Recall Alert: 278,222 Ram and Dodge Pickups, SUVs


Chrysler is recalling 278,222 Ram pickup trucks and Dodge and Chrysler SUVs due to a problem with the rear axle that could cause it to lock up, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The recall affects model-year 2009-12 Ram 1500 pickup trucks manufactured between Feb. 27, 2008, and June 30, 2009, and between Dec. 1, 2009, and Oct. 20, 2011; model-year 2009-11 Dodge Dakota pickup trucks manufactured from Feb. 27, 2007, through June 30, 2009, and from Dec. 1, 2009, through Sept. 30, 2011; model-year 2009 Chrysler Aspen SUVs manufactured between Jan. 3 and Dec. 18, 2008; and model-year 2009 Dodge Durango SUVs manufactured from Jan. 3 through Dec. 18, 2008.

The rear axle pinion could loosen due to the omission of an adhesive patch. If this happens, the axle could lockup and cause a loss of vehicle control with little warning, increasing the likelihood of a crash, NHTSA stated.

Chrysler will begin notifying owners in March, and dealers will install a pinion nut retainer for free. Owners with questions may contact Chrysler at 800-247-9753 or the NHTSA vehicle safety hotline at 888-327-4236; for more information go to

Recall Alert: 2009-2010 Ram 1500, Dodge Dakota
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Dean James C

I almost died 2 weeks ago in a very serious truck accident with my 2007 dodge ram 1500, the rear differential locked up as explained above spinning my truck out of control at 100 kph while taking an off ramp. Take a look at my 2 videos on youtube shows all! search on youtube
Dean James C

jerome vasile

My 2007 dosage ram quad two weeks ago with 70 thousand miles locked up on me blew the rear axle to hell dropped the drive shaft now I'm fighting to see if Chrysler will pay so far no because its a 07 the recall are 09 thru 12 well that's bull my story is the exact same stuff that's going on with stories I read with people with 09 thru 12

Matt B

This just happened to my 08 quad cab ram 1500. Rear locked up on me with my kids in the car. Scary situation. Was manufactured in July 2008 but not included on the recall...!!! :(


Mine is a 2004 Ram 1500. In November, 2012, with 191,000 miles, my rear end locked up at 65mph. I immediately shut off the engine, pulled off the road, called a tow truck that took my truck to my favorite shop, my mechanic said the pinion gear seized up and actually bent like a banana. I only heard about the recall recently, but you can bet I'll be asking for reimbursement ($1,467.07 parts, labor, towing and tax.)

Linny Smith

My step-son's 02 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 Quadcab did this on morning of 1/7/2015 at 4:30 am. Luckily he was only doing about 15 miles per hour.

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