Family Reviews the 2013 Volkswagen Passat TDI


With its roomy backseat, ample trunk and sky-high fuel-economy numbers, the 2013 Volkswagen Passat TDI has the makings of a perfect family-friendly sedan. But Family reviewer Carrie Kim had some mixed feelings about this clean-diesel car because of its unforgiving six-speed manual transmission. She says to skip the stick and try the dual-clutch automatic transmission instead.

2013 Volkswagen Passat TDI Family Review



The interior of this car looks cheap with its tacky plastics and uncomfortable seats. The exterior looks like a 20 year old camry, especially the front. The diesel gets ok mileage, but the fuel stinks, is hard to find and costs 40 cents a gallon more than gasoline. They charge 4k more for the diesel engine and it is slow off the line. A camry hybrid is twice the car and will have a much lower cost of ownership.


I forgot to mention you have to fill a tank with urea to clean up the filthy diesel emissions too, another expense for the unwitting tdi buyer.


The Jetta TDI does not use a UREA system for emissions.


Jetta doesn't use urea, but Passat does and in one magazine article I read, the writer had to pay $30 per gallon for the stuff and if you have the bad luck to run out, the car won't start. Jetta now comes in a gasoline hybrid model that gets much better mileage than tdi, using cheaper gasoline that is available everywhere.


I own the 2013 TDI SEL Premium and would love to see improvements. The lumbar support is a joke, too low and provides little support. The stock Hankook tires creates deafening road noise and the the backup camera is so slow it is useless. Otherwise fine powertrain all tanks >40mpg


This is a great car. I've had mine for 4 months now and the fuel economy just keeps getting better. The sulfur was removed from diesel years ago, gasoline stinks way worse as it is much more volatile. Hybrids have three times the things to go bad, the battery performance will deteriorate over time and then a big expense for replacement. If you are driving 90% city then Hybrid might be the best bet if your 50/50 or better I would go with the diesel.

John W

Don't really understand some of the reviews on this vehicle. I purchased this car (TDI SE w/sunroof and nag) about one month ago mostly because of the reported gas milage and the legroom (I'm 6'3) and I can't be happier. I travel over 130 miles per day, so good milage is very important. With 3k logged so far, I'm avg 41 mpg (with a ton of hills/mountains). I avg'd 51 mpg on a trip to LA from Palm Desert. As far as the smell, I haven't had that problem AT ALL. I typically pay about the same for my fuel as 89 gas, so I don't see a problem. I like the understated look (I think it'll last for style). I REALLY like this car!!


Liked the last comment. I drove one off the lot for about an hour last weekend. The TDi delivers all the performance really needed for road travel and without the environmental hazards of the hybrids. Don't know why Americans don't get this. Check out what they did to reclaim an old brownfield site in TN, invested a billion in a plant and put many people to work. I like the whole story.


I have a 2012 passat sel tdi . It is a fun driving car however the Oem tires sucked road noise deafening . My wife drives 100 miles 3 Times a week and it now has 66,000 miles no warranty and the turbo goes out . They say its 3000.00 just to start off. However I cannot believe a diesel is breaking down at anything under 300,000 miles , most diesels will go 1,000,000,miles easy, but not this one . Come on Volkswagen make your cars trustworthy .


I test drove a vw tdi and did not like the loud diesel clatter at idle. Vibrations from the motor caused the dash to buzz too. Add in the higher sticker price, 40 cent per gallon higher price for diesel fuel, the slow acceleration and lack of diesel stations, and it just doesn't make sense. That's why hybrids like the Prius are destroying diesels on the sales charts.

Tony Amos

After reading these comments I suspect some of the negative ones come from people that have a preconceived notion that Diesels are bad for the earth or some such nonsense,The smell well there isn't ANY ,The power there is Plenty along with performance and handling ,Leg room is Huge ,trunk space is Huge ,stereo is Awesome ,hands free phone is Awesome ,seats are comfortable and feel like Leather, All of this and I get over 50 MPG . My only regret is i purchased the car for my Wife and not for Myself . I wish i did not need to drive a truck or I would by another Passat TDI manual.

Tony Amos

I forgot the tires do have a road noise but it is hardly deafening .and its rare that I can hear the engine to even notice any clatter even at idle.
Hankook tires usually last a long time some as many as a 100 k ,when mine need to be replaced i will look for a set with less road noise but I wont look too hard.


