Toyota Previews Sedan Concept

Toyota concept

Toyota plans to unveil a new sedan concept at the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January. The Furia concept will meet the press on Jan. 14. Toyota is mum on details and only provided a quick teaser video. Check it out below.

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I'm not plugged in to any info when I say this, but I'm pretty certain the Furia is the name of the new Mazda2 clone Toyota will be offering in a year or so.

If the design is well received, we'll see similar cues on the Corolla in the future...but I don't think we see any bold styling on the Corolla like this. It's too risky.


I got my hopes up because I thought that pretty much every Toyota sedan had been updated recently. I though perhaps it would be a new, perhaps sportier model, or even just a sedan prius.

Then I remembered that the corolla has been around for a while in its current form. Looks good in the picture, but headlights aren't indicative of the whole, and I think that the corolla will be about as boring and successful as the new RAV4.

And that means it is going to be sleeker than before, perhaps with a bit more luxury, and yet not up to the standards of the competing brands. And yet it will be hugely successful regardless, as the corolla has always been

I can't be absolutely certain, but that badge shot near the end looked an awful lot like a Scion badge, not Toyota itself.

Looks to me like Scion is making a definite mark for the Toyota people.


It's a Toyota logo. And this is no mazda clone. The use of carbon fiber suggests an effort to save weight - either for high performance or, if the concept is an electric vehicle, for longer range from the battery. I definitely want to see more.


Are we finally getting the Mark X?

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