Could In-Car Messes Be a Thing of the Past With 2014 Honda Odyssey's Vacuum?


Parents, rejoice! The 2014 Honda Odyssey will have a first-ever in-vehicle vacuum system. Those Cheerios and cracker crumbs that often litter your car’s second and third rows could be just a temporary problem now that there’s an in-car vacuum to suck them up.

For 2014, the Odyssey is getting a refresh that includes the HondaVac system, which will be only available on the top Touring Elite trim when it goes on sale this summer. The 2013 version of that trim level starts at an eye-bulging $44,855 including destination.

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The vacuum was developed with ShopVac and has a replaceable filter and canister bag; nozzle accessories are integrated into the cargo area’s driver-side bulkhead.

The HondaVac system doesn't need an outlet or recharging; it can run continuously when the minivan's engine is running or for up to eight minutes after the car’s engine has been turned off.

Of course, it's not enough to have an in-car vacuum if it doesn't reach all the way to the front seat, but according to its press release, Honda says the hose and attachments can get to every corner.

We're looking forward to putting this vacuum system to the test when it arrives in our test fleet. Our Chicago-based editors have several backseat testers who’d be more than happy to drop a few cookies on the floor in the name of testing, and I'm curious to find out if older kids can operate the vacuum independently.

The refreshed 2014 Honda Odyssey debuts this week at the New York International Auto Show. Check back for more information on prices and other features.







Get the Flobee and give your kids haircuts in the car as well.



The marketing people at vehicle manufacturers get on my nerves sometimes. Does every feature in a vehicle need a name. HondaVac? Couldn't Honda just say they have an optional vacuum in their Odyssey.


I can't wait to hear an official recall on this van's vacuum cleaner hose prematurely wearing and a replacement will be offered free of charge. The tech guys gotta be saying "give that one to the new guy". If people spend that much on a mini-van, it probally gets professionally detailed anyway.

Ken L.

There are people who have converted their Prius into a generator so that they can power their house (usually as a result of a natural disaster). Honda's new system will further assist in the clean-up. I think having a in-car vacuum is not such a bad idea, especially for minivans. Instead of paying to use the vacuum at your local gas station, you've now got one built in.


Luckily this thing is designed for in-car messes only. It it was designed for outside messes the vacuum might accidentally suck the entire van into the void given what a mess the exterior styling is...


This is so stupid. I could just as easily vacuum my car with a vacuum I already own. This is just another feature that will break. How about Honda just cuts the price of this thing off the MSRP.

Anonymous Coward

"This is just another feature that will break."

If you don't want a lot of features which might break, the Odyssey Touring Elite is not for you.

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