It is obvious some comments are clueless about the Passat because their ignorance and blatant bias shows. It is only natural that some people have brand-loyalty and some are showroom salespersons posing as the general public, hoping to sway business towards their dealership.


I have test-driven the 2013 Passat TDI. The dealer at first said it was a gas engine. I started it up and he said, wait, actually this is the diesel. I couldn't tell. There was no clatter, no engine noise. I drove it around town and on the freeway. no engine noise. Tire noise with the Bridgestone tires was not significant. I liked it so much I bought one!


"no engine noise"

Are you kidding? Every review I've read talks about the unmistakeable diesel clatter on startup. "No engine noise" is an exaggeration at best.

I prefer the Cruze Diesel, which delivers much better highway mileage than VW, with much better reliability. GM is the expert on Diesel cars.


@responder - seriously, test drive one. The diesel really is pretty quiet. I don't think it makes much more noise than the gas engine. I saw one pulling out of Whole Foods this afternoon as I was walking by and couldn't say for certain that it was a diesel until I saw "TDI" on the rear of the car.

Like I said, I just bought one. I wouldn't buy a loud, noisy car for MSRP $26k. It doesn't roar like diesel pickups, and it doesn't clatter like an 70's/80's diesel car.

Forget the reviewers. your most trustworthy reviewer is you!


I agree about the Hankook tires. Mine roar like crazy. One has a roar-roar-roar sound like a big 4x4 truck. VW dealers says it's the #1 complaint with the car and was just mentioned at there service conference. BUT VW will do nothing about them, nor will Hankook. They say that sound is not a warranty claim.

I would like to see how someone drives to get 51 mpg. I have never gotten better than 40. My 2005.5 Jetta averaged 46 for 240k.

Mine is a SEL and the lumbar sucks - no support at all. The Jetta seats were much nicer. Also, the light tan leather seats pick up colors from your clothes.

I bought mine in November and have 25k on it so far.

smarter than responder

Responder: you prefer the cruze diesel? You're full of crap, we haven't even begun to sell them to the public yet so tell me all about your preference for something that you don't have and haven't done anything more than a test drive in.


"GM is the expert on Diesel cars" !! I don't recall seeing GM diesels "cruzing" to the finish line at Le Mans every year. :/


I have a 2009 Jetta TDI and I use to love it. BUT maintenance has gotten way out of hand, maybe I just have a lemon. I should have know when I got one of the Jettas that had the RED flash of death. I would be driving highway speed and the message board flashed RED and would just die. It took VW over a week to find and correct on a car that was less then 1 month old. Now at 86K I have spent over $4K in maintenance replacing the glow plugs ( which are way more costly then spark plugs) and now I have just had to replace the Turbo boost control valve not to mention the other multitude of computer boards that seem to go on a regular basis. I am going ot replace mine TDI soon. GM and Mazda are both having diesel soon. Maybe VW will wake up with some competition and fix the know flaws.


I also drive over 130 miles daily (purchased during April and already have 8k miles). Have to disagree with Jett regarding the interior. I don't find it cheap at all and the seats do me fine on my daily commute (6'3/250). I own the TDI SE Sunroof/Nav and avg just over 40 mpg (going from 200 ft to 3k+ ft each day). On "normal" trips I avg over 45 mpg while still doing 70-80 mph. Road noice is ok on good roads. The refill of urea is included the 1st 36k. After, fairly cheap. Style? I love it! Maybe I'm getting old, but with my tint I think it has a lasting conservative style.


My 2013 Passat TDI SE, 6-speed manual, is delivering the MPGs beyond my wildest expectations! Purchased in November 2012, I was happy with the 41-42 MPG one would expect during the Michigan winter. Now with warm weather, my regular 90 to 150 mile round trips result with a 50-60 MPG. So far my lifetime MPG is 47.3 with just over 14K miles on the odometer - and it's going up every week!


I bought my 2013 Passat Diesel in January. I've put 10,000 miles on it already. This is a fabulous family car. Much more elegant than a minivan, great mileage, roomy trunk. I bought the navigation/sunroof package and I love it. I calculated that although the diesel engine cost me $2000 more that I would save $1000 on fuel each year. So the third year and beyond I am saving $1000/year. This car rocks. I love it.




