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Right, we get it: You wouldn't be caught dead in a minivan but need the space for your family. The GMC Acadia, updated for 2013 with a new massive grille, continues to be a big, spacious, maneuverable three-row crossover that will comfortably accommodate your spouse, kids and all that comes with them, says reviewer David Thomas. But noting par-for-the-course acceleration, ride and interior, as well as subpar gas mileage, Thomas thinks that before you pay the Acadia's premium price, you may want to consider similar crossovers — or even, gulp, a minivan. Read Thomas' review below.

2013 GMC Acadia Review



hard to understand how the interior of this vehicle can be criticized while the explorer is praised as a superior alternative. Explorer interior is monochromatic and of middling quality. None of these large crossovers are cheap and the explorer can definitely be equipped into the 40s so I'm not understanding all the complaining about the price. Acadia has sold extremely well so it's hard to understand the criticism of it's price. Obviously it's NOT overpriced if you look at it's overall success. Amidst all the comparisons with its rivals little was mentioned about how Acadia has best 3rd row accommodations and most room behind the 3rd row. You really cannot use all 3 rows and pack a vacation's worth of luggage in it's rivals. That is worth mentioning- could be one reason it costs more.


Sheth should open up a blog and do car reviews...

It's definitely a unique concept, but I think the market isn't ready for this. Maybe 10 years ago it would've been great, back when the Excursions and everything were coming out.



all of the co called "lambda" crossovers have sold well. Many people still want big SUVs and these are the best alternatives to minivans.

The explorer base model is basically a fleet version. It has nothing of note besides power seat. The XLT is more comparable and that model is over $33k. Same with Pathfinder, base model is a stripper that doesnt even have auto headlights (something standard on many compacts), foglights, leather wrapped steering wheel, backup camera or power seat. The SV model is over $32k.


And those prices is why I'll gladly stick with sedans.


large vehicles aren't cheap and haven't been for a while. Body on frame SUVs were going for $35k plus 10-15 years ago.

The biggest issues with the Acadia weren't even mentioned- no push button start and a too small 7" screen.

If you read the review we do mention the small navigation screen we have listed as being 6.5 inches as being a major negative of the vehicle. Push button start hasn't become a non-starter so to speak from family buyers...yet. If it were a luxury brand maybe.

I did not say the Explorer's interior was superior. I said buyers might prefer the futuristic look of it.


What review would that be? I just read an op-ed explaining why the Acadia is not worth buying.

Again, I didn't say it wasn't worth buying. I listed many pros and cons in a specific manner. That's a review.

You can't deny the price of the Acadia is higher than the non-luxury competition.

By stating the benefits of the Acadia the review lays out that if a buyer found one at a good price with discounts that would take away some of the negatives.


Regarding the price of the new Acadia, let's remember that General Motors has three large crossovers. The Traverse slots under the Acadia in features and therefore price. Let's remember how good these vehicles sell for GM. Also they have a very high profit margin. Fullsize Crossovers, full size body on fame suvs, and full size pick ups are where the money is made.

Also I agree with David. In a review you point out the pros and cons of a car. I don't think he was bashing the Acadia. One thing I think we can all agree on is that the interior is much better than the 2007-2012!


GMC is not Chevy and GMC models typically carry a premium over Chevy models. The problem with the review was that it was inferred that the base models of the competition had same equipment as base Acadia. The models mentioned do not have features like Onstar, backup camera, rear AC controls, 7" screen, auto lights, etc. standard generally speaking. For each of those competitors the model above the base model is more comparable to Acadia and the price gap narrows. GMC is not supposed to have direct overlap with Chevy pricing.

Interior styling judgements are so subjective that its kind of pointless to speculate about what consumers might prefer. I am not impressed by Explorer interior at all and I think the 2013 acadia interior is much nicer than the Ford or the 2012 Acadia.


I find it odd that the discussion thus far has centered around the interior (which is nice and on par with other GM offerings).

The exterior is hideous! Especially in person!


Does anyone else see a problem with driving this at night with the headlights? The beam does not go higher than 4 feet, you can actually see a line where it stops.

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