Family Reviews the 2013 Toyota Highlander Hybrid


With three rows of seats, the 2013 Toyota Highlander Hybrid seemed like it'd be a perfect fit for Family reviewer BreAnn Ahara and her family, but this midsize SUV's small cargo area cramped this family of five's style. BreAnn was impressed, however, by the second row's removable center seat; it creates a pathway to the third row.

2013 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Family Review



BreAnn, I am also "hyperconscious of fuel efficiency" but I don't see much in 28/28? $47K Highlander Hybrid doesn't make any sense, especially as 3-row SUV. If one has 4 people, they can really easy fit into CRV/RAV4. Highlander is not a solution for > 5 passengers.
Why one need to over-complicate a car for just few extra MPGs and pay crazy price? Get 4cyl model and you're in same MPG range and for half $$$. The first ones from 2009 made more sense when 4cyl came with 5 passengers and you could get one nicely equipped for under $25K. And BTW, they looked better than latest upgrade, like the one in this review - hideous lights, hideous grill.


Sales of Highlander-H has gone down steadily over the years, and it will go down further as gas prices increase and people settle down with Compact CUVs.


People who can't afford the Highlander hybrid will have to settle for cramped compact CUVs or stripper mid size suvs. Those who can afford it will save lots of money at the pump and enjoy a much smoother and quieter ride than those little puddle jumpers. Highlander hybrid is almost the ideal vehicle and for a price less than the cramped BMW X3 with its lousy mileage.



people who can afford Highlander hybrid will most likely by a regular V6 Highlander or something else. If that wasn't the case, we would see lots of these on the road but they are very few. These are for freaks.



It mostly depends on the area that you live in. Here in Silicon Valley, I see more of the hybrid models of the Highlander and Lexus RX. I would assume they are much less popular in other parts of the country.


Toyota sell less than 500 of these per month and double of that in form of Lexus RX. So, how many can we expect to see?
Camry Hybrid sold 10x of that. Obviously THH is a small niche car. Smart buyer, buyer with money will avoid it.


Tony you got it wrong. Buyer with money will buy the highlander hybrid. People who can't afford it won't. I don't know why you have such a problem with a family sized SUV that gets 28 mpg in the city...all for the cost of an audi a4.

We routinely haul a family of 5 in our Highlander Hybrid, ever since downsizing from a minivan. The extra room in the garage is very nice, though we miss the cargo space. It is definitely a niche vehicle, but it's awesome if you are in its niche. Our base model was just over $35k when we bought it over 2 years ago, not nearly as pricey as limited trim, but still pretty well equipped. The beauty of hybrids is that with just a little experience, you can easily exceed EPA fuel economy estimates in warmer weather. That's something much more difficult for a typical driver to do in a regular vehicle. I've averaged 31mpg over 2 years, lower in winter, higher for the rest of the year. It's also quiet, has a very smooth ride and lots of power when you need it. Throw in a 3500lb tow rating and all-weather capability and there's nothing else like it in a 3-row vehicle. It is over $6k more expensive than a similarly equipped V6 AWD model and that can take a long time to recoup in fuel savings, but you're still cutting foreign oil imports and pollution in the process. Yes, they hit it with the ugly stick up front. On the plus side, for as few as they sell, you have a pretty distinctively ugly vehicle, at least since they differentiated it from the regular Highlander in 2011.

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