Own a Passat TDI Se manual and could not be happier. 130 mile commute and 95% highway and constantly avg 47-52 MPG at 72-76 MPH. Tire pressure at 36 PSI. 19,500 miles on car. Fact:Jett does not know what he is talking about, there is no diesel engine noise while driving. Only at idle with windows down,the urea is available at auto stores and a 5 gal. refill cost only $35 also available at walmart, there is absolutely NO diesel smell, plenty of power, no problem finding diesel stations,in MA i am paying 3.69 -3.85 for diesel (get GasBuddy app), tires are noisy on old pavement but fine on newer highways but quieter than any Accord ,love this car and at 60 yrs old, 6' tall, is more comfortable than any car I have owned and yes have own 3 Camry's and 1 Accord.


Ronald - are you yelling at us all dude? Please take a chill pill with a glass of diesel :-) !

I drank the cool aid, and have a 2013 Jetta TDI. I was fortunate to buy the 13.5 model, as it has the soft dash so many "worship"... I could care less, frankly. So far, the car has been a blast - 6spd manual is the way to go, despite Jennifer (the original commentator's opinion). 35 so far in city, a future 1,000 mile trip will tell if the highway numbers are near what others report...

Old Pirate

I drove a Honda Accord Hybrid for 8 years and 135,000 miles and she is still going, but even Honda went away from that style of peppy hybrids to the Prius type hybrid. This time I looked at everyone's hybrid including the new Honda Hybrid specs and wound up buying the VW Passat TDI after hours and hours of research and driving various cars.

I expect the 135,000 miles that Honda gave me to be eclipsed by this car. The body is much beefier and quieter than the Honda ever was and is quieter on the road than the 2013 gas Honda.


I have been pondering VW. I really like the CC but it is too small. I test drove the Passat TDI and V6 today. I was very impressed with the TDI performance. It was a much smoother ride than the V6. The dealer I visited today Includes a no cost life time warranty unlimited mileage on the engine and drive train. This is a major improvement from GM Diesel engines of the 80s. I think I'll pull the trigger in a few weeks after conducting a thorough research.

TDI SEL Premium

I researched for more than 3 months. I drive over 300 miles a day and was looking for best mileage car. after a lot of research the best car for the money is TDI Passat. I ended up buying the top of the line Passat TDI SEL Premium. I emailed and bargained with every dealership within 500 miles. I personally went and drove only twice to the nearby dealerships, and I waited. If one dealer will give me lower quote then I will take that quote to the other dealer and tell him to beat the price. The TDI SEL Premium that is the top of the line with bigger navigation system and fender music system was offered to me at $34,598 and after a lot of bargaining I bought one for $30,500 out the door so before taxes it is $29,--- something like that. I want all of you to take your time and bargain with your dealers. Once you go and see the car they will keep forcing you to buy. Make up stories like "end of the month, etc.." Don't buy until you feel comfortable.

TDI SEL Premium

In addition to buying it at super low price I also told them to make sure and send me with full tank of Diesel which saves you atleast $60 to start with. i really liked it at first. Later I realised that it does make more noise than regular when it is sitting idle, but seriously, how long are you going to sit idle in the car. Put slow music on and it will solve that problem. Yes the tires do make noise when driving on rough road. My next tires will be quiet comfort. Over all I have been drive BMW, BENZ, and Touareg. So this is a bit downgrad for me, but I am very hapy with the mileage. Personally I think that the money I save with the milease is worth more becuase I drive 1000 miles or more in a week and therefore the noise is not a big concern. If you don't have to worry about money then I would buy something classy like BMW 7 series or Benz S class.
So yes there is a little bit of noise from both engines and tires but the money you save beats both of them.

Ken S

I personally had a 2012 Passat TDI SE DSG white on beige and loved it. On a one way trip of about 70 or 80 miles one way, I was able to get 52 mpg! As a daily driver, I have a short trip to work, about 8 miles one way in variable highway traffic speeds and got 36 mpg. I driving consists of 85% city & 15% highway. After an accident, the repairs were so cheesy, that I traded it in for the Jetta hybrid: WORST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE! Hybrids are for "grand-ma" drivers & the MPGs ARE PURE BULL!. Can't wait to get rid of this stupid hybrid. Miss my Passat TDI :/


Sorry to hear about the crash. Give the Hybrid a little time it might grow on you. Everything I've read says VW does hybrids right, making them fun to drive!

