Subaru to Debut First Hybrid at 2013 New York Auto Show


Hybrid cars and SUVs have become so commonplace that it can be a surprise when an automaker doesn't have one in its lineup.

Today, Subaru announced it will introduce its first hybrid at the 2013 New York International Auto Show next week. The Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid gets the honor of adding a more fuel-efficient option to the surprisingly popular XV Crosstrek, which is based on the Impreza hatchback.

More information will be revealed next week about the hybrid's powertrain. Subaru also says it will debut a new concept performance car in New York.



I have owned 5 Subaru's since 1985 and surely would be considered brand loyal. While I will buy a new Ru don't think it will be the hybrid..Not sure there will be sufficient savings


I am thrilled to hear this! I hope they extend the technology to some of their smaller cars.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'll never buy another Subaru again. The odometer fixing is only part of the problem. They are over-rated, over-priced and disappointing.


Since it's a mild hybrid and the non-hybrid CVT version gets 25/33, I'll estimate the mild hybrid version will get 30/34MPG.
Notice that if it was a full hybrid the city # would very likely be larger than the hwy #, as well as the hwy# being bumped up because of a better engine.

It's a good addition to the line of vehicles offered by Subaru, but the hybrids I've used in mtns and cold weather don't give much in the way of savings.

I am waiting for Subaru to introduce to the American market a clean run diesel turbo!

As for the odometer issue listed above,the "problem" swayed miles less than 5% - I was able to get a drivetrain repair 10% miles past the warranty, so Subaru made good on the odometer mistake and extended the grace period for me as per approval of regional factory rep.

My next Subaru will be my 6th - if any other manufacturer made the same AWD with reliability, safe, decent mileage, clean burning and well made cars, I'd buy one, but crikey, we've seen many attempt to match Subaru but fail miserably.

Like a mtn goat on icy, curvy, mtn roads, Subaru always gets me to my playground in the mtns!


Yes, The incremental mpg increase is disappointing and the cost/benefit is not there. But if my local Subaru dealer will work with me on the price, and the Hybrid is available in a color other than that truly ugly shade of green, they can place my order today. All the parts are there to boost MPG to something higher. I'll bet if Subaru cut the driveline to the rear wheels, They could add another 5 mpg to both the city and highway MPG numbers. Before you say it would not be a Subaru, remember that 2WD Subies could be purchased on these shores as recently as 1996.

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