2014 Subaru Forester Rises Seven Spots in Small-SUV Affordability


A few weeks ago we threw the redesigned Toyota RAV4 into our compact crossover affordability index, and the popular Toyota ranked right around the group's average. Subaru fans may notice the outgoing 2013 Forester sat near the bottom, largely because the small SUV got mediocre gas mileage and required stepping up a trim level to get a telescoping steering wheel — one of seven features we included in our pricing scheme.

Our affordability index compared 13 models — each was the least expensive trim level that included common equipment like an automatic transmission, Bluetooth connectivity, steering wheel audio controls, cruise control, remote keyless entry, a USB/audio jack port and tilt/telescoping steering. We also factored in the destination charge and four years of gas.

With its 2014 redesign, the Forester moved up seven spots, thanks to more standard features and better gas mileage. In fact, the new Forester is the third most affordable compact crossover on the market, behind the Mazda CX-5 and Mitsubishi Outlander Sport — and it has standard all-wheel drive.


*Based on 45% highway, 55% city driving, 15,000 annual miles and current national average fuel prices: $3.22 a gallon for regular gasoline, and $3.54 a gallon for premium on the Volkswagen Tiguan. All prices include the manufacturer's destination charge. The Nissan Rogue does not offer a telescoping steering wheel.

If you need all-wheel drive, the Forester effectively advances one spot. The all-wheel-drive CX-5 still exceeds the Subaru, but the Outlander Sport's all-wheel-drive option moves it to just over $30,000 — still enough for a first-place finish.

The base Forester comes with a manual transmission, so we added the standalone continuously variable automatic transmission option ($1,000, down from last year's $1,200). Apart from that, it comes competitively equipped but several competitors — the CX-5, Outlander Sport, Sportage and Equinox — have standard alloy wheels, and the RAV4 and CR-V have a standard backup camera. But the Forester has all the basics, and the step-up 2.5i Premium trim (another $2,000) adds both features, among other extras.

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Do models like the XV Crosstrek, Juke and Encore not go on this list because they're considered a smaller class? (I thought the Outlander Sport was more in line with these, but then I've never driven one.)

Running the numbers for the Crosstrek, it would slot in just between the CX-5 (FWD) and the Forester, at $30,675.

According to a survey conducted 2014 Subaru ranks seven in number. The car is a small SUV which is quite affordable in comparison to others. Cars like Mercedes, Audi, and BMW are comfortable cars but are costly in comparison to Subaru. The car is not only affordable but it is as luxurious and comfortable as other cars. The above information is helpful. The car also requires less maintenance. The other cars ranking is also shown in figures in which Mitsubishi ranks number one. The Subaru comes with features like automatic transmission, Bluetooth connectivity, and steering audio. With all these features people will definitely go for it.

Penelope Smith

This car handles like a suv should, I took myself and my son to an advance driving course and we had to use the Forester on the test field it handled the sharp turns like it wasn't even trying and that was with a full tank, and let me tell you the ABS on the Forester is amazing and worth any instant loans online I have to apply in order to get it, it had the same stopping distance as a new Hyundai i20 with abs.AMAZING.

Seems like a good car to me. Good dynamics, nice interior and the exterior looks decent. It's certainly much better than some people make it out to be, it's not ugly at all. In fact I think it's one of the best looking in the segment.

been looking for a good blog about a reliable auto mechanic service so I’m glad I found yours. Good stuff!

Subaru on the car do not recognize. my dream car Subaru Impreza WRX STI

I've taken a forrester out for a test drive and i felt it handled very well compared to my 4 runner (which i really like).

I still will be checking out the other toyota models as i've had a good experience with them.

I test drove the 2014 Subaru Forrester, Toyota RAV4 and the Honda CR-V. The Forrester was not as fast as either, and it did handle and feel far superior to the Honda. It was also better designed, had more storage space, better stock tires, sound system, and amenities No one has a Sun Roof like the Subaru for anything close to its price. For the fun of it, I also compared it to the more expensive Volvo XC60, Audi A%, and VW Tiguin. None of these or the previously mentioned could compare to the traction in mud and snow to that of the Subaru!! I was sold in short time.

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