New Audi Wireless Data Plan Averages $15 a Month


Audi announced a new in-vehicle data plan this week, offering customers 2.5 years of wireless internet services at an average cost of $15 a month. Owners of vehicles equipped with the automaker's Audi connect multimedia system can pay $450 for 30 months of data service or a $30 month-to-month subscription.

The data plan, developed in conjunction with T-Mobile USA, aims to be "the industry's most competitively priced in-vehicle" plan, Audi said in a statement. Users can get real-time news, weather, fuel prices and traffic information; access to Google Earth and Google Voice Local Search; and broadband connectivity for as many as eight mobile devices. For comparison, Mercedes-Benz's website advertises its mbrace multimedia system's base subscription at $280 a year (about $23 a month) with add-on packages offering expanded services and apps for $14 and $20 a month, respectively, or $28 for both.

"Audi and T-Mobile worked closely to develop the new pricing plan based on extensive research and feedback from both dealers and customers," said Anupam Malhotra, Audi senior manager for Connected Vehicle. "The T-Mobile-powered Audi connect service delivers unmatched connectivity to our customers at a rate that will turn their Audi into the ultimate mobile device."

Customers with an existing Audi connect subscription can sign up at a dealership or at

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What's next with Audi? A shower, port-a-john, espresso machine? This stuff is overkill and frankly a safety concern. Imagine someone checking the latest news on the internet driving an S6 at 80 mph. Scary...


I find this to be a great feature. While you could use it to look at news while driving, I am sure Audi discourages you from doing so, and moreover, it is meant for other features. It allows your PASSENGERS to use wifi, creates a google maps overlay on the navigation, VOICE search and other things that don't interfere but enhance the experience.

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