Farewell Acura ZDX: Many Gawked, Few Purchased

Depending on whom you ask, Acura's ZDX is either ugly (with an F) or sexy. One fact that isn't up for debate, however, is that the swoopy crossover is a total sales dud and model-year 2013 is its last.

With its high price, tiny backseat and dismal visibility, it's tough to understand the ZDX's appeal, but it's been in Acura's lineup since 2010 — so someone's been buying it. Which begs the question: Who would choose the ZDX over the more comfortable and less expensive MDX, on which it's based?

Turns out, not very many people. Few consumers were charmed enough by the ZDX to open up their wallets to the tune of $51,815, especially when the MDX starts at $44,175 and tops out at $53,800 (all prices include destination). The MDX also offers more passenger space and loads more cargo room — 83.5 cubic feet to the ZDX's 57.3.

Last month, Acura sold just 25 ZDXs, not much more than the 56 it sold last February. Sales have been bleak for a while: Throughout all of 2012, Acura moved just 775 ZDXs off dealer lots, a stark comparison to the 50,854 MDXs sold last year.

According to Acura spokesman Chuck Schifsky, the ZDX's intended audience was quite different than the group who actually ended up purchasing it. Schifsky told us that the ZDX was initially aimed at baby boomers and "mature" buyers, but a larger number of Generation X, pre-family shoppers were more attracted to it. "These younger buyers picked the ZDX because they wanted a vehicle that was unique and different from the average sedan, CUV or SUV," he said.

More importantly, the car turned heads. "One of the overriding reasons buyers noted as the motivation for buying the ZDX was its unique styling," he said. According to Schifsky, although the ZDX wasn't a strong seller, it was successful in attracting new shoppers to dealerships.

Alas, this quirky vehicle's moment in the spotlight is over. "The timing is keyed to our efforts to refine the product lineup around the Acura brand direction with a focus on flagship and core models. We are also introducing a number of new products and full model changes of existing vehicles to better fulfill Acura buyers' needs," Schifsky said.

Up next for Acura is the new RLX sedan, which went on sale last week, and the 2014 Acura MDX, which will hit dealerships later this year.

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The ZDX isnt for everyone but it is hell of a lot of fun to drive


I really liked this vehicle. I like it when automakers take design risk. Honestly I like the way Acura whole lineup looks. The new flagship is a bit bland. But I like it. I'm going to miss the beak grille!

Brian Keith

I've had my ZDX since January 2011 and while it's hard to see out of, hard to get into, and doesn't hold nearly the cargo of an MDX, I intend to drive it for a long, long time. I purchased the car because it was the most unique option in my price range. And it has delivered more stares, comments and attention than any car I've ever owned. It's been a lot of fun. There was no practical thinking in buying this car - and I couldn't be happier with it.

My 2012 ZDX is a tech package and all I can say is this is Acura at it's most bold and daring design ever. Yes the ingress and egress on the rear seats is a challenge, but the front interior is pampered with milano leather matched with very comfortable and supple seats. The navigation is by par the easiest one to use than any other nav system out there in the market, not to mention the sound system is designed & tweaked by Elliot Scheiner. By default the tech package is tuned with sport suspensions that handles great on corners deminishining the fact that this spaceship is over 4400 lbs. The roof elements on this vehicle is blessed with over 12 feet glass that stretched from dash to tail. Sad to see it go, but I think mankind is not yet ready for something as extreme as the ZDX's exterior dynamics. Time will past and we'll soon hit year 2050 but the ZDX will still look advanced for its design. A sport CUV for those who want something out of the ordinary while at the same time gives you a piece of mind for its reliability, comfort, and safety.

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