2014 Chevrolet Camaro: What's Changed


  • Most significant changes: New front and rear styling updates
  • Price change: TBA
  • On sale: Later this year
  • Which should you buy, 2013 or 2014? They're so similar in every other regard that we suggest you pick the style you prefer.

Much of the focus at this year's New York International Auto Show was on the newly introduced Z/28 trim level of the 2014 Chevrolet Camaro. While that track-capable model is a welcome addition to the family for enthusiasts, it doesn't hold much appeal to the average shopper trying to figure out if they should buy a new 2013 today or wait a few more months until the 2014s arrive at dealerships.

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Surprisingly little has changed for 2014, but the small enhancements to the Camaro's front and rear alter the overall look substantially. Chevy worked on enhancing the car's aerodynamics by reshaping the front end. The upper grille is narrower while the lower grille is larger. But overall length, width and height all remain the same as before.

In back, the taillights are the most striking change; they go from a blocky design to one that is razor thin. These lights were the previous car's most talked about attribute because they were mimicked on other Chevy models.

The base V-6 engine and V-8 in the SS models carry over from 2013 as do all the transmission options, power ratings, etc. Trims remain the LS, LT, SS, SS 1LE and ZL1 with the same equipment as 2013.

The SS model gains a functional hood scoop for 2014 that is similar to the one used in the ZL1 from 2013.

The only other changes, according to Chevy, are a full-color driver information center for all models and an optional color head-up display.

Prices and a specific on-sale date haven't been announced, but we expect the starting price to stay close to the 2013's $24,245, including destination. Currently Chevy has incentives of $1,000 in cash back on LS, LT and SS models; the incentives expire on April 30.

Knowing how similar the two model years will be makes the decision on which one to buy pretty easy. Which one looks cooler to you? And if you said the 2014, is it that much cooler than some extra money in your pocket?

Update: Here is a list of changes from Chevrolet's official release we were just handed. All text verbatim from the automaker.

Rear spoiler no longer standard on ALL models:

  • Standard on SS Coupe models
  • Included with RS Exterior Appearance Package on LT Coupe models
  • Standard on all Convertible models with integral antenna (Convertible models will use same spoiler design as Coupe models)

Victory Red, Rally Yellow and Inferno Orange Metallic exterior colors discontinued for 2014

Quarter flares (LPO VRV) and Argent Ground Effects Package (LPO VTD) discontinued for 2014

18-inch painted aluminum wheels (LPO SGE) now standard on LS models and 18-inch steel wheels no longer available for 2014

21-inch 5-spoke polished wheels (LPO SER) and 21-inch machined aluminum wheels (LPO 5W5) with Silver accents discontinued for 2014

Hot Wheels® Special Edition and Kinetic Blue Metallic exterior discontinued for 2014

Mojave Interior Accent Trim Package discontinued for 2014

Hockey Stripe Packages and Hood and Hockey Stripe Packages discontinued for 2014


2014 Chevy Camaro SS

2014 Chevy Camaro SS

2014 Chevy Camaro SS

2014 Chevy Camaro SS

2014 Chevy Camaro SS

2014 Chevy Camaro SS

2014 Chevy Camaro SS

2014 Chevy Camaro SS

2014 Chevy Camaro SS



Not sold on the taillights...last year's lights look better


I wish they had fixed the awful, squished front end. Looks like they might have squished it even more. But the taillights were worse on last year's model, so, I'll be happy they fixed that, at least.


Tail lights are horrendous! The grill is too squished and thin on the 2014.

Ken L.

Looks the same as the current Camaro. However, the backend reminds me of the last general Honda Prelude. I guess GM had to differentiate it now that the 2014 Vette will be sporting the quad semi-round and angular taillights.

It remains imposing and the price tentative, on black color it should looks gorgeous too!


Discounting victory red and rally yellow exterior color is a bad idea.
On top of it, discounting Hockey Stripe Packages and Hood and Hockey Stripe Packages is another terrible idea.
Camaro looks great in yellow or red,as on these color you could the stripe package. Now, only the rally stripe can be added.
The new car looks good, but disappointed with the discontinuation of some excellent options and colors.


The taillamps look like a modernized version of the 1969 Camaro's. I rather like what Chevy's done to the car.


