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The 2014 Chevrolet Cruze Diesel is not your father's diesel car. Still, while far from the "smoke-spitting clatter boxes" of yore, Cars.com reviewer Kelsey Mays sees several reasons you may not want it to be yours. The Cruze Diesel, now appearing at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show, should offer impressive torque and quickness on par with its nearest competitors, along with some nifty trim features.

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However, the diesel boosts fuel efficiency by less than 8% compared to its gasoline-burning counterpart the Chevy Cruze Eco, and the diesel model costs 18% more. Watch the video below and decide if that's going to be good enough.




the myth of the $1500 price gap lives on I see.

J.P. Gutman

Price and efficiency are going to be the inevitable demise of this Cruze model, which is unfortunate because there is finally an alternative to the VW Jetta diesel. This could have been GM's chance to really shine and prove that they are capable of producing a strong contender to Volkswagen's diesel models, especially if the pricing were competitive. Once the Mazda 6 diesel shows up, the Cruze will probably be good as dead.



Your comments are based on what facts? We dont even have the city mileage yet. If we presume that its around 30 it will match the Jetta TDI. The price difference is a few hundred dollars. What in the world would make you think the Mazda6 diesel will be any cheaper than this? A midlevel gas powered Mazda6 is about $25k. I would expect the passat diesel to be priced like the passat TDI in the upper $20k range.


are there still people out there that think spending $26K will save you money on fuel costs if you already have a good running paid for car ??? $26K will buy a lot of gasoline

other side

Give GM 3-4 years to get the bugs out (or do a QuadraSteer and just give up).

They might be working off a proven European engine, but the emissions system will be all-new. When the dedicated big-diesel makers are having fits (Cat, Cummins, IH, Deere, etc.), you can imagine how a brand new system on a single car is going to perform.

Maybe it'll be a great system for GM, but they're launching something very new into a segment that demands refrigerator-like reliability. Good luck.

Barney Carbuncle

GM ...a day late and a dollar short as usual. They still don't get it. GM has been losing market share since 1961.

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