The Top 10 Cities Where Car Shoppers Go Green

In celebration of Earth Day has compiled a list of the U.S. cities with the greenest car shoppers.

We analyzed data from millions of our visitors to find out where searches for hybrid and other environmentally friendly cars were most concentrated.'s Best Hybrids For The Money

It turns out only two cities weren't located on the West Coast.

"It is not surprising that California and other West Coast cities top the list with some of the greenest car shoppers. That part of the country has long led the charge in the green movement," said Joe Wiesenfelder,'s executive editor.

While interest in electric vehicles hasn't exploded, there is still a growing market for hybrids and eco-friendly cars overall. "From 2012 to 2013, we saw a 5% jump in these searches and a 106% increase in 'green' inventory listed on the site," said Wiesenfelder.

Here are the 10 cities with the greenest car shoppers:

1. San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, Calif.
2. Monterey-Salinas, Calif.
3. San Diego, Calif.
4. Portland, Ore.
5. Eureka, Calif.
6. Washington, D.C.
7. Honolulu, Hawaii
8. Lima, Ohio
9. Medford-Klamath Falls, Ore.
10. Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto, Calif.



Lima, Ohio?


I think this is great! That leaves more gas for addicts like me.


Lima, OH? I'm like a dog being fed vegetables right now, just looking at the bowl and ???


Hey, what's wrong with Lima, Ohio? I was born and raised there! There are a lot of well educated people living ther; it has three institutions of higher learning, including a branch of Ohio State. It's also a very good place to be sick, as St. Rita's Medical Center is ranked as one of the best in the country.

The fact that for many years it was a big oil refinery town probably has something to do with people wanting cleaner cars. It's so much cleaner now, I'm thinking of moving back.

Not to knock Ohio at all, but I was also surprised to see Lima on the list. I also never thought of D.C. as particularly hybrid firnedly. Live and Learn.

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