Style on a Budget? The 2013 Volkswagen CC Isn't It

There are many reasons I'm drawn to the Volkswagen CC. On the outside, its sloping roofline and sweeping headlights give it an exotic look. Inside, its high-quality cabin also impresses. One of the biggest reasons, however, is that VW's "four-door coupe" always looked like a much more expensive car than it was … until now.

The sleek, swoopy sedan was refreshed for 2013, but a significant price increase has been attached to the minor styling update. The new CC — based on the previous generation — still offers owners a dose of style compared to the more mainstream looks of the redesigned Passat and Jetta, but not as much as before.

Styling tweaks for 2013 make it look more like the new Passat, but that full redesign led to a bigger yet more affordable car. The CC's higher price and new lean toward family styling make it standout less in VW's lineup, so why choose one over a Passat?

Looking at the numbers, it's hard to find a reason. The 2012 CC with its delightfully zippy 200-horsepower, turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder started at $29,335. The 2013 version with the same engine starts much higher: $31,075. V-6 versions climb to $38,555; add all-wheel drive for a steep base price of $42,245 (all prices include an $825 destination charge). Aside from the cosmetic tweaks, the only big difference between model years is in the backseat. The 2012 had a two-passenger backseat; the 2013 offers seating for three.

On the other hand, the 2013 Passat sedan with its respectable but unexciting standard 2.5-liter five-cylinder starts at just $21,640. If you want the potent and efficient 2.0-liter turbodiesel engine, it starts at $27,020. At the top, V-6 versions begin at $30,030 (all prices include a $795 destination charge). The Passat is also several inches longer than the CC, with much more passenger volume (102 cubic feet compared to CC’s 94) and cargo space (15.9 cubic feet compared to 13.2).

True, the CC's evocative silhouette still reminds me of much more luxurious cars like the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class and Audi A7, but paying more money for a less distinctive design doesn't add up. Yes, the CC is more fun to drive than the Passat and the switch from a four- to a five-seat layout may broaden its appeal, but is updated styling and a usable back-row center seat worth the cost? Although the CC's flirty curves and posh cabin still speak to me, its new price tag speaks louder.

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See if more car companies tried to make their car more affordable and stylish I think they would draw more of an audience.


Hate the new styling updates. The previous rear of the car was visually interesting and stood out. Now it just looks very vanilla like most of the current VW lineup.


I really like the updated CC. Every time I see one, I think "oh that looks like a $50,000 car". Yes most Americans won't like it but I'm glad they're selling it for those who find the new Passat to be humdrum.


I tried sitting inside this car and it felt claustrophobic with the tiny windows.


I think the 2013 redo is amazing !!! The lights in front are amazing with the LEDs .. It is plenty big inside and completely blows away the bland passat.. Unless your overweight you will have plenty of room. If you are go on a diet and when you are healthy size reward yourself with this head turning car. I have had mine for 3 months now and I get a compliment almost every single time I drive it !!!


The like the CC but the new front end styling (IMHO) that works on the Passat doesn't work here. I liked the previous front end alot better. The price matches the price points of other large cars but most of these cars offer V6 engines for the price.


There is no comparison between th new passat and cc in interior fit and finish. Nor do they drive with comparable character. The tdi and 2.0t are not comparable. Thats 3 seconds difference to 60. The vr6 is is rocket. If you think 38k is pricey for the car, price a 328i or c250 with similar kit and performance. And neither has a v6 at similar price if counting cylinders matters more than performance. Its a bargain. Cost and value are not the same thing.


I bought a '13 CC Sport Plus back in Oct. and 5K later all is well. I prefer the updated styling over the '09-12 CC. I'm used to vehicles with larger, more powerful engines, but am pleased with the 2.0T, it's smooth and a great match for the DSG. Mileage so far is 26.5 combined. Would I recommend? Definitely would!

mike dobbs

Bad marketing move VW. The front end change is not better, just the same as the less expensive Passat, which does not really set the world on fire anyway. SO how do you justify a price increase from a marketing perspective? So does the front end look better from a style perspective? No. So what is the gain? A more expensive car with less appeal. Da! Stick with what works for you. Improve the 4 cylinder turbo to 225 hp or perhaps a 2.2 L with 245 hp and dump the V6. Maybe even a 2.4L turbo Diesel with 190 hp, setting the car apart from the Passat and the rest of the Euro lineup.


poor mans A4

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