Rental Car Review: 2012 Ford Edge


Renting a car used to mean getting stuck with the oldest, most-outdated cars that were still being produced. Today, you can rent the newest models that are in high demand. I recently took my family on a trip to Disney World in Orlando, Fla., and we wound up renting a 2012 Ford Edge SUV with more than 20,000 miles on it. I picked it over the other SUV choices — Jeep Liberty and Ford Expedition — because I knew it'd have a USB plug for our always-depleted smartphones.

The Edge delivered more than I expected.


We flew into West Palm Beach, Fla., to visit family before driving the Edge to Orlando for four days of Disney duty, so I definitely put the SUV through its paces.

What I Liked

  • The ride was surprisingly quiet and comfortable, which allowed my young children to easily take a snooze on the drive to Orlando.
  • The backseat was spacious and fit our child-safety seats easily. It seemed like both children could move around more easily in the Edge versus our 2010 Subaru Outback.
  • It sure was nice going from our four-cylinder Outback to the V-6 in the Edge. There was plenty of passing power on the highway.
  • Cargo space was terrific; it accommodated our two large suitcases and a double stroller with ease.
  • Drive height gave a commanding view of the road.
  • This is a good-looking SUV. A black rental car in Florida isn't a great idea in summer, but it was overcast during our entire stay and I liked being the dad in the black SUV rather than driving something beige or silver colored.


What I Didn't Like

  • Highway mileage was a consistent 22 mpg versus the EPA-estimated 27 mpg on the sticker. It averaged a little lower after getting to the hotel (pictured above). With two adults, two children and a full cargo area, I can understand the mpg drop, especially because I was traveling on a toll road with a 70 mph speed limit and using air conditioning lightly. Even though the front-wheel-drive Edge performed well versus its specs, I'd want to own a car that did better. My all-wheel-drive Outback with a four-cylinder returned mileage in the high 20s this summer when it was similarly loaded; it's rated at 29 mpg highway.
  • Ford needs to add more cubbies to its SUVs. There is nowhere to stow a smartphone in the open — to follow GPS directions, find restaurants — besides the front row's two cupholders, which were usually full.
  • When Sync first came out I thought it was the most user-friendly audio device ever put into a car. Now, even in a model without the aggravating MyFord Touch, Sync responds poorly. I don't understand why I needed to routinely tell it via the voice prompt to play the USB source. Perhaps I'm missing a lesson somewhere, but it could be more intuitive.
  • The cargo area is pretty high off the ground. It may only be a problem when throwing large — just below the 50-pound airline weight limit — suitcases in, but I could see it being an ongoing headache for owners of average height.

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As a Ford certified technician and owner, I have some feedback on your decent and welcome review. Your fuel economy: the meter needs to be reset before you drive to be accurate to your one trip. Also any time parked in idle goes against the current measurement. Sync: there have been extensive software updates to improve functionality of the interface.


This glowing Ford Edge review as a smooth and comfortable car is quite the opposite of your other review where you said " I could'nt wait to get out of the car"

What gives?

I recently rented a Ford Edge at my local rental car lot in Augusta, GA. After my experience, I decided to purchase one for myself. The ride quality mimics that of a luxury car, at a much better value! I agree the MPG seems a little low, but that probably has alot to do with driving habits and passengers. Would you consider purchasing the Edge?


Nice review.

I'm thinking of renting one and need to fit 4 of those large cases you speak of.

No stroller any more ;-)

Was thinking if I fold down one third of what looks to be a a split rear seat, I can get them all in and still two teens in the back???

Going Avis, and I see they have an X3 too, but assume it's a little smaller.

Many thanks.

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