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Fact Check: Diesel no longer smells, the jetta does not require urea, and the stick is a delight to drive - best shift linkage of a manual that I have ever owned or driven. The power train is what makes this car... 40 cents a gallon is only 10 % more than regular gas - and roughly the same as premium. I never get below 37 mpg in city driving, and have gotten 50mpg on the highway. That is at least 25-30 percent better than the "frugal" corolla or Camry.


Oh - and the torque for passing on rural roads/interstates is awesome. The diesel TDI puts to shame the gas engines from Honda or Toyota (4 cylinder ones that is)...


For those of you considering the purchase of a TDI, you would do well to consider VW's EGR/intake manifold plugging problem. Best answer I have come across is to use a low NOOACK volatility synthetic oil such as the one Ams/Oil makes, and also use a premium fuel additive such as Power Service or Ams/Oil makes. Happy clattering...


I have a 2011 Jetta Sportswagon, with 28000 miles. It has a 2 liter TDI with an automatic/manual 6 speed Sport transmission and gives me 45 mpg. I played the MPG game for a bit and had 73mpg out of one tank, but just drive it normally now. Living in Michigan I find no cold weather problems with it. It's peppy with positive steering which makes it a great fun car to drive. Last year we drove it out to California southern rout and back the norther. I wander up and down the east coat and go to main along the Canadian border. It does spend a lot of time relaxing in my garage as I drive my work truck most of the time, but I do look forward to getting a bit of time to go on a trip in my play car.. The only complaint I have is with the newly installed fuel filler guard that makes me spend 20 minutes getting 12 gallons through the thing.


Goodness, if that reviewer had trouble with the Passat's clutch I can't imagine how she learned to drive a manual in the first place. Maybe she needs driving lessons on a manual. I just test drove the Passat TDI while waiting for my Saab 9000 to be fixed and it was such a breeze to shift compared to my car, which has sweet spots in different RPMs depending on the gear. Honestly I have never driven a smoother-shifting manual than the TDI, especially with the forgiveness of the torque. At least I know any crooks who tried to steal my Saab wouldn't be able to make the wheels go roundy-roundy if a pro-reviewer found found the TDI a hard-to-shift vehicle. Haha! Other manuals I have driven included my parents' 1980 Saab 900, 2004 and 2013 Mini Coopers, roommate's 1992 Saab 900, grandfather's 1995 Corolla, grandmother's 1995 BMW 318, friend's 2006 Hyundai Accent and 1986 Dodge Shelby Charger. The VW was by far the easiest, followed by the Corolla, the Shelby Charger the trickiest.


I came across this site after searching around to verify that my new diesel engine's noise is normal (I know...but I'm a first-time diesel owner). So that goes to show you how ridiculous the "no noise" or "same as gasoline" comments are. I feel better after reading some of these comments. My new 2013 jetta tdi wagen is loud at start-up/idle and even in the first few gears. When I say loud, I mean there is a loud clatter, just like regular diesel engines (search "diesel engine" on youtube for thousands of examples). Obviously they have improved over the decades/years, but it's definitely louder than gas. So if you're looking for something quiet, don't go diesel. However, once you're out of the first gear or two, the thing flies.


I own a 2012 Passat TDI SEL, and except for the very poor beige "suede" seats which pick up color from your clothes, and the very loud Hankook tires, the car is pretty good. I love the MPG, which routinely beats the EPA estimates, and have had no major problems. VW should have gone with a dark carpet even with the light seats, as it also shows dirt very quickly. VW was totally unconcerned when I complained a out the seats, and it's bothersome enough that I probably won't keep the car for any long period of time. Too bad, as it's otherwise nice.

Sad Girrl

Very disappointed, Bought the new 2014 passat S on sept 8, today oct 29 find out transmission dies, VW is fixing the issue with no problem, but all I think and wonder is after 6 weeks 1600 miles driving it what is going to happen when warranty expires, so disappointed, I even asked for a exchange and was told no problem but I would be charged cuz car depreciated in value and wasnt even my fault


Current price of fuel in my area:
Diesel: $4.01 per gallon
Gasoline: $3.14 per gallon.

