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With the 2014 Highlander, Toyota says it has addressed shortcomings that led to a fifth-place finish in our $37,000 SUV Challenge. The popular SUV debuted at the 2013 New York International Auto Show, and Cars.com reviewer Kelsey Mays says its improvements include a higher-quality interior with touch-point padding and upgraded tech such as standard Bluetooth connectivity and a backup camera. While once-stingy cargo room has improved, Mays notes the Highlander still trails competitors in that department.

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Exterior updates to the longer, wider SUV include a more vertical front end with a chrome strip running between the headlights and through the grille as well as RAV4-like taillights. The new Highlander is set to hit dealerships in early 2014. Check out the video below.



What? This in not going on sale until spring 2014??? That's a year from now. It looks production ready. Is this time frame way off?


Nice review. Several comments:
1) the new highlander offers a heated steering wheel for the first time, a nice option (according to the interior photo closeups I saw).
2) I don't think it seats eight. If they did away with the center seat for the second row as you mentioned that means the new highlander only seats seven - two in each of the first two rows and three in the back, correct?
3) based on these photos I'm really glad I purchased one of the last generation models last year. I don't like the Subaru looking front on the news one or the minivan looking rear. Mine might be yesterday's news, but I like it's slightly smaller size and overall design, warts and all.


Carma, to comment on your second comment, I believe it is an option to get a bench seat for the second row instead of the two captains chairs...that would bring up the total passengers to 8, 2, 3, 3.


sorry, the numbers in that last sentenece were supposed to be written as "8 (2,3,3)"


Good explanation on how it holds eight. None of the photos I've seen show a bench seat. Thanks.


has Toyota finally used LEDs for taillights on highlander?

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