Reviews the 2014 Chevrolet Impala


Having narrowly avoided becoming something you'd only drive off a rental lot, the Chevrolet Impala is reinvented for 2014 as a full-size sedan to be driven proudly off the dealer lot. reviewer Mike Hanley says the Impala subtly intimidates its way back to flagship shape with a wider, twin-port grille lending it just enough Camaro menace along with defining body details, larger wheels and an elevated tail. Strong acceleration, a tolerably firm ride and all-around roominess also restore the Impala's competitiveness — just watch out for a sometimes-clunky downshift during quick deceleration, Hanley warns. Read his review below.

2014 Chevrolet Impala Review



The Azera and Avalon are much better cars and Chevy needs to finally ditch that gaudy gold bow tie.


much better cars based on what? I suppose you can't come with any legit reasons.

Good review but I'm not understanding the b pillar complaint. Looks normal size to me based on the pics. In addition, one really shouldn't rely on turning around to see what's coming up on their right side in traffic- that's what your side mirror is for. If that Impala B pillar is too thick I'm not sure what modern car would be ideal.


GM fan boy trolling posts as usual, you know who you are.

Derrick G

I think it's not so much the pillars' width as their depth. My coat caught on the driver's side in the one I sat in at the Chicago Auto Show, finishing the process of ripping its anchors out of the metal, something that had already been started. The pillar trim also felt a bit cheap. Overall though everything else felt very nice.

I was also impressed with the Cruze I had as a rental except for the power/fuel economy ratio and the radio controls (well, the back seat, too, but I wasn't the one who had to sit there). Hopefully MyLink will help some there.


I'm not sure how the depth comes into play when trying to look over your shoulder, but maybe you are right. Either way, in modern cars B pillars are generally pretty robust due to crash standards. All I'm saying is based on the pics I didn't see anything abnormal about the blind spot created by this B pillar. At least they slimmed the A pillars relative to the fortress like Lacrosse.


To me, the front looks nice. The side profile looks alot more Buick than Chevrolet, and the rear end seems to be Asian inspired. I wouldn't even consider a 4 cyl. in this heavy car, but the V6 mpg's are no better than our '00 Impala LS with a 4 speed and 217,000 miles. Why?? When Ford upscaled the Taurus, the Fusion became the affordable go-to family car for them. If this car goes for $30 grand or above on average, the emergency refreshed Malibu could see more interest than it has recently. That's if GM doesn't screw it up twice.



You should have seen the thickness of the pillars in person instead of the pictures, since you work for them...


The Avis counter guy at ATL said they'll be receiving about twenty 2014 Impala's by end of April. As much as things change they really stay the same.



I dont work for any automaker or dealer. sorry to disappoint. Look at the pics, make your own judgement. Are they thicker than the pillars in your car? When people have nothing to say they fall back on silly inferences and name calling. You know my statement is accurate and thus you have to respond by suggesting I work for Chevy since I pointed out the obvious.


Did you ask how many camry's he will get? of course you didn't. So your questioning (supposedly) of one guy at Avis proves that this car won't do retail business? This site is increasingly a haven for biased Toyota/Honda lovers who refuse to give any domestic model any credit. I guess the reviews attract that type of commenter though.


EPA adjusted mileage ratings in 2008. Your 2000 does not get the same mileage as this car and even if it did this car has 305hp vs the 185 the Impala had back in 2000.



People do not claim you are a Chevrolet employee because you state the obvious. It is because you always (and I really do mean always) defend GM vehicles. That's neither a good nor bad thing, but I can see how it can mislead people into thinking you work for Chevrolet (or GM).


This car looks like it was made of parts from bunch of other cars. Serious, my feeling is that there is nothing unique about it. All single parts, dash, console, side, back , etc. I've seen already. Now, the steering wheel is ugly.

the Fusion became the affordable go-to family car for them.


I really do wish GM would change the font they use in their gauges. I feel it takes away from the luxuriousness of the cars.



If I like the vehicle I say so- I like many types of vehicles of various brands- but if you chose to only pay attention if I'm talking about GM vehicles that's on you. This site has a legacy of double standards when it comes to domestic branded vehicles (not just GM) and I point out things that don't make sense. since domestic brands are the ones always getting the short end of the stick, they are the ones I tend to be "defending" in my comments. Why would I need to defend Honda, Nissan or Toyota products on There is nothing to defend since they seem to get pretty even handed reviews. You may also notice that about half of the commenters on this site always (and I mean always) chime in with petty, mind numbing criticism of any GM/Ford/Chrysler reviewed on this site.


There isnt anything inside this car that is shared with another GM product- much less anything else on the market. If you think about its competitors (Azera, Avalon, Taurus, etc.) it's pretty safe to say this car looks like none of them inside or out.


The new Impala is not intended to be the flagship. That honor goes to the new SS which is a V8 RWD sedan about the same size.


This car is ugly and the steering wheel looks like it cost $5 and came right out of GM's parts bin. If you have no taste in cars then this beige monstrosity is the perfect vehicle for you.


Cantoma's comment is case in point- typical fare.


Good point, the SS will be sedan flagship and overall Vette remains overall flagship.


