AAA: Get the Right Grip on Your Steering Wheel

AAA is urging drivers to get a grip — the correct grip that is — on their steering wheel. You may have learned that the best way to hold a steering wheel is to place your hands at 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock, but AAA cautions that this may not be the safest position. According to the organization, placing your hands lower helps decrease the risk of hand and arm injuries from an airbag and increases vehicle control. Check out the above video for safer options.

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By Jennifer Geiger | February 4, 2013 | Comments (9)



This is funny - I distinctly remember my driver's ed teacher prohibiting a student from using this hand position. hahahahaha!

Matt C.

I never liked this position. I felt it awkward to make quick maneuvers, my hands hit me in the lap.


Yep, they just keep changing the recommendations as time goes by. What a load of crap!

Besides, most people are too busy texting anyway to worry about where to put their hand(s) on the steering wheel since many of them steer with their knees instead of their hands.


Matt, I had the same problem with my hand hitting my leg as I cornered, so i raised the wheel around 2" and lowered my hand position around an inch. It still doesn't feel quite 'normal' but it isn't bad and it is pretty comfortable when road tripping. Cornering hard still feels a bit odd, though.


They way an airbag deploys, it will move your hands/forearms out of the way.
2:30 & 9:30, allows you to input approximately 180 degrees of steer angle input in either direction.
In this position, the curvature of the wheel matches the curvature of the palm, for the most ergonomic grip.


Soon enough, we are gonna steer with a PS3 controller anyway.


Has anyone ever heard of someone's hands actually being propelled into their face by an airbag?


I've heard the most important thing is to not wrap your thumbs around the wheel but to keep all fingers on the outside of the wheel.

Matt C.

3 and 9 in my car, 10 and 2 in my tuck, because even with the wheel raised the elbows are in an awkward position. I'd rather be better equipped to avoid a collision than lessen an injury in the case of a collision.

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