Reviews the 2014 Lexus IS

With the 2014 redesign of the IS, Lexus made its sports sedan more practical, fun to drive, luxurious inside and a lot hotter looking outside, says reviewer Kelsey Mays. The third generation of the rear- or all-wheel-drive IS goes on sale this summer. Although it probably won't set the segment on fire, Mays says, it's still pretty appealing.

2014 Lexus IS Review



I would put this at the bottom of the list if I were in the market for a compact sport luxury. The exterior is wretched and the dash looks circa 1980's


Overall, I feel this is an extremely disappointing redesign. Mediocre driving fun, lower interior quality, a smaller trunk, same stiff ride, same inefficient engines.

Who would buy this?


Since you can't afford a new one it's a non-issue for you.


On one hand, the handling and ride have improved significantly over the previous model, making it comparable with the class and even beating the C-class. Also, I like the look of the interior better, even with some material downgrade, and the exterior is a definitely polarizing, although I would buy it if every thing else was good. And of course, there is the legendary reliability and customer service that Lexus provides. All in all, this sounds like a pretty good deal, especially considering that it is priced lower than a 3 series.

Sadly, the engines are still NA and rather weak for the class. And overall quality seems to be lacking compared to the class, which makes the other seem like a better deal regardless of the fact that it is good enough for the price. Since I will be looking for a 3 year used car in this category in around 3 or 4 years, I will definitely include this in my search. The problem could be the great resale values that will prevent this car from dropping to a reasonable used price.

My review, based on more sources than this single unfavorable review, is that it is a wonderful improvement over the previous model, and sets the average for the class, while not quite reaching the quality of the other sedans.

Shane Bigler

Just like every review I read, brand reliability is never mentioned.

I really love the front end on this car. Very bold, would compare it to the new E, with those amazing vents. I'll be in the market this year, not sure what car I should buy. Thinking about posting on ChoicePunch to see what the people say.

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