2014 Jeep Cherokee: First Photos

Jeep Cherokee 500

After a day full of leaked images, Chrysler has released a few official pictures of the 2014 Jeep Cherokee. The Liberty replacement will definitely stand out in Jeep's lineup with its narrow, sweeping headlights, revised seven-slot grille and creased hood. It's much more sleek and modern looking than the previous boxy, trucklike Cherokee, though Jeep claims it'll offer "no-compromise" capability.

Details are slim, but Jeep says the new Cherokee will offer more off-road capability and 45% better fuel economy than the Liberty. The 2014 Cherokee will make its official debut at the 2013 New York Auto Show and go on sale during the third quarter of 2013. Stay tuned for details and check out more photos below.

2014 Jeep Cherokee

2014 Jeep Cherokee

2014 Jeep Cherokee

2014 Jeep Cherokee

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Derrick G

Each new photo on each new site I see it on looks more and more hideous. Hope we don't have to see the rear any time soon.


Suddenly the Joke (I mean the Juke) & Flex don't seem as ugly next to this. Fiat & Chrysler design collaboration,reminds me when Maserati re-styled the sleek LeBaron, into a TC....awful!


Wow. .. I'm Bummed. . Really get sick and tired of American automakers coping the japs... can't we innovate. This looks like another feeble copy on Nissan Murano! !!!


The styling is disgusting. Seriously, who thought this would be a good idea?


Looks "Azteky". What a disappointment


hope this comes with 10 airbags and the same ratio of barf bags!


I actually really like it. Not a HUGE fan of the thin headlights but it's okay.

Also...there's 3 different sets of headlights. Obviously the bottom is foglights, but does anyone know which roles the middle and top ones do? I imagine the top has some LED lights?


I love this design. Old people r not going to like this design because it's different. Older people prefer a look that is familiar. I'm sure a retread of the original Cherokee box would have received many positive comments from the more mature crowd.


Sorry BjS, This design has nothing to do with old vs. young. This level of ugly is timeless.



Hopefully the the middle and top sets of lights blind you so you can't see the front end.


Hideous. Ugly, ugly, ugly. It's like a spaceship-car designed after a whale.

By the way, I'm 13 years old, so there goes the theory that younger people will like the design.


Another watered down, lame and ugly attempt to tarnish the iconic Jeep image. Sad.


JEEP, Seriously?????


Should have brought back the XJ body

Ken L.

This is certainly a rather unexpected departure from Jeep vehicles past and present. There are some unique stylistic attributes. I like how the one-piece hood includes the seven slots, which are slightly bent backwards. I also see some Nissan Juke influence via the headlight, turn signal, fog light layout. I hope the headlights are not the lights in the middle row, ala Juke. I also see some Kia with that lower grille. Overall, I was not expecting Jeep to the iconic Cherokee into a crossover. C'mon R. Gilles, what's going on??? The upcoming 2014 Grand Cherokee did not really need a front redesign; it now looks like a Chrysler Grand Cherokee.


I honestly think Jeep could still be selling the last generation Cherokee in respectable numbers.


Barf! Doesn't even compare to the body type of the original Jeep Cherokee. Looks like a Grand, why bother!


I kind of like it. At least its something different from the Patriot and Compass. Better looking than any Liberty.


Just get rid of the middle row lights.
Simply three rows of lights look ugly.


Looking back on it, something I think would have made a lot more people like it is -- combining the mid and top headlights into one.


It has at least three faces that I can tell... hard to focus my eyes when looking at it, what an ugly mess!


not pretty in my book, but I can see younger buyers who would normally consider an import being attracted to this- which is probably what they are going for here. They have to make this vehicle relevant to a new generation of buyers.


I agree with SAL. This looks like Aztek reincarnation. Or maybe the Alien cartoon character from LILO & STITCH Disney movie (not in the cute way tho)



This is Fugly.


Sergio please stop this!

Jeep buyers aren't interested in a horrible avant garde designs.

We want something simple, tough, and unpretentious. This avoids all three.

My guess it was designed by a geriatric Italian "fashionista" trying way to hard to look futuristic.

Redesign ASAP before you kill Jeep!


This design will be successful in the market.


Pontiac Aztec part 2!!!! ugly the first liberty was good the second was alright and now you have effed up!!!


Sergio Marchionne signed this into production? Ok then.
Actually, the lights are not bad. This is the grill that screws everything up. too chromy. and the 7 bars look like teeth of the monster.


I think some of you here are being a unreasonably hard on this vehicle. Granted, it's not the prettiest vehicle Jeep has ever offered, but it is a) better looking than the awful Compass, b)better looking than you guys give it credit for, and c), creative, which is something sorely lacking in today's me-too car market. I really wouldn't mind having this.

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After invisioning all the nice backgrounds removed with the ocean surf, rugged terrain, and picturesque scenery, and putting the same image of this thing in a littered shopping mall parking lot next to some cart rack, it still looks ugly. No way around it. Especially the second picture down: Eeeww.


The styling on this vehicle is a "HOT MESS"! Too much going on up front. I like Jeep but not this one.


I The grill should only have about 5 to 7 otherwise I like to sleek look


I understand that things have to evolve but this isn't evolution, this is carnage.
I am a Brit who loves Jeep because they don't compromise, they are 'proper'.. maybe too trad perhaps but this is too much of a departure, an awful miscalculation.
Jeep please sign-off the face-lift right now. And why haven't we seen the rear? Could that be EVEN MORSE?


Hideous front end. If Ralph Gilles didn't fight to prevent this horrible thing, it might be time for him to go. It simply amazes me that this could get past Ralph Gilles.

How could they put the nice look of the Grand Cherokee on the Compass, and yet also commit this hideous act? It should have been the other way around.


It looks like it lost its lips and the teeth’s are the only thing visible. The design is not bad, the grill needs lots of work


It's a ballsy move, but I think it will pay off.

I've seen stuff like this floating around in Chrysler's "book of concept drafts" as far back as the early 90's. (I took a tour of the CCS back then and there were students trying to break Jeep out of the CJ mold even back then)

I never found the Compass ugly per se, but the original concept was more of a WRX competetor that got horribly watered down by the time it saw the showroom. And the origins of THAT design went back to the Jeepster concept of the mid 90's.

Anyone complaining about the lack of a "True Jeep" should shut up and buy the Wrangler. Which is still available. To take a twist on what Enzo Ferarri once said, "Jeep as a brand only exists to finance the continued existance of building Wranglers and spare parts for CJ's."

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