2014 Volvo S60: What's Changed

  • Most significant changes: Smoother front styling, new instrument cluster and multimedia system
  • Price change: TBA
  • On sale: This summer
  • Which should you buy, 2013 or 2014? Unless you're a gadget fiend, the 2013 should do just fine.

Volvo's S60 luxury sedan is the automaker's best-seller in the U.S., so it's no surprise Volvo didn't change the new one too much; the 2014 model will debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The 2013's stylish looks are improved slightly for 2014, and there's new technology on the inside as Volvo's trademark metallic instrument gauges are replaced with a configurable digital display; a new multimedia system is available. 

The S60's front and rear styling doesn't appear radically changed at first glance. Closer inspection reveals a much smoother appearance with the removal of all chrome trim around the wider front grille. The previous washer fluid nozzles, which used to be visible, have been relocated out of sight for 2014. Also cleaned up is the radar for the adaptive cruise control — it's now masked black with a grille line painted on the cover so the entire grille appears uniform. The S60's signature daytime running lamps are relocated to the fog light area, and the rear exhaust tips now sit flush with the bumper.

On the inside, the 2013 S60's metallic gauges with their luxurious feel are replaced by a configurable thin film transistor display instrument cluster. The 2014's cluster has three display modes: a traditional Elegance display that mimics the old readouts, an Eco theme with green background and eco driving meter and a Performance display with prominent tachometer and digital speedometer. We'll reserve judgment on the final gauges until we see the new instrument cluster up close. 
Complementing the instrument cluster technology is a new multimedia and navigation system, called Sensus, that features a 7-inch display. Sensus includes a full internet browser with 3G/4G internet speeds via phone or USB device, Wi-Fi and various online streaming music and application functions. Volvo says it's not available while driving. 

Other interior touches include newly available sports seats that Volvo says retain traditional comfort but have hugging support from the thighs to shoulders to keep drivers in place when cornering fast. The sporting theme carries over to the steering wheel with newly added paddle shifters while interior upholstery colors, wood inlays and a headliner are also new.

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Nice exterior and interior improvements. Hope this new S60 will offer rear view camera as standard equipment.


Really like this car, the updates just make it better.


I recently went car shopping with a friend as he was considering the S60, TL, and A4. He ended up buying the TL and it only cost him a little over $31,000 brand new. The S60 was nice but it's $4,000 more when equipped with leather and heated seats which makes it overpriced. The two Audi dealers were really friendly and willing to negotiate but only on A4's that were on the lot and neither had much selection. Since AWD wasn't a necessity, and the TL was bigger it won out. If Volvo doesn't do something more to differentiate itself I can see the brand continuing to fade. There's just so much better competition out there.


I though Volvo was on its way to a more exciting line up. Instead, we have the S80 v2.0, with boring headlights and a new dash


Had hoped the '14 S60 would finally have the VEA T4 engine. Guess not. Due to replace my Saab this year (or next), and early thinking is a comparison of this car and the coming '14 Mercedes CLA. Final mpg figures/price for equal equipment will likely tip the decision.


Volvo is a pretender and buying it is never a good idea. Volvos still use their ancient power trains which are neither, reliable nor economical. Their famous safety is available everywhere for half price. And then you should see what their interiors become to in 7 years. Let me tell you, where Japanese cars shine vs Volvos, VWs, etc. Honda or Mazda will still fill tight, composed, no rattles. Volvos and VWs fill loose, interiors squeaking, leather is all broken.
Volvos do have good seats but will I buy a car just for its seat?

I think the new 3-series and the C class have found a serious contender.


Hopefully the new Sensus navigation system is greatly improved from the current models. I have a 2013 S60 and XC60... without a doubt the worst navigation system on the market. A $99 handheld Garmin or TomTom unit would be a dramatic improvement.


The Volvo is an awesome car. I test drive the S60 and the A4. Although both are nice drives I preferred the S60 for the somewhat unconventional design. If I had a little more money, would seriously consider the S60 T6 Summum.

Graeme Hodges

I just spent 6 weeks in Europe and had a brand new S60 and I have to say I was impressed enough that I'm considering upgrading to one. i found it cheap to run both on the Autostrade and the country roads and I have to say the new Digital Dash interments (mentioned above) are fantastic, i don't know how many other cars have similar instruments to these, but I was in love with the novelty, but more so the fact that it displayed my next turn for the sat nag inside the speedo, so it made navigating on roads that (as an Aussie) I found difficult and challenging to drive on.
I didn't love the interface for the navigator, I must say the BMW's dial/joystick is better but it was still fine and easy to use.
The rest of the car was comfortable, easy to drive, parking was a breeze, but front distance sensors would have been nice.
I still like the BMW X1, but the Volvo is for me a real contender, still a diesel, but more responsive on the accelerator and more economical on the wallet.

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