2014 Buick LaCrosse: Up Close

Much like its smaller sibling, the Regal, Buick's full-size LaCrosse sedan gets updates for the 2014 model year that address the car's worst offenses. Specifically, the center controls for the audio and climate systems have an all-new layout. It's easier to understand and lacks the similarly shaped tile buttons that made the old LaCrosse's dashboard controls more difficult to use than they needed to be.

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Like the Regal, however, the LaCrosse's new steering wheel is practically overflowing with buttons. The setup on the front of the steering wheel is relatively tidy, but there's still a lot for the driver to consider.

Exterior styling changes are concentrated on the front and rear of the sedan. The headlights and grille are a little bolder, and the taillights are more closely tied to the trunk-lid styling, but it's not like the current LaCrosse had a serious design problem that needed fixing.

Overall, the update isn't a dramatic change for the LaCrosse, but it takes care of the big things and keeps the car competitive.



I love the new styling. My grandpa drove a LaCrosse in the 90's and it looked nothing like this. Good on Buick.


Love Buicks but they need to make the drivers area roomier...I'm tall and the console bangs into my knee.


No photo gallery for this car? I don't see the bid deal about buttons on the wheel. If you can see and read it should not be tough to figure out the buttons.


Needs more woodgrain in console. Alot more.....


Once again, GM shortchanges Buick. Mundane, negligible updates that are hardly relevent. GM broke the budget on the new CTS, Corvett and Camaro - all handsome and exciting. What about Buick? Leave it to languish. Oh yea, forgot the new forgettable tiny suv.

Al. G

This redesign showed well at the NYC auto show. I was not too impressed when I saw it in pictures. However seeing it in person, I thought GM did a good job.


this is not a brand new car, its an update of a 3 year old car. The current CTS came out in 2007 and the 2014 is an all new model on new platform. Lacrosse wasn't shortchanged. They totally revamped the interior and added a bunch of features plus new front and rear styling.

Nick Lepore

Need to see moore

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