Reviews the 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid

The Ford Fusion is a comfortable, quiet and composed sedan, and the hybrid version only builds on those qualities, says reviewer Joe Bruzek. The 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid is also roomy and refined — two points that not all hybrid sedans boast. However, Bruzek warns that your mileage may vary, as the Fusion Hybrid's 47 mpg rating proved elusive during his test.

2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid Review


Marc Brauer

We recently bought a Ford Hybrid Fusion. It's a beautiful car inside and out. However, we heard some noise in the front end and I thought it was the brakes or something in the suspension. We had just about 2000 miles on the car. The service department told us it was a defective front axle, which they are now replacing. At the time we brought it in there was also a noise coming from the dash near the glove compartment. As for the mileage, we are getting under 40 miles per gallon. So much for the personal license plate that I was going to order
47 H 47 C. When is the EPA going to give an honest and realistic mileage on their cars? We previously had a Prius for 10 years without an once of problems. My son in law has it now and with over 100,000 miles not one problem. So much for telling the truth about what the true estimated miles per gallon Our mileage is about 20 percent less than advertised! This is 2013 and you would think that Corporate automakers such as Ford would be more responsible in their representations to consumers. My friends were all after me to buy an American car. I figured Ford was an American car. Then I found out that the car was made in Mexico!!! I might as well go back to Toyota!!


Marc, i support American jobs, not products. Build it in American, and i will buy it. However, when it comes to my $$$. i look for the best and most reliable company to give them my hard earned $$$. Most vehicle sold in American are build and or assemble in America South/ North. That is why many European and Japanese company are moving some of their production to North or South American, to increase their market share for those client that will only buy American made products. The big 3, have always placed mediocrity products in American road, and expect their loyal client (Americans)to purchase average made products. When there competition is building an making a better product for about the same price. we should not just give them our money, just because they are American company. We should force them to make a better product or their annual sell would fall. We do have a voice, let’s use it. The EPA falls under the same umbrella. Thought


I have driven my 2013 Ford Fusion for 5000 miles and can only get 36.3 mpg not the 47 on the sticker. However, it is roomy, classy and fun to drive.

been looking for a good blog about a reliable auto mechanic service so I’m glad I found yours. Good stuff!

That is why many European and Japanese company are moving some of their production to North or South American.

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