2013 Dodge Challenger Wins Cars.com Shoppers' Choice Award

America loves its muscle cars, and Cars.com's Facebook fans once again proved as much by selecting the 2013 Dodge Challenger as this year's winner of the Shoppers' Choice Award. We can't say we disagree; as we stated on our Facebook page: "We think the Challenger's classic muscle-car styling, refined ride and handling, and spacious interior make this an excellent choice for anyone in the market for a fun, surprisingly practical coupe."

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The Challenger beat nine finalists and was ultimately selected based on the amount of activity generated by millions of shoppers on Cars.com, including how many people researched and reached out to dealers to check out the car. From all that activity, combined with the Facebook voting, we've determined that the Challenger best represents the voice of our users.

Dodge received its Cars.com Shoppers' Choice Award this week during the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Congratulations, Dodge, and thanks to the millions of Cars.com users who made this award possible.


Doug G

I've always thought the challenger was third place in its own three car american muscle car segment, surprising pick.


I always thought it was the best looking. It would be nice if it got the smooth 8 speed transmission present in the 300/Charger.

The Challenger is going to be a real classic forever, I hope Dodge keeps this model up to date.

Ken L.

I am not surprised the Challenger came away with the award. I mean, just look at it; it's distinctly American, and that will never change. It's also the coolest looking muscle car. People, who will not be purchasing one, will still be searching for it on the internet just to see it and live vicariously through it. Yeah, this car is that powerful. Congrats Dodge, for keeping the Challenger the way it is and not conforming too much to modern designs.


Ken, powerful? Have you looked at anything else? Heard of a Camaro ZL1 or Mustang GT500 before?


Challenger RT. Funny, I was at our local drag strip for Street Car Sunday. An RT pulled to the line vs Ford Flex with Ecoboost. The Ecoboost rand 15.12, Challenger ran 15.72....

So, when you say the Challenger is powerful, for a mini van, yes, but even then not top of class...


Sorry to say but the TRUE muscle car era is dead and gone. We live in an era of GPS, Traffic and speed cameras.

You can run from the law in a Toyota Prius, but you're still gonna end up on a dash cam arrest.

This is a car about looks over substance and frankly it looks 10x more badass than a dozen other cars that cost more and go faster. Consider this, there is very little visual difference from an SRT and a V-6. You could have a base car and only gear heads would no the difference.

This car is about style over substance, and yes I'd take mine in that Forrest Green they used to offer on Jeeps.


Infosaur, you're absolutely correct. I own a 2010 Challenger with V6 engine. I constantly have people come up to me complimenting the car. A lot of them assume I have one of the expensive V8 versions. Between this one, the camaro, and mustang, the Challenger is the only one with a functional backseat. No one needs a 500hp car unless they're going on a racetrack. I bought mine because I wanted a sporty and roomy coupe.


i bought a 2012 SRT8 and love it. i also looked at camaro and mustang as they are a little cheaper and ultimately decided that mustangs are a dime a dozen and the camaro is too modern looking. love my retro head-turner!

Ben D.

lol - its overweight and chunky. 3rd place muscle car.

Brandon B

Don't get too upset over this, cars.com was paid to make this choice.

Tim Mckenzie

Drive one and than post a comment. I drove the GT Mustang, Camaro SS and both the 392 and 5.7 Challenger. I was dead set on an SS. This car is way better in so many ways. I'm installing a supercharger to end these silly arguments about power. BTW, the 392 is faster than all aforementioned.

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