2014 Chevrolet SS: Up Close

One of the unfortunate effects of Pontiac getting the boot back in 2009 was the G8's premature departure. We don't miss much else of Pontiac, just the V-8-powered, rear-wheel-drive G8 GT. With the 2014 Chevrolet SS, we kind of get the G8 back in the form of a full-size sedan with a V-8 and rear-wheel drive but with a Chevrolet badge instead of a Pontiac one.

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The Chevrolet SS takes a huge leap forward in offering a more upscale interior experience compared to the now 5-year-old G8. While both the G8 and SS share development with the Australian Holden Commodore, the SS is based on a next-generation successor of the car the G8 was based on.

Soft-touch materials, red stitching and suede-like highlights on the doors look much more upscale than the somewhat barren G8. Limited use of hard plastic is done well with textures that look like soft-touch materials on the upper dashboard. That area doesn't often come into contact with the driver, so the hard-plastic materials work well in this case.

One area where the G8 still holds up well is the exterior. The SS doesn't look quite as aggressive as the G8's low-slung raked profile. The SS has a little too much Malibu midsize sedan in its rear styling and more of a family-car exterior look instead of a dedicated performance sedan.

It sure is a practical full-size sedan, however, with backseat and cargo room in spades. The rear seat is slightly reclined for a lounging angle, and the trunk's wide, flat floor is gigantic. Three people may be able to fit in the back, though the person in the middle seat might not be too happy with the tall floor hump they'll have to straddle.



This is best looking Chevy you will ever see, thanks that is wasn't designed by Chevy. But I can't help it, every time I hear 'SS', bad thoughts come... should this car come only in black then?


I'm not understanding the hype here. Is it fast? I'm sure it is, but it's bland, boring and derivative styling will relegate it to footnote status at best.

Al. G

Pictures don't do this car justice. I just saw it at the NYC car show. THe car looks much better in real life thought, I have to say it was smaller than I thought it would be, which is a good thing. Nice car.


This car is relatively good looking, and quite fast thanks to the huge engine displacement it boasts. And it will be mentioned for quite a while, but not for being absolutely amazing, but for being the only american sedan worthy of note besides the charger/300


If it weren't for the continual mention of its huge engine and um....huge engine, for me it does look just like an average family car. This is really what the next Impala should have been all along. The Impala would get back alot of what people said it lost. Dump the current Malibu design altogether, downsize the next Impala and rename it the 2015 Malibu.

Paul McGinnis

Its perfect for the guy with wife and kids and cannot get a hot rod. A muscle car for the family man! Sometimes we have to hide things like this, but the important thing is the missus and kids are happy.


I don't see any need for the Impala to be a RWD V8 powered sports sedan. The SS will be low volume and that OK. Impala has been FWD since 2000 and people are fine with FWD in that class. The only exception being the Chrysler cars but I doubt the average owner even knows those cars are RWD.

Al. G

@ Sheth. Agreed!


The photo series and slide shows on this page show the vehicle a whole lot better:



And this is a better view mobile:



The car is exactly the same car as the pontiac G8 gxp with just a different front and back and updated interior. The car was released in Australia and New Zealand back in 2007 as the ve commodore so it is just an updated 6 year old car. But still an awsome car really popular here in New Zealand


This is an Ozzie Holden with a Chevvy Badge.

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