Enough said, I'm not spending thousands extra to buy a clattering stinky diesel using fuel that costs nearly 30 percent more than clean burning gasoline.


JETT AND THE REST of the commenters don't know what they are talking about. there is no need for urea with this car and this car gets better mileage than a normal gas equivalent. Morons know what you are talking about before you leave comments.


Is anybody having trouble starting their car in cold weather? MY TDI won't start and the battery works fine since al electrical works. THe dealer told me that I didn't "warm" up the car by turning the key one turn and waiting for the yellow coil display to disappear. SInce I didn't do that, I need to tow the car for repair and I am out of warranty. Was told it is due to the cold weather! It is a German engineered car for cold German weather?!


Slow off the line? You obviously have not driven Any recent TDI cars. I am averaging 47mpg and I drive an average of 2500 miles per month. Torque in these diesel motors is rated at 235 foot pounds. This is what gives you great acceleration. The depreciaton schedule is good as I have seen 10 year old VW's in the 7-8K range if they have been properly cared for. This is our 3rd TDI and I like it quite a bit.


Tdi: yes passat tdi requires urea to run, have fun paying $ 32 per gallon for the stuff.
Tito, tdi is incredibly slow off the line because it's a diesel and you have to wait for the turbo to spool up to get power. Meanwhile, the Prius next to you has 295 pound feet of torque at 0 rpm, and just ate your lunch when the light turned green .. By the way gasoline prices keep on dropping while diesel hovers near $4 per gallon. Not so much bragging about paying the higher diesel sticker price and the cost of urea and fuel additives when you have to pay a whopping 30 percent more for the fuel and wait behind an 18 wheeler at the truck stop to fill up.


I had a 2013 Passat TDI SEL Premium. I started having navigation and hvac problems. At 19000 miles it broke down and I had VW tow it to the nearest dealer. It had been there a week and they were still trying to find why the engine lost power. I suspect the turbo as there have been an epidemic of turbo failures on new Passat TDI's. I asked the dealer how much he would buy it from me to resale on his lot and he refused to give me an offer.
I strongly suggest you stay away from VW. Don't ever think the VW nightmare will not happen to you. Search the net for yourself. Very many people have been burned. VW has yet to change and build more reliable cars.


Whoever wrote that the TDI diesel is slow off the line, never drove one. My 2014 Passat is a rocket. I have never smelled diesel after filling up. Also, .40 more per gallon, in order to get .44% more mpg than my Ford Taurus, is a deal, to me. The worst ever mpg was 38. Urea in the trunk... OK. there's urea in the trunk.... You never know it's there. However, I don't love this car. It rattles like no other car I've ever had and forget diesel, the tanks break, so that you can't put any fuel in them. So, wherever it breaks, you are stranded. Luckily, mine broke close to my house. In the shop for a week now, with no end is site. Not a good start for a new "Premium" car. But, i LOVE the TDI milage. But, what good is milage if you are stranded?


While the turbo does help the slow diesel
Engine to provide okay acceleration, to call passat a rocket ship is a serious overstatement. Zero to 60 in the passat tdi is 9 seconds, more than a second slower than the gasoline 1.8 vw engine, which costs less than tdi. The camry hybrid destroys passat tdi with a 7.6 second run to 60. Plus the camry hybrid gets 43 mpg in the city, more than 30 percent better mileage than the slower tdi. Maybe it's time to visit the toyota dealer and leave your reliability issues behind. Camry hybrid is faster, uses regular gaoline that costs 30 percent less than diesel, goes farther on each gallon and is more reliable. Vw would like to be toyota and the passat front clip even looks like a 92 camry. But sometimes you need to buy the real thing, and that would be a camry hybrid.


A who posted earlier about your car not starting in cold weather well we too are out of warranty and had the same issue found out that the inner air cooler builds up ice which won't allow it to start!!! There is a kit they can put on the car for 1500 dollars great if still in warranty but sucks if your not like we were! Luckily we purchased extended warranty with a 250 deductible! I think this sucks!!! This should clearly be a factory defect!!!! We live in Oregon its not that cold here its happened twice! I hope eventually there will be enough of them fixed under warranty that maybe just maybe we'll get our money back???? So for those of you still under factory warranty please go in and get the kit put on the inner air cooler before you end up with a 1500 dollar service bill!!! By the way the 40000 mile service is a whoppin 383 dollars come on vw really!!! All I've ever owned now thinking of switching to a different brand of car! Shame on you vw for not standing behind your product!!!!!


