Drivers Dashing for Cash Create Traffic Jam

The sky was literally raining money yesterday in Vernon Hills, Ill. Hundreds of dollars flew through a busy intersection in the Chicago suburb, causing a traffic jam as motorists tried to catch the cash; $100 and $10 bills swirled through the streets during the evening rush hour.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, police say no accidents were reported related to the incident, and they haven't been able to uncover the money's origins. Police spokeswoman Sharon Joseph told the Sun-Times that no burglaries, thefts or muggings have been reported recently. Joseph speculated that someone may have left a purse or envelope of money on the roof of their car and drove away without realizing it.  

Police recovered $312 from the scene; it's unknown how much motorists snagged. No one has come forward to claim the money.

Cash flies out of car, causing traffic jam in Vernon Hills (Chicago Sun-Times)
World's Worst Traffic Jam?
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By Jennifer Geiger | March 13, 2013 | Comments (2)
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Damn, I would have liked to have a bird's eye view of that.

I would put my truck and my trailer to block the road, while the flying money would be in my pocket :)

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