Reviews the 2014 Subaru Forester


Subaru's all-new Forester goes on sale in March and features a more efficient base engine, a significantly more powerful XT version and an upgraded interior, says reviewer David Thomas. Read the full review and find out how the Forester measures up in a competitive class.

2014 Subaru Forester Review



Interior still reminds me of Japanese cars from the 90's. I'm sure it's fine but it just doesn't look 2013.



The CX-5 and RAV4 are not top sellers in the compact SUV class. The CX-5 is barely on the radar and the RAV4 is behind Equinox. The top sellers are CR-v, escape and chevy equinox.



I agree, especially with regards to the interior which could be 10 years old already. suburu is good at reliability and affordability but some things don't seem to change- including their dull and outdated interior designs. Ive seen quite a bit of harsh criticism of interiors on so its kind of interesting to read this review and find that this dated and plasticky interior is seen as a major improvement over the previous gen model.

You are reading it as saying "THE top sellers" instead of a generic "top sellers"

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If we look at new models of Subaru old does not look good. Ideal for those who are too old Jeep species is strong engines.

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