Whoever believes that UREA/DEF/ADBLUE costs $32 Gal is out of their minds. The tank holds 5 gallons and costs about $20 to fill every 10+K miles. Urea/DEF is available everywhere between $4-5 Gal. In fact the Passat TDI, heavier than the Jetta and utilizing the same power plant gets superior fuel economy due to the Urea/DEF. I have a 2013 and drove from New Hampshire to Key West, FL and back for aboyt $300 of fuel and almost 3,500 miles driven. The car is comfortable for me, 6'2" and holds highway speeds and cruises quietly on the highway. Diesel clatter is minimal when cold. I live in NH and it is plenty cold this winter. No troubles starting. Almost 18K trouble free miles and averages high 40's low 50's on my trip. Hybrid production is super harmful to the environment and the batteries aren't easily recycled. Toyota can keep their vanilla hybrids. Recall central at Toyota. No Thanks.


Wow, 18k miles with no problems . Why are toyota's hybrids at the top of reliability charts? Why isn't a single VW diesel on the list of most reliable cars ? Why do you attack the best and drive one of the worst cars that uses filthy diesel oil?


I don't understand anyone dissing this car. I have a 2013 Passat TDI Sel and yes, the backup camera is slow but so is the radio in general. The interior is comfortable and the mileage is outstanding. The tires are noisy on concrete but not on asphalt. The car has great pickup and handles great and is the quietest interior that I have ever had. It does use ADBlue diesel exhaust additive but that is 9/gal, not the 30 one posting said. So if you that dis this car don't like it, I'm betting no one held a gun to your head to buy it?

Sales Rep

I'm a sales rep. who drives about 60K miles a year. I've had company cars like the Chevy Impala, Malibu and Equinox but then switched to a new job and had to buy and pay for my own gas and maintenance. I decided on the Jetta TDI and truly love it. I'm 45K miles in after 9 months and have had no issues. Yes, it idles slightly louder than gasoline engines but I kind of like it now. If that's a deal breaker than you're a fool anyway.

Gas mileage was the deciding factor when I purchased it. I drive 50/50 highway/City and average 42-43mpg's. On a trip to NY from MD I just averaged 47mpg's. Yes, diesel is .40 more than unleaded. I did an ROI (return on investment) and calculated, for the amount I drive, I save around $200 a month versus my Equinox that averaged 26 mpg's. So if you drive alot it's more than worth it. Diesel is also cleaner burning for you green friendly types. I still can't figure out why diesel is more than unleaded. From my understanding it cost less to process diesel but that's a whole other issue.

Acceleration is more than adequate, stereo is nice (Fender) and sunroof a must! Their is absolutely no smell with the diesel and diesel stations are plentiful in my area (the MD/VA). Maintenance is covered up to 36K miles and oil changes are recommended every 10K miles with synthetic oil. Heading outside to do change it myself. Gotta go.........


We bought a 2014 vw jetta tdi has 4,000 miles on it and check engine light came on and it's taking a while to accelerate and was sitting there and it would start vibrating then stop then do it again and doesn't sound normal. I buy a new car not to have to deal with this but to be honest the cars we had over 200,000 miles did not have any problems. Just your normal maintenance. But a new one does what a joke. I understand all cars are not going to be perfect but people that have owned them before in my area said they will not buy another vw with the problems they had.



What lists are you referring to? Even Japanese biased consumer reports dropped many Toyota's from their top ratings due to the many, many recalls. Diesel may be dirty because it smells, but gasoline requires many further steps in the refining process beyond Diesel thus requiring more energy to produce. FACT: Hybrid batteries and hybrid related components create a lot of bad things during production. Not exclusive to Toyota. Hybrid batteries are toxic. What do we do when they need to be replaced and disposed of? The Urea/DEF system in my Diesel makes the car run clean and emits very little out of the tail pipe. Diesels do not ruin the atmosphere/Ozone like gas engine emissions. Due your homework before you accuse me of dissing. Yes, 18k trouble free miles thus far... the car is only a year old. Time will tell, but for now I will stick with my Diesel until it proves otherwise. It is far more roomy and comfortable and quite frankly better looking than a Prius for almost the same price. Reliability ratings aside, VW sells every Diesel they produce whereas Toyota has lots of Prius' sitting on the lots.