I like the front end of the new Passat. It has a chiseled, handsome...what..oh, this is an Impala? Oops, my bad.



you must be blind not to see, camry/accord/saab on the front, azera on the side, vw/audi/hyundai on the back. Inside same thing.
you know, when you look at Mazda, you know - this is mazda. When you look at honda, you know - this is honda. When you look at the car above, it takes some time to realize that you're looking at chevy.

Derrick G


An over-the-should look is usually partly out the back window. If the pillar is overly wide or deep, you'll be looking at pillar and not glass.


It's hard to believe GM would both to copy the bland Camry or Accord up front. More than anything this is a modern take on the '77 Caprice. As for the rear, Chevrolet was trying to capture the '67 Impala. Just because Azera had such creases first this century in the full-sized market doesn't mean it was first ever.

Thanks for the Post! I love the new Impala, the new features they added really makes this car an attractive option. Up until now I have only been interested in sports cars, but due to an expanding family I need to adjust my priorities, and this car seems great. Does anyone know of a good South New Jersey Chevy dealership?



You can find similarities between MANY cars on the road today. As a whole, the car doesn't look like any other sedan, not even the Malibu or Cruze. I didn't say that every single element is totally unique to the car. Bottom line- you aren't going to confuse this with anything in it's class. At least no one that actually pays attention to what cars look like.



I really dont look over the shoulder to merge or change lanes. And even if I did, my point was looking at the B pillar I wasn't seeing any abnormal width. The review indicates the B pillar is creating a huge blind spot relative to other cars.


i've been trying to talk my grandpa out of his baby for a long time... his 1996 impala with about 50k miles on it. nothing compares tp that beauty, unless it's even more vintage than that... like say... '60's.

although this one does seem (by the looks) to live up to the name. we'll just have to see how it holds out in time, won't we?


I don't really see the new Impala as Chevy's finest work. The curve over the rear wheels looks borrowed from the now deceased Monte Carlo, but out of place. The "B" pillars do seem a bit wide but as with many cars it is more about location relative to seat position than just width. The rear trunk lid looks borrowed from the BMW. Kind of a mish-mash of design elements. On the inside I like the many of the design elements. Maybe on a mid production freshen they will fix many of these things much like with the new Traverse.



The whole chassis is shared with LaCrosse and XTS and you can say nothing inside is shared...

Case closed.

Julie Vaughan

Direct quote from Sheth post on the 16th March

"There isnt anything inside this car that is shared with another GM product- much less anything else on the market. "

And another on the 18th of March

"I didn't say that every single element is totally unique to the car. "

Is this contradictory or what?
On the same post too!! Hahahahahahahahah

The interior looks like an overgrown Malibu. No thanks, I'll keep my 2000 3.8L Impala LS with its 190,000 and 4 speed that actually gets 30 MPG on the highway when I drive it.



I was saying the interior components are not shared with other GM vehicles. My other comment was about STYLING. I was saying that there are few cars on the road that have TOTALLY unique styling that doesn't borrow from other vehicles. There is no contradiction, just a lack of understanding.


I was talking about interior components, not the platform. Consumers have no clue what platforms are used on cars- all that matters is what they can see and touch. The interior of the Impala is totally different from XTS and Lacrosse. Case closed indeed.

matthew anderson

Why do people hate gm so much. They have really made a turn around and people still hate them. If this impala had a honda or toyota badge on it, people would be praising it, and not bashing it. I am so tired of people bashing american cars. US automakers are doing much better. Chrysler still has some work to do, but ford and gm are at least as good as toyota and honda. I guess some people will never be happy!!!


Came across this earlier today and thought of one of routine commentators:,31761/



Good question. I don't get it either. I think it stems from people being bred to believe in the mythology of the superiority of "import" cars over the last 30 years. They can't let go of the notions that have been drilled into their heads.


Nice link, only issue is that I have never proclaimed that GM vehicles (or any other type) are vastly superior to the competition nor do attack others for driving non-GM vehicles. I really don't care what you drive. People say things that aren't really accurate and I respond with information that is accurate. That doesn't make me a radical advocate for GM or anyone else.


I think people are more critical of GM after the bailout, government loan, or whatever people want to call it. The Malibu was hyped up for awhile with various spy shots to build interest. Ironicly, I lost interest waiting for the reveal even though at one point I was very much hoping for the best. We all know how that one turned out. The 2014 Impala looks okay, but it looks like a cross between a current Buick and a current Camaro. The next Silverado/Sierra (to me) look way too much like the current trucks, only with new engines and a so- so interior. I really think people want them to succeed, I sometimes wonder if GM feels the same? I like GM (Chevy) all my life and have 2 in our driveway, but Ford's styling and technology has me impressed. Dodge is willing and has taken risks on their products. GM just seems lukewarm to me nowadays.


It's beautiful!


I don't get a lot of the criticisms.

It's not unique looking or looks like a mash up of other cars? If so, how is it different or worse than its competitors?

I'm looking for an entry-luxe sedan. Right now the Avalon and Impala are at the top of my list. I'm waiting on the Acura redesign, but it's my impression thy it will be even more expensive. Several cars in the class I'm considering are too cramped in the backseat for my family.

What's a better choice for new car than the Impala?

Tom King

Did any of the other cars, that were mentioned, achieve a score of 95 in Consumers Report?

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