EPA: 2013 Fiat 500e Goes 87 Miles on a Charge

Fiat's electrified 500e hatchback is officially rated with an EPA-estimated range of 87 miles per charge. Fiat says the subcompact 500e's range is better than other electric vehicles in its class as well as all U.S.-market EVs produced by high-volume manufacturers. The Tesla Model S is not included in this claim with its maximum 265-mile estimated range nor is the 2012 Coda Sedan (sold in California only) with 88-mile range. The Smart ForTwo Electric Drive rates at 68 miles, Mitsubishi i-MiEV is 62 miles and the Nissan Leaf has a 73-mile range.

The 500e's miles per gallon equivalent is a combined 116 city/highway with a 122 MPGe city rating and 108 MPGe highway rating. The EPA also estimates a full year of driving (15,000 miles) to cost $500 for charging. By comparison, the i-MiEV's estimated annual cost is $550 and both the ForTwo's and Leaf’s is $600.

The all-electric 500e is powered by a 111-horsepower electric motor that propels the subcompact to a maximum speed of 85 mph. Supplying juice to the motor is a 24-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery with an estimated charge time of less than four hours on 240-volt Level 2 charging. Expect charging times of around 24 hours on 120-volt power.

California will be the first state to see the 500e when it goes on sale in the second quarter of 2013.

2013 Fiat 500e at the 2012 L.A. Auto Show
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Thats gay. I can understand only getting 87 mile on a gas tank, You can drive to any gas station. You cant drive to any gas station to charge your car?! WTF


Chang electric cars garner the most attention in urban areas where the commutes are short and 87 miles is more than enough. I'm sure as battery technology improves so will the range...


at some point i really hope they drop the idiotic MPGe rating...no one cares how it theoritically compares to a gallon of gas. put the same efficiency tags on these cars that we see on refridgerators and washing machines.


Hey Chang, you sound like a chink. Hope that doesn't sound offensive, you know, like using "thats gay." Also, moron, learn to write a coherent sentence.


Why can't you charge your car at any gas station? Do they not have outlets there?



People would die of laughter at the ridiculousness of charging via a 120-volt cord before you get a full charge. It would literally take 24 hours to charge an electric car with a 120-volt outlet to a full charge from when it's dead. Compare that to 4-8 hours for a full charge on a 240-volt outlet or charging station.


Re@lity, Leave Chang alone. I agree with him!




I live in Arizona. I want to know what happens to your mileage range when you run the Air Conditioning. In a gas engine it's a small hit on your MPG. But AC units use a lot of electricity.


@Chang & @frank - Re@lity while somewhat crass in his comment is right on target with the meaning behind it - using "thats gay" as a negative is something that people need to finally understand is very offensive and shouldn't be used. Just because you may be in the comfortable majority doesn't mean that it's ok to put down people in other groups.


87 miles is more than enough for my daily commute. I would drive to work and back, on the outside of 25 miles, do some other stuff around town for another 25 miles and still have 30 miles left. Get home, plug it in and do it all over again the next day. For out of town trips a rental is always a better choice anyway.


Cody, Agreed - this MPGe thing is absurd and must go away. It's just as bad as CFL light bulbs being sold as 'equivalent to' some other wattage. No... a 23 watt CFL is 23 watts. It isn't 'equivalent to' 100 watts or 150 watts because that is what it would take to replace it if you wanted to use an incandescent instead... if it draws 23 watts, then it is a 23 watt bulb. The efficiency of an electric car has absolutely nothing to do with the internal combustion power-plant that you DIDN'T choose to buy.


Just did a search for pricing information -- $33,000 expected base price.. Yea... Not so much. That is way too much for a car.


James, you sound like a f@g. or possibly just a big old granny panty. calm down and stop being a baby or someone is going to make you sit in time out.


So why is this 2+2 car priced at 33K when a full 4 seat car like Spark-EV is priced @ 28K and 5 seat Leaf is priced @ 29K.

Hope Fiat will increased the production and lower the price.


My wife just got one of these for work and it's great. It charges enough on 120v overnight to bring it to a full charge again, and she drives about 20-30 miles per day. Sometimes we just charge it every 3 days or so. Great around town car, lots of power for a compact, and no maintenance. Small with no room in the back, but plenty for the driver and passenger.

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