I'm 19 and my dream car has always been the camaro. This year my parents decided to get me one for my birthday! Originally I loved the 2013 but decided to wait for the 2014 model. A couple days after the release date I decided that I hated how thin the first grill is and the bottom grill is way to big. Second, I don't understand why they took out the perfect circle slots for the light and put in those disgusting squares. Third, the rear look like a typical Honda/Toyota car, which is what I just came from. I understand that the car is more slim, weighs less, and etc, but lets face it the majority of people who by the camaro don't buy it to race. I'm extremely happy that I was able to find and buy my brand new 2013 white camaro convertible on a short notice like this. I'm sure when I see the 2014 camaro on the street I won't regret it at all.

Ty Young

The 2014 Camaro looks like a Honda Pre-lude from the rear. If a car is in such high demand as this one is, you should have only changed standard features/additions that are in the interior. The exterior should have remained as is. The front is nice. Changing the front of the car was ok, but should have left the "REAR" alone. Never should have been touched.


Am happy that i got my 2013 Camaro !! The new 2014 doesn't look muscular. Its like the normal sedan car. The front grill and the rear tail light seems to be odd. We need a car that is rough looking and not a pleasant one like a normal family car.


The dislikes listed RE: 2014 Camaro are interesting to this late 50s something Camaro enthusiast.

I can appreciate the reasons expressed for preferring the '13 styling. However, for another point of view, consider the '14 looks more serious in the front like the '69 with less of an animated smile in the grill. As far as the tail lights - less friendly and more retro, resembling the early generation Camaros.

I'm delighted the car looks more like the old days...I was looking to buy a restored Camaro, but, now for the same money I'm happy to get a new one so close to the originals!

What do yo think?


Glad I got a 2013


The tail lights look right off of an Acura Integra. I do like the front end though. Too bad the V6 doesn't get the cool hood vents. With 350 hp and 30+ mpg, that will be my choice. I am not looking for a track star.

Jaidan L.

Ever since this generation Camaro came out I thought it was ugly, really ugly. The 2014 is no different: ugly. The retarded retro design is tasteless and unimaginative. I sat in a Camaro once and couldn't believe how horrible the visibility is. Leave it to an American car company to produce something so awful. Big, bloated and overweight is backward thinking. The '69 Camaro would not win any beauty prizes either. Why would Chevy designers be "inspired" by a boxy, old Camaro design that didn't look good 44 years ago? Come on GM get some people on your design staff that can design a good looking, quality automobile, that doesn't harken back to bad design cues from the past!


I am so glad I just got my 2013 2SS/RS. The dealer offered great deals for the 13's. The 2014 look for me does not look mean or aggressive. The Chrome trim on the front (RS Package), looks terribe but I heard that can easily be removed, the front end looks fine but the rear end looks terrible and not just the lights the black rear bumber half way up the car and the license plate holder, too much. I will trade my 2013 on a ZL1 when in a few years, hopefully by then, they will fix that rear.

Old DT

Jadien L, I'm just curious, what do u drive ? U need to enlighten yourself. If the 69 Camaro is so ugly, why is it one of the most desirable, highly sought after musclecars ever and command so much money ? Can u explain it ?

Shana Gower

Ok, here's my $.02. I've owned 5 camaros. The 2012 45th anniversary is currently in my garage. It took a while to get used to everything coming from a 35th anniversary f body but I've grown to like it, a lot. Only issue I now have is the ride. You hit a bump and lift off the seat! The newest version is pretty ugly to me. Those tail lights make it look like a family sedan. Sad what has happened to one of the best muscle cars of all time although it still kills the mustang in the looks department!


The Camaro has always been my dream car. Not because of it's engine or features or value for money. But PURELY for it's phenomenally gorgeous Muscle Car looks that have always had a cult following. I mean come one, there are so many cars you can buy that are faster and better equipped for the same price, on the road and on the track. But the Camaro has always been an enthusiast's car, a fun car known more for it's looks than anything else. That I think has always been the Camaro's true calling and GM had to go ahead and screw that up. The big beautiful front grille has been reduced to an ugly chrome lined monstrosity! And the back end, god damn disgusting! The tail lights, from iconic blocks to cheap common sedan brake lights. I sold my older Camaro waiting in anticipation for the 2014 and they just pissed all over my dreams. I am not waiting no more, am getting a build and price 2013 till the icon is resurrected back to it's glory form. GM, wake up and smell the disappointment.
And Jaidan L, go back to your trailer, mama's calling.


What did they do to the rear tail lights....like thats a joke right...

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