be surprised if ANY modern vehicle had any problems in 3 years with that kind of driving, even with the minimum JiffyLube maintenance .


I've owned 2 Dodge Caravans and now I own two Kia Sedonas. While I understand the "crossover" craze, the reality is, a minivan is far more practical than an SUV or crossover. There, I said it, the "practical" word. There are always going to be exceptions to what people like or perhaps even need, but for hauling kids and cargo around, a minivan is hard to beat. I was actually looking at the Honda and the Dodge right up to the point I took my kids (includes three teenagers)and had them climb in. Apparently, while the Honda and Dodge are still called minivans, the powers to be decided to lower the roof and make it more "cross overish". That made a big difference on headroom and ease of entry/exit. So I bought Sedonas. As far as reliability, we're only talking around 36,000 miles, so still too early to tell. Only had to have one item fixed under warranty (rear camera). In addition, I've looked at the 7 seat SUV/Crossovers, good luck getting anyone over 6 in the third row seats, unless you looking at the large SUVs (suburban). As for "a much needed update", if you're talking style, I'd have to agree. But if you're talking functionality and practicality, no update needed.

Ian Salamonson

2007 Kia has 100,000 miles, we drive 16 hours each time we go to Canada, I agree with Roger mostly but i still think my 2007 Sedona looks as sylish if not better and more roomy then any of the competitors. The highway driving is always smooth and the seats are very comfty thats what my wife likes about it. Im lookng a buying a second one soon. The rear disappering fold down seats that my wife can easliy use are the best feature. It makes my minivan a truck when needed.


Vik - don't tackle other person's experience in quote. It makes you seem just sarcastic. You can rather share your experience. By the way, there are many cars that have problems in 100K even with regular maintenance. You were just lucky or not having enough experience across various cars.


Own a 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan. A minivan provides the best mix for hauling material and camping gear, as well as my kayaks and canoes. Looked at the Dodge and Chrysler (which now has plastic under the doors) and which has the same noisy engine as last year. Honda and Toyota too many holes in the floor which will be hard to keep clean. Chose Kia; the form is one that works.

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