Tracking the Fuel Economy of's 2013 Subaru BRZ


Since our previous update a month ago,’s long-term 2013 Subaru BRZ tester accumulated nearly 1,100 miles. The BRZ is rotated among our editors who use the BRZ as a daily driver for commuting, running errands and taking road trips as if it were their own car. One editor took the sports car from Chicago to the Quad Cities on a 300-plus-mile road trip, accounting for a third of the miles racked up in the past 28 days.

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The road trip nearly matched the longest distance — 302 miles — we’ve traveled on a tank of gas; on this trip our editor managed 301 miles. The BRZ continues to bulls-eye its combined rating of 25 mpg. Our manual-transmission BRZ has EPA ratings of 22/30 mpg city/highway. We’ve observed 25.58 mpg after 11 fill-ups so far, with many more to come in its yearlong evaluation.


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25 mpg ave???
So what? My MKS ecoboosted 4,500 AWD lux car averages 21.9 over 4 years.
This little car should give me much more for so much less around me.

Mr. Skinner

A C5 Corvette gets better real-world mileage, is more fun, and can probably be purchased for a lot less unless a low mileage Z06.


MKS may be "lux" and powerful, but nobody would call it fun to drive. You have to pay to play.

C5 Corvette is even more powerful, but not more fun.

The target buyer for the Corvette is over 60, MKS over 80, BR-Z/FRS under 30. Please stop comparing apples to oranges.


btw I think the torque hole often reported on these tiny engines, plus the barely usable back seats are deal-breakers for me, so I am no fanboi for these things. I will be keeping my RX-8 R3. It has far worse gas mileage, but the bigger gas tank allows a similar range.

paul want me to start listing all the more fun to drive cars than this and get MUCH higher MPG?
Or can you do this for yourself?
Start with the GTI.

Remember that every "real-world" situation is different. These mileage numbers are being reported in Chicago during freezing temps and much of the mileage is racked up in city and/or bumper to bumper mileage.

Paul - GTI is cool, but personally, I think a fun car to drive is going to need to be RWD.



I agree, there are a LOT of cars that are more fun to drive than the BRZ. Your list will be different from mine though.


As soon as someone bring a FWD to compare how fun to drive it is against a RWD sports car...I tend to filter whatever they have to say...

franklin Johson

I have averaged 32 mpg over the first 10,000 miles in manual BRZ. The only time I hit 26 mpg was after drifting in the snow. On a trip from Providence RI to Washington Dc I did it on 1 tank of gas. I was running on fumes when I hit D.C. my average speed was just about 74 mph and I averaged 35.1 MPG. I weigh 200 pounds and I had 50 pounds of luggage.

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