Reviews the 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid

The Ford Escape Hybrid may be gone, but reviewer Kelsey Mays says the 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid is a credible replacement, offering seamless gas-electric power and decent fuel economy. The tall hatchback is the first vehicle to directly compete with Toyota's Prius v; the C-Max offers less cargo room but better fuel economy than the Prius v.

2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid Review


I also lease a 2010 Prius and Insight both of which have far superior MPG.
Performance (40-51mpg). I thought this would be a Prius Killer? As a
cross over buyer I feel deceived. I want to support US companies and US.
jobs. What was Ford thinking when they published 47 / 47 estimates? I
would have been ok with low 40's but low 28-33 is not even in the ball.
park. Mark my words there will be no fix for this. Ford should offer.
to take the cars back or offer cash compensation to offset the.
mileage claims. The EPA estimates will have to be adjusted to the mid.
30's and sell the cars as is. Which is ok as long as the consumer knows.
what they are buying.

My dealer's sales and service department were ok at the beginning of the complaint process, but now have turned hostile and un-professional.

Ronald Kramer
Yankee Ford Customer.
South Portland, Maine.

I love the car as well... the issue is that Ford over stated the EPA MPG estimates of 47/47/47. I made my buying decision on the expectation that I would be getting beter than 29-33 mpg. This car will never even come close to those 47 mpg estimates. My Prius and Insight all have performed within a few MPG of there stated EPS estimates. I have been driving both of those cars for last three years. As an experienced HYPERMILER... I am tired of Ford and others telling me I dont know how to drive the CMAX


There is a lot of confusion surrounding the EPA estimates of the new breed of hybrids including the utterly useless MPGe rating.

There have been lawsuits surrounding the Prius, Insight, various Fords, Kias and others. I expect these to continue. Many people buy cars based on the mileage rating and when the real-world figures vary to such a degree as this, they are right in their indignation.

The government and the auto industry need to get on the same page here if the hybrid trend is going to continue to say nothing of the potential fuel cell vehicles.

Bill Thomas

I to own a CMax at 3500 miles my average MPG is 38.5. My driving is 25 percent HWY
and 75 percent city.
When I purchased the C Max I knew that 47
was not possible due to it's 300# additional
weight as well as it having more power then the Toyota Prius V and the C Max not being as
Aero clean as the Prius.
I concluded that 40 MPG would be acceptable
In as much as the CMax is a much better fit and finish car then the Prius V. But 38.5 is far from acceptable when I work hard at getting the mileage I have attained!!!

jim sander

I have gotten well over 47mpg with my c-max, depending on driving conditions.
The lowest I have ever gotten on any trip is 37 mpg.
I am consistently averaging 42 mpg, and this is in cold weather, with a new car.
In a few months the average should be about 45-47 mpg.
You have to learn to drive a hybrid correctly!

steve f

Would the extra weight and tire width of the c-max vs prius make it a better snow car?

steve f

Would the extra tire width & weight of the c-max vs. prius make it a better snow car?

steve f

Would the extra tire width & weight make the c-max a better snow car than the prius? Anyone drive one this winter?


I have almost 5000 miles on my cmax and
1 cant get better than 38.5 mpg. Found out that if you run the heater then the gas engine must run and that lowers your mileage. time of year lowers your mileage.
Sirrius radio has alot of interference problems in the C max because it is a C max. Drafts on the sides of your legs are designed to be there for ventilation. and finally in the snow it sucks big time


I have been using a C-max 2013 model for 2 months now and I have consistently got 38-42.6 MPG... and this is way before the break in period..Lowest I ever had was 36.8 and that was doing 70 MPH on the interstate..I don't know what all these people are complaining about pour MPG... Mine is right on the mark with what the dealer said it would get,, even the dealer said it would not acheive 47 Hwy..but it will acheive greater than that on city MPG...

And tell me a car please besides a total electric that does not use the gas engine to produce heat...that is a NO brainer.. of course you will use gas to keep the engine warm...

