Have You Seen Cars.com's Latest Drama-Deficient Commercials?


If you watched Super Bowl XLVII last month — as more than 108 million people did — you likely caught Cars.com's ad in which a couple seeking a bit of drama in their car-buying experience inadvertently find themselves in possession of a wolf pup much to the toothy chagrin of its protective mother.

That was just the first in a series of unfortunate events for characters in Cars.com's similarly humorous follow-up spots advertising its "All Drive. No Drama." campaign. Each of the three new TV ads finds drama-coveting characters getting what they asked for: a mother and father being overly honest with their daughter in the face of sibling rivalry; a rebellious corporate employee refusing to be a yes-man in a board meeting; and a husband and wife making a (literally) pregnant pause in their conversation with a car salesman.

Check out all three spots below.

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By Matt Schmitz | March 4, 2013 | Comments (3)



Me thinks that you might be wearing out your rotator cuff patting yourselves on the back. IMHO the "messaging" in those spots still has me scratching my head. On the other hand, your blogs, less these self promoting ads, are terrific.


I thought the wolf ad was one of the best of the super bowl this year. I LOL'ed.

I enjoyed the "no-drama" ads, which I first saw today via the Pandora interactive ad. I don't get panayoti's negative nancy attitude, but hey, I laughed and shared the ad with some friends. It's just an ad and I can't remember the last time I ever clicked on an ad on the Internet. So, kudos.

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