Reviews the 2013 Buick Encore

It may be tiny and awkward looking, but Buick's subcompact crossover packs large levels of refinement and premium features, says reviewer Kelsey Mays. The 2013 Encore blends the tall ride height of an SUV with the materials of a luxury vehicle and the maneuverability of a compact car, Mays says. The subcompact SUV class may be small now, but Mays says expect vehicles like the Encore to start catching on with young professionals and empty-nesters.

2013 Buick Encore Review



When cars get screen based controls or capacitive touch controls its a problem. When a car has more than 6 buttons, its a problem. Does anyone actually try to use the center stack in vehicles like this or do we get automatic "too many confusing buttons" comment regardless of whether its true? Is anything truly hard to figure out? Just looking at the pics its pretty apparent what the buttons do and I cant imagine it would take more than 5min to get familiar with the controls.


Ugly inside ugly outside. It will definitely be a sales dude.

It looks perfect for the city. I've had very good experiences with Buick cars, specially with a Rendezvous SUV I owned for 5 years which didn't give me any trouble.


Unfortunately most people are not interested how and who engineered their car and so on. This is Opel and Opels are bottom for reliability and quality.


they sold 3k last month. its not looking like a dud so far. I can see women and retirees buying this vehicle.


3k is modest sales for a new vehicle and the buzz on this won't last long. People will look at what you get for the money and this will come up short.


@Tony: That's rubbish; either you're working at VW's marketing dept., or you're reading sites like Germany's AutoBild. In any case you hav neither ever driven an Opel yourself, nor have you informed yourself:
"DEKRA Report 2012: Astra and Insignia Get Top Marks for Quality [..] Opel Astra is the vehicle with the fewest faults according to the results of the “DEKRA Used Car Report 2012”. . This success gives Opel its third victory in three successive years. In the previous two years, Opel already had two winners – the Corsa (2010) and the Insignia (2011).

DEKRA generates its annual used car report by conducting precise assessments in eight vehicle classes and three kilometer reading ranges. The report is based on data from 15 million inspections made on 230 different models."


3k isn't bad for a low volume brand like Buick.


I purchased my 2013 Buick Encore in March 2013 and have now logged 3000 miles. I LOVE MY ENCORE. I travel 45 miles one way to work every day and am getting 32.8 MPG and counting. It handles beautifully. I am an empty-nester with a small dog and a fiance' and the 3 of us have plenty of room when we travel. I cannot say enough good things about my Buick. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical about owning an American car because I had always owned foreign cars, (Honda or Toyota). I began researching small crossover SUV's over 6 months prior to my purchase. I had narrowed it down to the Honda CRV, Subaru Outback, Buick Encore and the Toyota RAV4. What set the Buick apart was its styling. Yes I am a woman and like most women I like to own things that look nice. All of the controls are convenient and not over done. I have the Convenience package with the cloth/leatherette seats, Bose Stereo, sunroof and the polished aluminum wheels. The fuel efficiency claims of Buick have been dead on for me. My commute is half highway and half in town driving. I started out getting 28 MPG and have climbed to 32.8 MPG. The only negative thing I have to say about my Buick is that the sunroof a bit noisier than I am used to. When traveling at any speed. There needs to be a visor to deflect the airflow but Buick does not offer one. I owned a 2006 Toyota Solara prior and the sunroof was not nearly as noisy. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone that is looking to downsize from a larger SUV or if you are wanting to get up off the ground from a car.


Thank you Ann. I am seriouly looking at this one instead of the new Ford Escape. I am a female empty nester and it seemed perfect. I like the luxury features at an affordable price. I'm used to an Explorer so I can't imagine it being more noisy! Time to go for a test drive, I think.

the Rocket

NO ARM REST! for the passenger. How could that happen? The salesman said it was a mistake, the dealership's owner said he couldn't imagine it. At nearly $35,000 the "Buick" was suppose to be about COMFORT .. C-O-M-F-O-R-T. The drivers armrest looks like a dried chicken wing. We found out .. it was the deal-breaker for most people. And off to another dealership they go .... Zooooom !

Stan D.

Buick's little poop stain on wheels, known as the Encore, will add to the growing collection of stylistically deficient crossovers that litter the streets.

The Encore looks terrible at every angle; it's ungainly and bloated in a compact arrangement. Not a pretty picture folks. It kind of reminds me of the ugliest Chevrolet ever, the Spark.

It's really unfortunate that Americans don't appreciate the attributes and versatility of station wagons anymore. Station wagons are quite popular in Europe and Asia.

But, Americans want that truck-like, real housewives of Timbuctu or wherever; crossovers have poor visibility, they're disproportionately styled gadget laden transportation devices.

If Buicks weren't so popular in China (and the Chinese market has a wider range of Buick models than North America), then the brand would be dead.

I think Buick builds a couple of decent automobiles, but mating a minivan with a small SUV produces ugly little stinkers of the crossover ilk.

Remember what the once proud Pontiac Division of GM had succumbed to with the Aztec crossover. Not nice....


I agree with some of the other commenters regarding the looks of the Encore: it's ugly. I've seen a few Encores on the road, all driven by middle-age women with bleach blonde hair. Buick built some nice looking cars, but the Encore is by far the ugliest Buick I've ever seen aside from the lame ill fated Buick Rendezvous


Just saw where the dealers can't get nearly enough of these little "poop stains". They had to start building them at a factory in Spain due to selling them at 400% of GM's initial projections.

linda j

Just bought a new. 2013encore 12/23. Twice now it hasnt been able to start. Can hear a whirring sound from engine. Finally started after 20 minutes.engine light was on .I called the dealership. Was told they would call back in 5 minutes. No call back. EVER. That was very aggravating. Had a car starter put on. Shop handed me key with no instuction. I had to ask them. They seemed put out and too busy to deal with my minor questions.


I just bought a new 2013 Encore & had have had nothing but problems. The remote start & locks do not work unless, I'm standing within 10 feet of the vehicle. The phone also does not work as the salesman explained. Sometimes (unable to repeat at the dealership) when I call someone from my phone & try to switch from the phone to the car, it will not switch, so I must use the phone. Also when I shut the vehicle off & turn it back on the volume of the radio resets. If I have an IPOD connected, it sometimes recognizes it & starts playing it & sometimes it starts with the radio, but does not retain the settings of the last time the car was on. This is all very annoying. For those who've said they got GM to take their cars back without much effort, I'd like to know how you did it.

T Cude

The encore has very few problems/most all problems described have very simple fixes/ there are tsb's addressing these concerns.
Key fob range needs remote control doorlock reciever relocated.
all gm rados will detect a usb device and default if left plugged in at start. You should always disconnect aftermarket devices when car off. they can keep data communiction module awake and result in discharged battery.Most problems with cars today is customers not understanding todays advance tecnology used in a vehicle.The encore is a very good vehicle as seen through service required compared to other vehicles.
Everyone has a personal taste in style I happen to like the encore looks features and handling.But i also know how to operate the features in this vehicle.You can find fault in any vehicle if you so desire. Not all dealers operate in the same way, they are all individual franchises.


All crossovers to my eye are homely, ungainly and poorly proportioned. They have limited carrying capacity, poor visibility, indifferent ride quality, questionable fuel economy (except for hybrids and plug ins) over priced for the most part, and grossly overrated in a big way. The Buick Encore gets bonus points for being especially ugly. There isn't one angle of the Buick Encore that looks good; it's just a fat little turd on wheels. The last time the Encore name was used on a car was the terribly ugly, shitty, mid '80s Renault. Buick upheld the ugly end with their Encore, though not as mechanically shitty as the old Renault, but close:)

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