Toyota Reveals 'Anti-Excess' Concept

In honor of Earth Day, we recently told you about automakers that use renewable and recycled materials in their vehicles; Toyota is taking that to a whole new level with the ME.WE concept.

The stocky, futuristic-looking compact wears a tubular aluminum frame with lightweight polypropylene plastic composite body panels. The concept weighs just 1,653 pounds and is versatile — Toyota calls it an "anti-excess" vehicle. The panels are 100% recyclable and come off to transform the car from a sedan to a convertible; an extendable rear deck turns it into a pickup truck.

The electric concept gets power from four in-wheel motors and a lithium-ion battery pack that is mounted under a bamboo floor. The ME.WE makes extensive use of bamboo; it lines just about all the car's interior surfaces.

Toyota teamed with French designer Jean-Marie Massaud to design the concept, which was unveiled at a Paris event this week. Not surprisingly, the automaker has no plans to produce the concept.

Check out more photos below.


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Ken L.

Looks like a mini cooper. Should've made it edible as well.


If I had to choose between saving the planet and driving this, the Earth loses.


This little Eco-concept car is one of the nicer designs coming from Toyota. I enjoy the less-is-more approach; simple lines. Well done!


I love it. How come the most interesting ones never get produced?



Parts of the concept will most likely be used in production vehicles.

As a whole, would this vehicle be able to pass any safety regulations in the US?

It doesn't look all that great but I really like the concept. Having a super versatile car that gets great gas mileage is very interesting to me.


I want that... SERIOUSLY!


If this were to come on the market, I couldn't get my wallet out of my pants fast enough.

Gary Ino

Replace the bamboo flooring with recycled PE cell structured panels.

That is a vehicle that I can see many earth friendly folks driving.

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