Lincoln MKC Concept at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show


  • Looks like: An Audi Q5 had relations with a Lincoln MKZ
  • Defining characteristics: Best use of Lincoln's winged grille to date
  • Ridiculous features: None; it's pretty much production-ready
  • Chances of being mass-produced: Certain - look for it later this year

The small crossover segment continues to grow globally, especially in the luxury segment. Ford's Lincoln brand could use a hit in any segment these days, and the Lincoln MKC concept mirrors what a production version should look like when it arrives later this year.

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The MKC concept is based off the company's compact crossover platform -- the same one under the recently redesigned Ford Escape -- but this is perhaps the most successful attempt yet of Lincoln's effort to differentiate its models from the more pedestrian Ford brand. It does bear some similarities to other vehicles, but not the Escape. It looks far more like an Audi Q5 met with a Land Rover Range Rover Evoque and had the Lincoln MKZ's nose grafted on it.

The look works, however. Despite it not being terribly unique, it is indeed attractive. The winged Lincoln grille is flanked by some menacing LED headlamps, and there are full-width LED taillamps in the back. Just like the Q5, the MKC's rear hatch is cut into the bodysides, allowing for a smooth, uninterrupted rear with no breaks or cut lines.

Inside, Ford took the theme started by the latest MKZ sedan and adapted it for the more confined quarters of the MKC. Lincoln logos are embedded in the seat and door stitching and even the speakers' metal grilles. Unlike the MKZ, which features a continuous "flow-through" instrument panel that dips down between the front row's seats, the MKC concept has a floating center console to make room for storage cubbies and cupholders. The detail and attention to tactile luxury in the concept is encouraging, with normally mundane items like the turn-signal stalk receiving some artistic attention to create beautiful controls. The wood trim used inside is an engineered wood that's made from reclaimed materials and infused with metallic shavings. Of course, the controversial MyLincoln Touch multimedia system is along for the ride, as is a push-button shifter instead of an actual mechanical shifter.

Overall, the MKC concept looks good, and if Lincoln can deliver a production version as well done as the concept, it should appeal to buyers shopping the segment who aren't beholden to a specific brand.

Lincoln MKC Concept

Lincoln MKC Concept

Lincoln MKC Concept

Lincoln MKC Concept

Lincoln MKC Concept

Lincoln MKC Concept

Lincoln MKC Concept

Lincoln MKC Concept



I agree that this is the best use of the new, signature Lincoln grille. It's also great to see that it transfers well to other vehicles giving Lincoln a distinctive identity across all lines.

The side and rear view is Evoque-like which isn't a bad thing. Overall, this is an excellent release by Lincoln and will help to solidify their comeback.


Looks like the Love child between an Evoque and Infinity Q 35. Too bad it is just a Ford in a Prom Dress.


This looks incredible.


Beautiful. It looks like The Lincoln Car Company has hit one out of the park.


Based on a Focus platform, could a Lincoln variation of the C-Max be far behind? Let's hope not!


AgentMike must be a dealer of cars that compete with Ford. He hasn't caught on how Ford's early adoption of Japan's quality systems turned around Jaguar and Volvo ... Or how the older MKZ was a quality leader for many successive years.


Lovely, just beautiful


I have been waiting for this! It is beautiful.


If they incorporate the 2.0 fuel efficient engine, lincoln ride and signature quiet cabin they will have a winner.


Very nice, Ford is on a roll and as America's modern engine builder and bold styling their not afraid to take chances with Lincoln. Government motors (pushrod motors) is still same old same old just with a different wrapper.

It's rare to see a concept care that is so realistic and ready to be produced and sold although the more futuristic ones are fun too.

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