Top 10 Best-Selling Cars: November 2012


The impact of Superstorm Sandy on the automotive industry will be felt for some time, but in terms of sales, November was a good month for most brands.

With most brands reporting their sales numbers, almost all of them were on the positive side. Chrysler led U.S. automakers with sales up 14%, while Ford and GM saw improvements of 6.5% and 3.4%, respectively.

Japanese automakers continued to see large gains as their sales rebounded after last year’s tsunami. Honda was up 38.9% on the strength of the new Accord, CR-V and the best-selling car of November, the Civic, up seven spots from October.

Toyota saw sales jump 17.2% while Nissan’s sales gained 12.9% — not on the strength of the Altima sedan, which fell to the bottom of the top 10 this month, but the redesigned Pathfinder SUV that went on sale just a few weeks ago. The company sold 8,097 Pathfinders compared with 2,317 last November.

The other big story we thought might impact sales was the mileage controversy that Hyundai and Kia put themselves in, with most of their models getting reduced EPA ratings on their stickers the first week of November.

Hyundai saw sales up about 8% overall, but affected models, like the Tucson, Veloster and Accent, saw sales drop in November. Kia, on the other hand, had only one affected model whose sales dropped, the Sportage.


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By David Thomas | December 3, 2012 | Comments (23)
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wow, camry no longer best selling sedan, at least for november.


Corolla is still, "doin' it" in terms of sales.

Over 266,000 fooled people this year thus far!


Those idiots should be buying a cruze or a focus! Don't they know the the corrola is ugly (sarcasm)! The top four passenger cars go to Honda and it usually is.


go cruze and focus!


Wow, Honda!!

Phil Bickel

Yeah, Toyota keeps foolin people with those Corollas by building them to last 20 years. Consumer Reports listed the Cruze as the worst small car this year. That's quite a big drop in one year.

Phil Bickel

The Chevy Cruze, the new Cruze, or Cavalier, er uh, Cobalt, or Beretta, or er uh Corsica? One sure way of not gettnig your reliablilty tracked is to change the name of your car every five years. The Civic and the Corolla on the other hand are in their tenth generations.


@phil bickel

Never thought about it like that but you make a great point.


Honda is one hell of an impressive company. They have the Civic, Accord, and CRV as sales leaders. Amazing.

Derrick G

Phil Bickel,

That's an abject lie. Be it by owner satisfaction, reliability, or overall score, the Cruze is NOT lowest. The Versa is the lowest scoring small car in owner satisfaction, the Jetta I4 and Focus anchor the bottom of the reliability chart, and the Jetta I5 has the lowest road test score. The Cruze isn't near the bottom in any of those.


Though I not a fan of the new altima, I expected it to be right up there with the big boys, accord and camry. It barely made the top 10.


Interesting that 2012 Civic was so high on the list. Wait until the improved 2013 comes out.


@Phil. Don't forget the Chevette (shovette) and Vega...guess I am showing my age....

Interesting that 2012 Civic was so high on the list. Wait until the improved 2013 comes out.

It’s great to see that the Civic is the top selling sedan last month. The credit goes to the outlandish design and seemingly spacious interiors of the Honda Civic, not to mention its interactive features, which are very user-friendly. What I love about this car is the 140 horsepower, 1.8 liter, 16 valve monster under the hood. I've heard that the engine also has an eco-friendly feature.


@ Derrick G

He's not talking short term reliability. You change the name every 5 years if the quality is low because your long term reliability won't be great. But I'm not going to lie, for the cost the Sunfire/Cavalier were actually great cars. They had their flaws. The Cobalt was too boring to recover, and now the Cruze name may actually stick since they are building it after they actually put some money into the cars development.

Derrick G


I thought it was quite obvious my comment referred only to his comment "Consumer Reports listed the Cruze as the worst small car this year. That's quite a big drop in one year." And that is simply not even close to true. I'm not defending GM, just the truth of what CR actually said.

I agree the Cobalt was merely a mildly warmed-over Cavalier. But as someone who actually has to drive a Cavalier every day for work, I cannot agree that it was anything but junk.


A lot has to do with Name Recognition! Civic, Accord, Corolla, Camry. The same names we have seen for over 20 years...while other manufacturers keep changing theirs. If McDonalds changed their name every 6 years they would not be where they're at either.


That's the dumbest statement I've read today.

Derrick G

My that is ridiculous. We're talking models, not brands. McD's has had quite a few different sandwiches that have come and gone (and some come again) over the years.

BTW, I just looked in's inventory and Honda has over 4K more 2012 Civics than the total of all Civics sold in Nov. Rest assured everyone who got their oil changed in Nov. got offered a smoking deal on a 2012 Civic and with December's being the last year of 2012, expect that to be the case for this month, too. I'm sure quite a few people showed up last week with their checkbook in their teeth wanting a 2013, but I wouldn't look for the Civic to lead the Camry past Feb. if even that long.

Honda Accord wow!! I owned Honda Accord in this year and I am impressed with its performance.

By Bad Bill

Makes sense to me. Keep changing the names of your cars and you'll never develop a following...consistent following means constant sales duh

Filipe Schulz

If you guys see our top 10 in Brazil, you would laugh and thank God for what kind of cars you got over there! lol

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