2014 Lexus IS: First Look


  • Competes with: BMW 3 Series, Infiniti G, Cadillac ATS
  • Looks like: A scaled-down Lexus GS
  • Drivetrain: Specifications are TBA, though the IS 250 and IS 350 trims return
  • Hits dealerships: Second quarter 2013

There's no more waiting to see what the 2014 Lexus IS will look like. Lexus gives us a look at both the interior and exterior of its fully redesigned compact sports sedan ahead of the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Lexus clearly took inspiration from the attractive LF-CC concept coupe shown at previous auto shows, though as of now, a coupe body style isn’t shown in the photos or mentioned in the initial announcement.

Regardless, this is an all-new IS sedan with fresh exterior and interior. Lexus says the new IS is wider and sits on a longer wheelbase for additional backseat comfort, plus the front seat is thinner for best-in-class knee room. The previous generation’s backseat was so small it made our Car Backseats to Avoid list.

Pictured here is the IS with F-Sport Package featuring a unique grille and front bumper design, as well as numerous interior enhancements to upgrade its performance look. The new interior seems to be a huge step forward over the current generation’s outdated, bland execution. Sporty F-Sport Packages feature an LFA-inspired gauge cluster with prominent tachometer in the middle of the gauges.

A growing trend among automakers' interiors is to include capacitive-touch controls to make the interiors look and function like a personal tablet computer (iPad, etc). The IS is the first Lexus to feature the controls and does so for its climate temperature controls.

The next-generation IS trim range should sound familiar with IS 250 and IS 350 trim levels, though an all-new IS 300h hybrid joins the lineup for the first time in Europe, Japan and other international markets. The U.S. market currently isn't scheduled to receive the IS 300h.

We'll know more about the IS when its specifications and features are fully unveiled at the 2013 Detroit auto show on Tuesday. Stay tuned to our 2013 North American International Auto Show coverage here.

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Love it..cant wait to see the ISF.


At first, the car didn't look too good to me. In the profile, the rear looks like a Mitsubishi Lancer. The roofline looks like a Corolla's. The front end looked exaggerated and bizarre.

After 2 minutes or so, it started to look pretty good.


I like it, a lot!


Looks decent, just hope the interior is not as cramped as the current generation.


Appeals to the boy racers. But actually doesn't look that good. The rear is pretty nice but the front is a mess. Already, the predator mouth is not exactly an example of clean design but they also add those horribly messy shape for the headlights. The look will get tiresome very quickly.



Are you getting Lexus confused with Lincoln? Though Lexus isn't doing super well, it is making decent sales. Plus, Lexus has never had any affiliation with Ford. It's under Toyota.

Looks like a blend of the current IS and the new GS. I prefer the dash and IP of the current IS, this one seems reminiscent of an '80s Toyota, especially to the right of the dash. The front styling is a little over-wrought though.
I'll wait to see the new Infiniti Q50, that preview looks promising.


This is a nice redesign for the IS. Although its not fluid like the 3 series (and maybe the upcoming Q50) it clearly won't be mistaken for any other Lexus. Because they moved it to a shorten platform of the GS and its sporting intentions, I think it will cannibalize sales from the GS in the long run.


the front end looks like the mouth on the creature from "Preadtor".....

Rudy Ochoa

The look is similar to the other remakes of the line. It is the spindle grill and tail section. The big improvements will be the electronics package and mouse. Probably gets 2 more airbags and possible improved fuel economy ratings. Happy New Year.

Rudy Ochoa
Lexus Escondido

Al. G

I love it. Looks like a cooler FR-S

Love it. I hope the regular IS looks as good. Rear seat room has to be greatly improved to be a sure buy though.


The interior looks great but the front bumper and grill looks like a after market kit for the younger kids not the middle class 30-50 ish crowd.The car looks very "chisled".I'm very disapointed.Time to look at the Audi.


are they still going to make the convertible? I was literally days away from buying a 2013 IS350C but obviously may wait...


Is it just me? Where does the front license plate go? Will the officer in California let me go if I say "I don't know where to install the plates"?


The car looks like a typical cheap ricer. This is not sporty looking at all.The big grill looks horrible as does the bumper.The rear tail lights looks like a big frowning face.


Look OK, but just OK. I would not consider it, when compared to a BMW 3 series. When I went to the Lexus dealer to look at the IS, the salesman was dismissive of it. Odd reaction, maybe he wanted to chat me up to a GS...but I bought a Porsche instead.


Not what I would call sporty or classy at all hope it works for them but,I will look at BMW now.

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