Chrysler-Fiat Plans 47 New or Updated Cars by End of 2016


Chrysler-Fiat will introduce, redesign or update 47 cars over the next four years, the automaker said Wednesday in a financial presentation to analysts. Among them are six Alfa Romeos from Fiat's upscale European division, plus seven new Fiat-branded models. Chrysler also encompasses the Dodge, Jeep, Ram and SRT brands.

The pipeline goes well beyond what Fiat had planned when it took a government-brokered stake in Chrysler in 2009. In September 2012, the automaker unveiled 66 future models at a private dealer meeting in Las Vegas, and we don't know how many of these 47 cars overlap with those. At that meeting there were just two Alfas, however.

The new plan eliminates four Fiat-built cars — two Chryslers and two Dodges — and moves the timing back by one to three years on nine models. All told, there are 16 refreshes and 31 new cars between now and the end of 2016. We've already seen five of them — the refreshed Compass and Grand Cherokee, plus Fiat's new 500L and the Ram HD and chassis cabs — and an SRT Grand Cherokee is also in the works. That still leaves 42 to come. Naturally, all of this is subject to change. Chrysler-Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne called the plan "a living document," the Detroit News reports.

Here's how it breaks down:

  • Chrysler will have one new car and one refresh in 2014, plus three new cars in 2015. Marchionne confirmed that the 2014 car would be the next-generation 200 midsize sedan, the Detroit News reports. It’ll get an industry-first nine-speed automatic transmission. Dealers at last year's private unveiling described the car's styling as similar to the Dodge Dart.
  • Besides the updated Compass and Grand Cherokee SUVs, Jeep will unveil a midsize SUV this year — we noted earlier this week that it will replace the truck-based Liberty — plus five new models and a refresh through 2016.
  • Ram will introduce a ProMaster full-size van this year, and we've already seen the updates to the Ram HD and chassis cab. Through 2016, expect three more new vehicles and one refresh.
  • Dodge gets three refreshes this year and next, plus a refresh and two new cars in 2015 and 2016. One of them may be Chrysler's next-gen minivan. Marchionne said the automaker has developed the vehicle but lacks the money to build it, according to the Detroit News.
  • Chrysler's high-performance SRT division will add five refreshes and one new car through 2016.
  • Fiat and Alfa Romeo get one new car apiece in 2013 — we already know Fiat's addition is the 500L hatchback. It appears 2015 will be a coming-out party for both brands, with a combined 10 introductions or redesigns on the schedule. Two more will follow in 2016.

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I'm trying to understand, but I don't get the love for Fiat some people have. All I hear about is the Fiat 500 and that's pretty much it. Granted they care more about Chrysler than it's last two owners, but all of a sudden they are on the cutting edge of technology?? Just don't tarnish the Jeep brand. Everything else..... meh. Maybe it's just me.


Steve, it's not just you. Jeep is the only bright spot in the whole Chrysler/Dodge/Fiat stable.


I hate the fragmentation plan. Jeep, Ram and the new SRT (a cash cow)are the Chrysler bright spots. Serg was right to break Ram off, and use Dodge for ugly people movers such as minivans. I have a feeling that Chrysler will move down and challenge Toyota and Ford.
Fiat is doing great in sales, 44,000 last year--it took Kia 5 years to hit that number.Romano may do well, too.
I still think, from the start, that Chrysler should have been a full service brand working every segment with American style cars.
The future should be Chrysler, Jeep-Ram, SRT, FIAT, and A Romano.
Chysler is no GM and well end up in Chapter 11 before long regardless of what they do.


This is great for Fiatsler, but in reality the Chrysler subdivision cannot begin to meet the current demand for the GRAND Cherokee and the 300 sedan.

The potential buyers have no choice but to buy what is currently produced and pay extra for all the trim and equipment packages they may not want or need. Not a good deal.

There are currently critical shortages in the Grand Cherokee Laredo 4X4 with the Laredo E package and the cloth seating.

So buyers are forced to go with the $5500 leather package which often includes Blue Tooth, NAV and other highline items, in addition.

That effectively places that vehicle out of the range of a very large number of buyers because of cost or greater wear and tear to leather and equipment due to environmental conditions, like not having a garage.

It's great to plan 47 new or updated cars for some future date, but how about just building the cars that the buyers of today want, with the equipment and trim they want.

We bought our 2012 Grand Cherokee Overland Summit 4X4 V6 in Nov 2011 when the picking was still good, but not everyone can shell out $50K for an SUV. And we haven't used half of the equipment ours came with.

Let's get more $30K versions made so more people can buy them.


People who think that Fiat is only the 500 are ill-informed. Fiat sells many other cars in Europe and elsewhere that will never be seen in America except as re-badged and styled Chryslers, same as the Journey was re-badged as the Fiat Freemont. People should keep up with what manufacturers are doing NOW. There is no relation between the cars made by Fiat, Kia, Hyundai and others to what they produced even as recent as ten years ago.


As far as I'm concerned the best thing Fiat could do is dump that POS Jeep brand...outdated, overweight turds.

Auto Motive

Dropping the Jeep brand are you kidding or living under a rock. Jeep has loyal customers that are not only first time customers but return customers and utilize the service depts. of Jeep dealerships more than most brands. I only assume from your comment you have no business background along with little advance education. Do yourself a favor before making comments that shows your lack of education. I am not being ignorant but saying maybe something your parents would tell you. Why make a fool out of yourself on a car guy site?

glen Walters

I would like to see a Jeep Jeepster proto type produced. Chrysler would be wise to design closer to their proto types/ They have some great designs. I have seen the Imperial proto type for years at auto shows, would think it would be a success.

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