Infographic: Headlight Regulations by State

Headlight Regulations

Laws governing different aspects of driving often vary by state, from distracted-driving rules to booster seat guidelines. Headlight use is one of them; a new infographic from Nissan illustrates each state's regulations. The automaker's Smart Auto Headlights — available on the Altima and Sentra sedans as well as the Pathfinder crossover — automatically turn on when the wipers are activated or in low-light conditions. Click the infographic above to enlarge the map.  

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I like the idea whenever wipers are needed, headlights are required. Makes sense.


I don't pay attention to state regulation, because I always have my low beams and fog lights on regardless the time I drive the car. Every time I drive the car Headlights are on. I would love my car to have the Auto-off feature like my previous Accord, so I don't have to turn off headlights every time I exit the vehicle. My current car have Automatic headlights but only if you have the know on automatic(off) mode.


I meant to say knob, not know**

Anonymous Coward

It is common sense to turn on your headlights when it's raining or very cloudy, but I don't see very many people doing it. I do see a lot of people who use parking lights instead of headlights, evidently because they think it looks cool even though it makes it more difficult for others to see them.


NJ requires headlight usage when it is raining.
Also, DRLs are insufficient in the rain as taillights also need to be on (esp. in heavy rain).


Dear Anon Coward, I think many people routinely use their parking lights for increased visibility and safety because they realize that their headlights are unusually bright (or high off the ground), overkill for daytime. We do this with our big farm truck.

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