Cadillac CUE to Get Update in March, Includes Apple Siri Integration


Cadillac's advanced multimedia system, called CUE for Cadillac User Experience, is about to get its first update since its 2011 introduction. The system, which centers around a large touch-screen with a haptic response "bump" when touched, has been both celebrated and criticized for its operation. In some vehicles it seems to work quite well, yet in others, testers have found it to be slow.

Whatever one's experience with it, it remains one of the more advanced systems on the market, and it is about to receive its first update, according to Wired magazine. But has learned that the update is more than just a speed and performance enhancement. New functions will also be introduced to the system.

While the CUE system will get faster screens and quicker haptic acknowledgments with the update, a notable new feature will also be added: integration of Apple's Siri concierge functions, enabling full use of Siri through the vehicle's speakers. Owners must have a connected Apple product with Siri concierge, and now Siri replies will be given through the vehicle's systems. In addition, new navigation features — evacuation routes for coastal areas prone to weather emergencies and more complete street name databases — will be added. The media player receives an update as well. It will now display embedded album art from songs loaded via the USB port.

"We said when we introduced CUE in 2011 that the Cadillac you eventually sell will be smarter than the one you bought, due to the updates we intend to introduce for the system over time," Cadillac's Brian Corbett told "This is the first of those updates."

Customers are to be notified beginning in March with updates to follow soon after. Those updates, Corbett notes, will be optional; if a customer is satisfied with the system the way it is, there's no obligation to have the CUE system updated. Unlike Ford, which updated its Sync and MyFord Touch systems wirelessly and through direct-mail USB dongles, Cadillac will perform the updates at the dealer.

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CUE debuted in the XTS in 2012. The ATS came out a few months later with the system.


CUE is the most unfriendly user interface I've ever used. Thankfully my CTS is a company car so I only need to tolerate it for two years. Absolutely awful design.


@ Brett

Your company car CTS doesn't have Cadillac CUE.

If you're going to complain, get your information straight before you do.



Thank you, I was thinking the same thing. Another mindless anti american brand rant on this site. To post something like that infers that he has absolutely idea what CUE actually looks like or what it does.


Brett is a moron


@SD - I do have an XTS with CUE and it is a lousy system. There is absolutely no useable travel information when you are traveling unless you consider "turn right in 400 miles" useful information.


You guys must be Cadillac shills because this CUE system sucks.


I bought my wife a 2013 ATS with CUE. Simply put, it is a piece of junk. Good ideas but they do not work as designed.


Have it on my ATS and love it. I may not be a good fit for very old people that are not used to computers.


I wish I could update my CUE system and add the Navigation


Bought an xts w/cue system this year and I love it. It looks great an works great. maybe cars built to allow you to be more than distracted by a voice constantly telling you what to do, would be more desireable to some or maybe something bland and plain marked with a foreign logo, would be more welcoming to the usual American consumer. I don't know, it's stimulating and relaxing as long as you use it as it is intended ( I'm assuming ) for an intelligent drive from point a to point b while surrounded by luxury.


I love the CUE system in my XTS. I just wish it would play songs on my jump drive in order, not alphabetized.

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