Seems there is a lot of nit picking here and not a whole lot of fact..
If you drive a Hybrid.. I'm sorry you just cannot drive it like a pure gasoline driven car .. If that is what you were looking for ,, better go back to gas..


I have had a C Max for 4 month and getting about 37 MPG. This is disappointing! I have thought of trading my brand new car for a Prius! How does one manage to get over 40 MPG? Use little brake? Keep heat low? Buy premium gasoline? I would appreciate any advice and convincing that I did not make huge mistake to not buy Prius as originally planned.

dr burke

I own a 2013 Ford C-max SEL and I got
68MPGe on a flat away. The secret is to keep your speed between 45-50 mph.

Find a flat away highway, engage cruise control at 50mph, then slowly reduce your speed until the battery kicks in.

Watch the 0-60mph gauge go up, then you are on battery. I've been getting 50-70 MPGe!

The key is slow speed, till the c-MAX is broken in. It's learns your driving habits.
This car kicks butt on 0-60mph and the sound those pipes make! WOW!

I just love my c-MAX and that front window! It creates excitement.

dr burke

Calvin Haddad

I don't have the C-Max hybrid, but I drove the 2010 Ford Fusion hybrid for 4 years. It is rated by Ford/EPA 36 MPG highway and 41 MPG city. I consistently achieved mid to upper 40 MPG combined city/highway driving. If I did all city driving, I easily achieved over 50 MPG (all documented in a log I kept). It was a phenomenial car. I can only assume the C-Max Hybrid should easily achieve its stated MPG rating. I do now own the C-Max Energi and LOVE it. I have over 3,700 miles on the car and have put in 13 gallons of gas!! Great ride, great features and great mileage.


I've had my C-Max just shy of 2 yrs now & have 30k miles on it. I am the proud owner of a lifetime average mpg of 46.1.

Before I tell you my tricks, the first thing I got to tell you is that all hybrids - I owned the Honda Civic Hybrid for 10 yrs - perform poorly in cold weather. So if you live in a colder, northern climate, you're going to get bad results no matter what you do.

My first winter the mpg plummeted from 45.7 heading into it down to 41.1 once winter was over.

I was able to get my average back up to 45.7 once the weather warmed up. Then Ford had that mpg recall (along w/ the refund) & whatever they did to my baby worked b/c she only went down to 45.1 mpg after winter #2.

So what did I do to get it up to 46.1 & (hopefully) climbing w/ still another 4 mos to go before winter in CT kicks in?

A lot. And most of it is all simple, common sense stuff . . .

I clean out my car every Sat to ensure that I'm not carrying any extra unwanted weight.

And, even though the tires are still relatively new, I also check my tire pressure every Sat as well & to date I've only had to add air to them twice. And I get them rotated every 5k miles.

I'm rarely heavy footed, accelerating gradually off of stop signs & lights.

I lock in my speed w/ my cruise control every where I drive. 40 in the city, 50 on the highway.

Speaking of the highway & gradual acceleration, I always start off 15 mph lower than the posted speed limit (55) & add 1 mph on my cruise control every minute until I reach 50.

When someone or myself opens a window, I make sure all 4 are open evenly to create equal air distribution to prevent any kind of wind drag.

I avoid ruts/grooves in the road. They, too, will make your car work harder which makes you burn more gas.

And I rarely ever use my heater or AC - even though I'm not sure if the AC has anything to do w/ mileage or not. I just don't like it.

This is a great car - don't give up on this car!!

Lenny Valentino

I've had my CMax since April. I get 42.3 mi per gallon. Once, I got up to 42.4. I love this car - I named her "Little Pearl" because she has that beautiful pearly-white finish. I need a couple snow tires for her - any suggestions out there? Thanks!

I purchase my C-max 4 months ago and am getting 43.5 MPG.. I'm pleased and will be curioous to see if I get better mileage in the warmer months.

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