Redesigned 2014 Toyota Corolla to Debut This Year


Toyota is readying a redesigned version of its Corolla compact car for the 2014 model year. The production version hasn't been seen yet, but the Furia concept that debuted at the 2013 Detroit auto show and is on display at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show now is more than just a potential design study. According to the automaker, it incorporates a number of design cues that will make it to the production Corolla. Toyota just won't say which ones.

"We've got to get a lot more aggressive on styling," said Toyota spokesman Curt McAllister in reference to the Corolla, which is now one of the oldest models in the compact segment but still one of the best-sellers. The Furia concept is considerably sportier looking with its slender headlights, gaping lower grille and taut lines.

Toyota hasn't decided where the new Corolla will be revealed, but it might debut somewhere other than a major auto show. The next major U.S. auto show is in New York in the spring. In the meantime, which of the Furia design features do you want to see on the 2014 Corolla? Let us know in the comment section below.


Otávio Alexandre da Silva

Simply amazing

tony fiore

I would love to see a corolla coupe when the restyled corolla comes out.


Looks great!!! Hope the paint is improved as well because the paint of the 2011 is so fragile that you are afraid to touch the car!


Not only has Toyota dominated the compact car segment for years, but with this new Furia concept coming, they will OWN it for the foreseeable future. Car looks fantastic. Huge sales will follow.


toyota has become a boring auto company, but if this is the new wave of style, i will be looking for a new toyota, with real design

Phil Bickel

I always hear the same comment about Toyota, "boring" well if reliable is boring, I'll take it every time. My new 2012 Camry SE is anything but. - - - "boring"

Asborn Webb

As a child growing up in the Caribbean I have always love Toyota cars. I own a 2001 Corolla and I am very happy with it due to the fact that it is reliable and very good on gas. I will Like to see a Corolla Hybrid and I think I will only by a new car once they produce a hybrid model so for now I am holding on to my 2001 model. The new 2014 concept look great, but will go for it if they can get 5 to 8 more MPG out of it.


Would like to see Toyota bring back the corolla wagon. Great mileage and lots of cargo room for hauling grocery goods. Cant beat the dependability for the money....


All the features would be wonder fin on the new corolla...color too...get a bright red also


I will be purchasing one if the paint job is better than my 2007. The paint looks so cheap, no shine to the car.

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