You suggest that the Prius isn't selling, while VW sells every diesel they produce. The actual numbers tell a different story, with Toyota\Lexus selling about 4 hybrids for each VW tdi sold during 2013. And VW just announced a $1,000 incentive to get people to buy the slow selling 2014 tdis. Even Vw is now on the hybrid bandwagon with the jetta hybrid. May you continue to have good luck with your tdi, and avoid the kind of problems mentioned by other tdi owners.


Actually, the $1000 incentive for VW diesels applies to 2013 and 2014 models, so it looks like they're not selling every tdi they build, right kb?


On my second beetle tdi in a year.
The manual transmission is the best I have ever driven. Engine also is brilliant.
I've had the tdi range for over 30 years. Sadly the new vws in the USA are poorly manufactured. The turbo mounted dials on the dash make more rattling noise than the idle on the engine. Quietness increases on speed increase.
Worst of all the internal silver fuel flap has locked me out on numerous occasions at gas stations. There is a knack to opening them in an emergency but watch your fingers and smell all the way to work!
Love them or hate them, the vw tdi is an amazing car. If driving without the body was practical it would be the only car to buy. Throw in all the trim and the standards are way below expectation. Sadly vw is declining but after owning one for over 40 years it's hard to wake up and say no. I love the tdi but vw wake up before I do.


2013 SE Passat TDI owner here. At 14K miles, the turbo failed. VW was very good at replacing. I love everything else about the car, but the model years 2012 - 2014 are experiencing early turbo failures. At this time, I will dump this car prior to the 60K warranty period. If you want to get more details from other owners that have experienced these failures go to link: If VW will step up and replace failed turbos past the wty period, I will keep the car.


I just bought a 5 cyl SE with THE MOST uncomfortable driver's seat I have ever experienced, and with NO way to tilt the seat bottom, it is in the perfect position and the perfect hardness/flatness to cause my butt to go to sleep within 10 miles of driving, and this is with top of the line Michelin A3s, so I cannot blame the tires. Dealership REFUSED to offer any solution, so I backed out of the deal, since the seat function buttons are the same mechanism as the 12 function seat, but with only 10 functions. I guess VW saved so much money screwing the public out of 35 year-old seat technology that they really don't care about the few people to whom these seats represent a deal breaking problem. From now on, I will avoid the world's largest car makers, since I feel strongly that customer service is in direct and inverse relation to the size of the company. I would have even expected GM to get on the phone with a national problem solver and get me a seat to keep the deal, but not with VW. Salesman and rest of staff acted like I was the only person alive who has ever had a problem with the painful seats.
Oh well. Maintenance and reliability in recent VW purchases make VW a non-starter for me from now on.


It truly a hilarious riot to see all the super ignorant people here say they would never get a diesel because it is stinky, pollutes, costs more..


Tom (clueless),
Yes diesel is the filthiest fuel on the planet, and a recent story on Bloomberg news reports that officials in Europe are now questioning their rush to put diesel cars on the road. Pollutants from the so called clean diesel cars are destroying the air quality to the point that they're calling it a catastrophe. According to the story fine particulate pollution from diesel fuel is killing nearly 4,000 people a year in London, which now is reported to have worse air quality than Beijing, due to diesel cars. That's why we need to keep the scourge of diesel cars off American roads.


I have test driven the TDI a few Times now. Great acceleration in fact I timed it today as I was curious 6.8 sec 0 to 60 thats from the driveway turning onto the street as part blew me away I didnt expect that. Can you hear the engine at idle yes is it loud not at all. Road noise? Way less then anything I am driving or have driven. Some people just want to troll end of the day test drive every car you have interest In and see what you like and fits you.

oh and fuel cost I can get diesel at a normal station at 3.59 gas is 3.49 for regular at worst I have seen it is 30 cent difference. To go from 30 mpg to 40 plus I think is worth 30 cents a gallon.


