2014 Acura RLX Pricing Announced


Acura’s flagship 2014 RLX will start at $49,345, including an $895 destination charge, when the luxury automaker’s largest sedan goes on sale March 15. The almost $50,000 entry fee includes numerous standard features like a 310-horsepower V-6 with direct injection, wild “jewel-eye” LED headlights, Acura’s first use of all-wheel steering, lane departure and forward collision warning systems, and a 10-speaker stereo with USB connectivity and Pandora internet radio.
The RLX improves on the outgoing Acura RL with more interior room from a similar outside package and a significantly redesigned inside, outside and chassis. The RLX competes against luxury sedans like the BMW 535i, Lexus GS 350 and Audi A6.

Available features include upgraded Milano perforated leather seats as well as safety features like a lane departure warning system, adaptive cruise control, blind spot warning system and collision mitigation braking that alerts the driver before a crash. An upgraded stereo system with 14 speakers is included in Krell and Advance packages. The RLX is available in the following packages. Pricing includes an $895 destination charge:

  • RLX with Navigation: $51,845
  • RLX with Technology Package: $55,345
  • RLX with Krell Audio Package: $57,845
  • RLX with Advance Package: $61,345

Only front-wheel-drive versions debut on the March launch date, but a more powerful all-wheel-drive variant becomes available later in 2013 and uses an electric motor to power the rear wheels while the gasoline engine powers the front.

Interested parties can test drive the RLX ahead of the March on-sale date in February when an Acura’s “Destination RLX” program provides two examples to each Acura dealership nationwide.

2014 Acura RLX: Up Close
2014 Acura RLX at the 2012 L.A. Auto Show
2014 Acura RLX: Photo Gallery



Dang, that’s ugly. 50 grand, really?! Looks like a cheap Mitsubishi.


They need to infuse a little NSX DNA into this...a lot really.


I honestly think the new Accord is more appealing. The outrageous pricing will insure low sales and exclusivity by default.


Acura needs to hire some new designers.....YAWN


value is good compared to other luxury sedans of this size but the styling still doesnt work. Doesnt look premium or special or all that attractive. Its another generic Honda/Acura design that is spiced up only by its grille and LED headlights. I can't think of one sedan in this price range (OK, maybe the E class) that is less attractive than this car. I will say its a toss up between this and the Infiniti M since I'm not crazy about either one.


Sheth, I think the exterior styling on the Infiniti M looks worth its 50 grand price. Personally, I think it looks better than anything in the class (especially the Sport model). The buzz-kill for it is probably the cramped feel, unrefinement, and bad gas mileage. The Acura on the other hand is just dead looking.


i will say the M is more distinctive than this. This basically seems like an Avalon sized accord. The technology is nice, but the RL has been packing lots of features for the dollar for years. The reality is people are not looking to pay $50k+ for an Acura sedan. Acura would be better off refining the ILX and adding a coupe or sport hatch for under $35k.

Scarp this car it's over for the rl. The new accord should have been the rl 3yrs ago. The Tl is their new flagship.


Yawn... I'll keep my 95 Legend as reminder of what a great Acura looks like... Step it up Acura how are you going to compete with Audi hell Nissan with this?


How is Acura still in business? This look like a ten year old car with ridiculous headlights and (is this possible?) an even uglier rendition of the Acura corporate beak!


The technology is really top notch, the 3d navi screen is awesome and the telemantics are the best i have ever seen...the Krell sounds amazing


BTW dont judge till you see it in person, I hated the looks but in person it is way better


Top of the line technology, with better value than any luxury car in it's class. Start adding "options" to the 5 series, GS or A6 and see where your price tag ends up. Also, wait till late in the year for the AWD Hybrid... That's your new flagship!


I was looking for a car that passed that new small overlap crash test that the IIHS just added. I also wanted blind spot and some service similar to onstar when an accident occurs. I read on the acura site that Acura is saying that they predict this car will pass that new crash test. They probably already crashed it to find out. It looks pretty good to me. I'm going to put my daughter in it to drive and I want her in something safe so I guess this one is it. There are only 3 other cars that did good on that test. the Volvo S60 (no onstar like service) the Honda accord (no onstar like service) and the Acura TL (no onstar like service). the Acura TL has acuralink but it is a stupid older version that doesn't notify emergency when the airbags go off. what's the point of that? The RLX has a better vesion of that service that notifies emergency when a crash happend. This RLX is the only car out there with all the features and passes that test.

Yes, I agreed that they should change the design now. But I am excited about its new features. They seems good.


Acura comes up short again. What is with Acura and its short sighted vision? You've got a $50,000 flagship with 310 horsepower when the mid-level Infiniti G37 has 328 horsepower and Hyundai Genesis R-Spec with 410 horsepower. Come on guys. What ever happened to doing market surveys asking the public what should be built. I'm old and still want a high performance vehicle. I guess BMW will keep getting my money. Another snoozer from Acura.

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