Family Feud: Stick-Figure Stickers Spark a Backlash

It seems like it was back in 2006 when stick-figure sticker families started popping up on cars here and there. They seemed to quickly breed and multiply like wild stick-figure bunnies. What started as a personalized novelty grew into a trend. As with every trend, there were those who drank the Kool-Aid down to the last drop and those who didn't participate. Recently the stick-figure-sticker craze seems to have spawned a third group — those who vehemently oppose stick-figure families altogether.

When stick-figure families became common, those looking to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack in carpool lanes got creative. Families of bright and happy flip-flops, palm trees, smiley faces and snowmen popped up on rear windows. A quick poll revealed a recent surge of friends and family members whose stick-figure families hinted of masculine appeal in the form of "Star Wars" and zombie decals. Even tech geeks are showing their true colors with a family in my neck of the woods using Mac apples in differing sizes to represent family members.

Like with any craze, there is often backlash. There is increasingly graphic opposition to stick-figure families popping up on cars.

Just last night I pulled in behind a car on the highway with a graphic of a masked chain-saw-wielding madman chasing a family of stick figures with wording that read, "Nobody cares about your stick-figure family." Online search revealed decals depicting other stick-figure families being bombed by fighter jets or their heads being blown off by gun-wielding stick-figure children. It only goes downhill from there.

While we could simply chalk this up to a harmless car-personalization debate, given our country's recent violent episodes, joking about such violence through car decals seems distasteful — at best — to me.

What do you think? Are displays of violent stick-figure family protests an innocuous outlet or something more vile and repulsive? Tell us in the comment section below.

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By Kristin Varela | February 15, 2013 | Comments (14)



Kill all stick figure families! What you think is distasteful others dont give a crap the media blows too much crap out of perportion


We should ban these stickers, they will breed violence in our children. (Sarcasm). What's the big deal with this anyways, the violence problem today is actually a lazyness problem. It is not caused by stickers or video games or even guns, it is caused by parents. If people would pay attention to their kids and not let call of duty or grand theft auto babysit for them, and teach their kids right from wrong, the world could be a better place. So I believe that the question should be not whether you can have a sticker, but whether you can have a child.


Not a big fan of these or the 26.2 (13.1) stickers or the initials of your favorite beach. Right or wrong, I just don't want to know your business. I don't want to know how many kids you have or how many pets you have or that you ran a marathon or half-marathon.


Stickers and bumper stickers are quite simply an exercise of free speech. Discussing them is pointless.

I don't care for the ones that are not appropriate for children.

I'd like to think a police officer is more likely to ticket you if you have an offensive sticker on your car.

All stickers serve another purpose though. They help you easily identify distracted, tired, selfish, spoiled, or just plain crazy.

I just want one that says GET BLUETOOTH OR HANG UP!


At my internship, my mentor actually had that same "nobody cares about your stick figure family" stick on his car. I loved it.


I think some of the stickers give too much information and pose a safety risk.

I've seen stickers that listed family members names. Suppose some bad person wants to do harm to your child. They could easily call them by name and act as if they know the family.

While we teach children not to talk or go with strangers, it would be easy to trick a child into a dangerous situation that might result in some terrible outcome.



I love it whenever I see one getting bombed or something, I find them funny. Or like the one that had one of the parents missing but with the children that said "Position available"

Matt C.

If you are offended keep it to yourself, please. If a joke is distasteful it will die on its own, otherwise you just fuel the fire.


I'm totally on board with the stick figure haters. They're almost as bad as the "baby on board" sign "people".

I do have to say though, the funniest one I ever saw was the family of 5 ,where you could clearly see from the glue residue, that they had recently removed the father. I laughed my butt of at that one!


Freedom of speech, press, etc.



What if the dad just passed away? Still laughing?

These stick-figure car decals are getting more and more popular. I can see some of them installed on cars every now and then. It can't be helped because they are so cute that even adults would love.

I think they shouldn't display such things because they are just making things worse than they already are. It is a free country but sometimes we have to think hard what consequences will stem from our actions.

The trend of using car stickers is evolving proportional to modernization and is also a great way to represent the causes and emotions on the way. Family car stickers and decals represent the love and affection in the family and respect to the other families and these are being used now a days by families and youth.

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