You're the perfect candidate for a diesel car. Congratulations.
By the way, what you smokin?

alove G

I have a 2012 tdi Passat it had a turbo failure at 100,700. 700 miles outside the warranty total motor failure around 4300,.00 with a used motor & turbo. had many problems before this event, the car is junk, I have trucks with 300.000 miles with nothing more that brakes & tires, I am stuck with this 12,000 dollar vw junk that's all it worth on trade no resale value at all good luck it will happen to you tdi lovers


Passats are DANGEROUS. Mine recently turned off while driving at highway speed. As I tried to pull off the road the steering column locked. This was not a loss of power assist, the steering locked. These cars have an electric steering column lock that engages when they loose power, most cars have a mechanical system. VW confirmed that this has happened to others.


This is nonsense. My 2012 has 80000 miles. Gets 50 mpg highway. Drives like an Audi. Great fit and finish. Solid. My Lexus was as sturdy as a tin can. I bought it with continentals because I'd had good luck with them here in maine and insisted Vw remove the Hankooks to make the deal. Got 70000 on them. Everything in the car works and works well. Downside - yes every car has them even bentleys - lousy warranty and if you drive a lot there can be expensive maintenance every 40k. My last 4 cats have been vw tdi's. My wives have had two lexuses a Mercedes (garbage) and a Kia optima. None approach the vw's in terms of build drivability fun and reliability.


SD, this just happened to me a couple of hours ago. I came online to see if there are any other reportings and I found your comment. I bought my Passat TDI brand new July 2013 and have not had any noise issues, bad smells or any reason not love my car, but today I am truley livid! Thank goodness I was not on the highway where it could have been serious. My vehicle is now being towed to the dealership. I'm anxious for them to open tomorrow so I can find out what is going on.

King Passat TDI

Tr6 the pollution you reference is from non- clean diesels- the new diesels are cleaner than most gas cars- can post that only certain hybrids run cleaner.

Jet - hybrids Prius and Camry both have a Continued Vomiting Trans- if you buy it you must live with it.
ANYONE complaining about noise and slow acceleration of TDI. PLEASE take your hybrid and accelerate next to a Passat . listen you the gerbil scream to move forward. I regularly drive a Prius V and a Passat TDI - so I do know both 2014s both near in price.


"GM, the expert on diesel"... you have to be kidding. The cruze diesel is an infant compared to the vw diesel. I have a 2000 tdi jetta, 273,000 miles so far with no major repairs yet and I still get 48 MPG.


You deserve some sort of award for spending all those miles in a car that generates a whopping 90 hp at a mind numbing 3,700 rpm. That's a formula for fun, to be sure. Cruze diesel has 151 hp and gets 46 mpg highway. Time to upgrade.


for all the hybrid guys out there:
battery recycling carbon footprint on the environement is greater than 200k miles worth of passat diesel emisions.
Cost of battery 3-7k
cost of invertor 3-4k. Seen plenty of hybrids with these two items replaced before 100k miles.
Have anybody seen hybrids in other country than USA? Mayeb but in very small numbers. Think over

Paul L

Don't understand all the negatives. Had mine a year now. After 4 years with an 09 Jetta. LOVE this thing. It's huge, have to try to get less than 40mpg.... averaged 32mpg pulling two Harley's in the Texas Hill Country.... regularly get 46mpg on the trip to work over 50 miles of country roads. And what idiot says Diesel Fluid is $30/gal. ANY truck stop sells it for $5, Wallyworld for $5.29, and the dealer fills it for $25 total with an oil change. FAR superior to any Prius... I just spent the weekend in the back seat (Two friends that get "car sick in the back") and it was great! Yes.. the tires are loud... but they will be replaced.... diesel smell? Uhhhh. not in the 5 years I've owned them. The Torque is the big key...... don't even notice the trailer and, while not fast...... outran a 2004 Mustang 6cyl the other day..Drive it... THEN tell me it's not better than a hybrid.....


I have had the Passat TDI for almost 2 years. I switched over from an Audi A6. Would have bought another Audi A6 3.0T if they had offered a version with better fuel economy. I was not happy with 21 mpg. Two years in I could not be happier. Averaging 48 mpg and I have space that is comparable or better than the A6. Also very little difference in comfort level, but at least $25,000 cheaper. Styling is a matter of taste, but I think it is very understated...much like Audi in its segment, which I happen to like.

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