2014 Volvo XC60: What's Changed


  • Most significant changes: Exterior styling tweaks and a new gauge layout 
  • Price change: TBA 
  • On sale: This summer
  • Which should you buy, 2013 or 2014? If you bemoan the loss of traditional gauges to panels and screens, stick with the 2013.

Volvo's smallest crossover is getting a makeover. The updated 2014 XC60 will debut next month at the 2013 Geneva International Motor Show with subtle exterior styling tweaks, a new gauge cluster and revised interior materials.

Volvo's best-selling vehicle wears restyled headlamps and a wider hood with a more horizontal grille and a larger badge. The 2014 version is also one body color — no more black trim outside. Gone too are the previously visible washer nozzles; they're now out of sight under the hood. Volvo also says there's newly available 20-inch wheels that keep the same tire profile height as the 19s, so ride shouldn't be impacted.

Inside, the big news is the gauge cluster; it's been revamped and is now what Volvo calls an adaptive digital display — the screen looks very modern compared to the old model's dials. Other interior changes include new wood and silk metal trim, upgraded headliner fabric and revised sports seats.

The XC60's powertrain is unchanged this year. The crossover again uses a 3.2-liter inline-six-cylinder engine or turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six-cylinder; both are paired with a six-speed automatic transmission. Newly standard for 2014 is corner traction control, which Volvo says applies brake force to the inner wheels while powering the outer wheels when accelerating out of a corner.

Several of Volvo's other models also will be updated at the Geneva show, including the V60, which Volvo says still won't be headed stateside. "The new V60 is one of many models being shown at Geneva, but it is not scheduled to come to the U.S. market," Geno Effler, vice president of corporate communications, told Cars.com.

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Is the infotainment screen larger, 8 inches now?


Is the infotainment screen now larger, 8 inches?


What do you think of the controversy between Tesla and the NewYork press?


The photo of the interior on this post is of an S60, not the XC60. Just thought you should know that.


Carol, speaking of unrelated topics, can you believe Lady Gaga had to cancel her remaining tour? And why isn't dangerous aspartame illegal? What are your thoughts about wind power?


I believe the screen is 7inches However the redesign is SWEET.

Wow! This is absolutely incredible! Thanks for posting!


This "digital display" photo related to S60, NOT the XC60

You can notice it from the AC fan ;)

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