Honda Urban SUV Concept: Photo Gallery


Honda took the wraps off its new Urban SUV concept at the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The subcompact Urban SUV is based on Honda's popular Fit hatchback and plans are already set for production to start in late 2014 for the U.S.

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Increased flexibility for seating and cargo means this concept is aimed at active young buyers. While the pure LED light-pipe headlamps β€” seen on other new Acura and Honda concepts β€” look cool, we don't think they'll make it over to the production model. Check out the photos below.

Honda Urban SUV Concept

Honda Urban SUV Concept

Honda Urban SUV Concept

Honda Urban SUV Concept

Honda Urban SUV Concept

Honda Urban SUV Concept

Honda Urban SUV Concept

Honda Urban SUV Concept

Honda Urban SUV Concept

Honda Urban SUV Concept

Honda Urban SUV Concept

Honda Urban SUV Concept


It's a beautiful concept


It’s an awesome concept and if Honda started with the Fit and decided they were going to address all the problems the Nissan Juke has like horrendous MPG and no headroom for a 6’ or greater person in the back seat, then I will be in line to replace our Mini the day they hit the lots. I do hope they up the ante on the Fit interior and make it feel a little more premium than the fit does so that the AWD version feels as classy on the inside as we know Honda will make it everywhere else.


very Acura-esque in its nose and tail styling.

Volume Van


This segment is expanding with Prius V, X1, Encore, 500L and soon there will be dozen models in this segment.

Please bring this on.


Agree with attgig! This belongs in the Acura stable, not Honda. I believe this is too sporty for the Honda nameplate.


I love the idea of a FIT SUV. I wanted a Fit, but I couldn't Fit behind the wheel. However, this is one of the ugliest vehicles I've ever seen. I actually like the looks of the new CR-V, but I expect I'll keep my old one until the end of liquid fuel.


Wow, lets hope this makes it to production, this is the best looking honda, period.

Kamal Haider

I hope it would in be production very soon, I wanted to change my SUV this year, I have seen this in NY auto show , and decided to wait till next year for this, I want to be the first buyer of it.


I don't care about the exterior! I want a car I'm comfortable driving in. The INTERIOR is what I want to see. What is the cockpit like? What is the storage/console like? Is there storage on the doors? What are the details of the tech package? How is the Bluetooth compared to others? How many USB connectors?

I expect a Honda to run and be dependable and to look fine. I want the details and pictures, as I said, of the interior!


I forgot to ask, does it have a backup camera?

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