Top 10 Best-Selling Cars: January 2013

Automakers should party like it's … 2012. Sales kicked off the new year at the same pace as they ended the last, with figures from the top seven largest automakers up a combined 15.6% versus January 2012. Ford and Toyota led the way with gains of 20% or better, but Nissan and Hyundai-Kia both saw a roughly flat month. None of the six automakers saw a sales decrease, however.

Ford's banner month shifted the top 10 best-sellers. The Focus compact dropped from the list, but the Fusion sedan and Escape SUV reprised their standings; both were absent in December 2012. Despite two recalls following its launch early last fall, the redesigned Fusion shot up 64.5%, and this came with lighter incentives than the outgoing Fusion a year ago. The redesigned Honda Accord — winner of our recent $26,000 Midsize Family Sedan Showdown — picked up even better speed, packing on 75.2% to stay 1,525 cars ahead of the Fusion. Keep an eye out: That race could end the year in a photo finish.

J.P. Morgan analyst Ryan Brinkman pegged sales right around December's annualized rate, Automotive News reports, meaning January would tie for the second best sales month since February 2008. Shoppers kept buying despite fewer deals. Total dealer and automaker discounts now combine for $5,223, according to CNW Marketing Research. That's down more than $500 versus January 2012, and combined with rising MSRPs, it's driven the average new car to $32,163 in January — up 6.6% versus a year ago.

Pickup trucks had a strong month, with GM's Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra twins up more than 30% apiece. Both trucks have 2014 redesigns, but year-over-year incentives are up as much as $2,000 on the Silverado. Truck shoppers clamored for Ram pickups (up 14.3%) and Ford's F-Series (up 21.7%), too. Panelists at December 2012’s Society of Automotive Analysts conference in Detroit predicted this, tying pickup truck sales to accelerating housing starts — which in December hit their highest annualized levels since June 2008. How much are the two correlated? Try about 95%, Citi analyst Itay Michaeli said.

Here are the top 10 best-sellers:


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Phil Bickel

Those boring Camrys just keep topping the list of cars sold, go figure?


Is there a figure that shows actual private-use sales, rather than numbers combining personal, company/commercial sales? I would like to know how many of these top-selling cars are sold to consuming individuals rather than rental fleets or small businesses.


Jeez General Motors has zero cars in the Top 10. My God!


Thom, you can't really be surprised by that, can you? Notice, there are no Chrysler group cars in the Top 10 either.

The reasons these two companies needed bailouts haven't changed.


@ jyd, i'd refer you to #9 on the list.


He said cars, not trucks.


Toyota Corolla/Matrix sales are combined. You don't see GM mixing Siverado and Sierra sales. What gives here?


Good catch John, Toyota Matrix sales have been 5K per month in the past. Take that away from 23K and oops, no longer in the top 10... Using Toyota math - add the Silverato & Sierra - 48K oops top seller..Tundra 7004 & Ridgeline 1252 WOW...More Toyota math Malibu & Impala total 29976, another top ten - same platform, same brand, diff sheet metal, but then Corolla/Matrix have diff metal too. Then what about the Prius C & full size Prius - those numbers lumped together too...


Americans like their cars boring and plain.


Ford has this thing lately of having the front of their cars look great....and then having the back end look boring and cheap.

True for both the Fusion and focus. The front 2/3 of both cars looks great.....and then the back ends scream "rental car"


If you want to talk butt ugly it shouldn't surprise you there are no Government motors cars

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