Ford Escort Concept: First Look

  • Looks like: A more formal Ford Focus sedan
  • Defining characteristics: Multi-element headlights, extended wheelbase
  • Ridiculous features: None really, it looks ready to build
  • Chance of being mass-produced: A slightly longer Focus aimed at the biggest part of the Chinese market? Chances are good

The compact car segment is the largest global segment, with more compacts sold around the world than any other kind of car — and China is rapidly becoming the biggest market for such cars. In China, however, the compact car segment is further divided into three types: low, mid and high.

Ford has the high-compact segment covered with the fairly expensive Focus, and now it's looking to see how it can get into the even bigger midcompact segment with a new concept car just unveiled at the Shanghai motor show. Behold the Ford Escort Concept, a thoroughly new car with a classic Ford name.

The Escort Concept is built off the modern Focus platform, but it features a more upright, formal design. The concentration here is on roominess, subtlety and sophisticated styling. Basically, this is Ford saying that the Focus itself may not be best suited for the Chinese market because of its limited rear-seat room and edgy styling. The Escort, however, is every inch the ideal Chinese compact, and should be appealing if Ford decides to produce it.

There is no word on what powers the concept, which is little more than a styling exercise right now, but Ford has also just unveiled a 1.5-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine that it says is specifically tailored for the Chinese market. Engines of 1.5 liters and below receive tax benefits in China, meaning Ford's 1.6-liter EcoBoost doesn't quite make the cut. Expect that engine to be used in several products for the Chinese and American markets, as it will make its U.S. debut next year in the 2014 Ford Fusion. Sounds like a good match for a vehicle like the Escort too.

Check out the gallery of Escort Concept photos below.

 Ford Escort Concept

 Ford Escort Concept

 Ford Escort Concept

 Ford Escort Concept

 Ford Escort Concept

 Ford Escort Concept

 Ford Escort Concept

 Ford Escort Concept

 Ford Escort Concept

 Ford Escort Concept

 Ford Escort Concept

 Ford Escort Concept

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Ugly. Doesn't deserve such an iconic name.

Volume Van

How about a hatch or wagon version.

Infact they can raise the height by few inches and sell it as CUV.


This follows the Altima/Versa road making the smaller vehicle a close copy of the larger. It has proven successful and likely will here as well.

The only thing I'd like to see them lose is the headlight design. It is reminiscent of the new Acura. Acura's are not cars you want to emulate in the styling department.


Why the Chinese love Buicks so much, I have no idea, but this car looks decent for what it is. I get tired of seeing how some cheap cars have to have a macho front in order to sell it, but this car appears to have a classier and more elegant appearance. I give Ford credit for having some nice looking rides lately, and I don't own any Fords.


Actually, I think it looks better than the Focus. It would probably be a good seller in the US. What I don't understand is why Ford keeps using the Aston Martin as its design mule.

Mike from Chicago



id love to see this in the U.S. im driving a 1995 escort right now and love it, if the U.S. got it id buy it

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