Recall Alert: 2013 Ford Escape, Fusion

Ford has issued a voluntary recall for certain versions of its Escape compact crossover and Fusion midsize sedan due to engine overheating. It's the third recall in six months to affect the automaker's 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine.

Some owners of model-year 2013 Escapes and Fusions in SE and SEL trims with the 1.6-liter engine have reported engine overheating and, in some cases, engine fire, Ford says. "Drivers who see any of these indications should safely pull off the road as soon as possible, turn off the engine and exit the vehicle. Ford will compensate owners for costs tied to overheating as well," the automaker said in a statement.

Ford estimates that about 73,320 Escapes and 15,833 Fusions in the U.S. and Canada are affected, and most are in the U.S. market. No injuries have been reported, however, and the vehicles' other engines are not affected by the recall.

The automaker offers the following advice for customers wondering if they're affected by the recall:

  • Check your 17-digit vehicle identification number, which is on a label on the driver-side door opening. The VIN also appears on the base of the windshield on the driver's side, and on the vehicle registration. In vehicles with 1.6-liter engines, the eighth character will be "X" on Escapes or "R" on Fusions.
  • Go to's recalls section and input the VIN.
  • Call 866-436-7332 in the U.S. or 888-222-7814 in Canada.
  • Contact a Ford dealer.

This is the fourth recall for the crossover since it went on sale in June. The Escape was recalled earlier this summer because of a fuel line leak, a coolant issue and a problem with the floormats.

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I sincerely hope that this recall doesn't get stuck in the mind of some people. I really want to see the ecoboost line succeed. We need innovative powertrains to do well in order to secure their future. Although, the ecoboost has done well in other applications, even though it is getting a reputation for getting worse than anticipated MPG's. I commonly hear people say that they get the same millage as a small v8, but with the power of a large one.

Safety Guy

Just dropped my new Escape at the dealer They told me Ford doesn't have a fix engineered yet, and thus no parts to fix. Service manager then said he had "no idea" when I would get my car back. Ouch!
Speaking of fuel economy, I'm getting 30-33mpg at 55mph, 22-26 at 60-70mph.

They call the company Fix Or Repair Daily. Lousy engineering. Gee, these engines get tested, supposedly. So why are they burning up. I made the dumb mistake of buying a manual shift Mustang. With less than 4,000 miles it BLEW UP. They had to fly a guy in from Detroit to fix it. Then I got really stupid and bot a Ranger. Constant electrical problems; airbag warnings for no reason. Door adjar for no reason. On and on. Never will buy another rotten Ford product.


I have a 1.6L 2013 Ford Escape that I waited almost 5 months for after ordering it related to recalls , and now another one..although I love my ride this is a little unbelievable. Hope Ford fires the engineering team from this line


Like many I was enthusiastically waiting for the new redesigned Escape. I am one of those owners that my car is sitting at a dealer waiting for some kind of action. I am wondering now if the issue is deeper in that there is an design flaw in the powertrain?


Luv my new escape as well, however, I am not willing to wait forever for them to fix it either. Right now they gave me a loaner which is pretty awful.. Do not like that I will be making payments on a car I can't drive. Will wait to see how long this is going to take then I may need to take action for a car I can trust.


Love my Escape too. Only had it for two months. Waited more than 10 years to buy a new car. Had never been interested in any other vehicle until now except a Honda CRV but fell in like with the Escape. Never experienced a recall. Ford should let us trade up to the Titanium 2.0-liter engine model for free. GM offered to buy their Volt cars after the recall about a year ago. Did Ford know of the new issues after the last recall but made the Escape available to the consumer anyway? Three words--class action suit. Not liking paying for a vehicle that I am unable to driver either indefinitely. My loaner sucks and barks at the moon. It looks like it was involved in a fire with smoke residue on the glass. Lysol is my only passenger.


I also purchased a 2013 escape and can not even imagine how a bunch of overpaid enginers could create a mess like what is happening to this 1.6 engine. Heads need to roll and Ford needs to step up to the plate and provide us with a car upgrade as GM did on the Volt.


Just had my Escape brought into the dealer yesterday by flatbed. Escapes all over the service area. Service manager has no clue on timing on a fix. He admitted it is embarrassing. I called corporate yesterday, they are working on a compsensation plan. Urge people to keep calling corporate.
i want a 2.0 Titatium for free.


What is corporate's phone number? I am extremely disappointed that after 3 weeks that my 2013 Escape is recalled and that I am now driving a "not so nice" loaner car. Don't want to make a payment on a car that I can't drive. What kind of compensation is Ford willing to make for this? They still have no clue what is going on or a date when I can start driving my escape again.


ditto to all the comments before me. Class action suit or give me an upgrade for free. Dealer offered to upgrade me to a 2.0 just like mine for $6500 difference and they keep rebate. what a slap in the face. Mine only has 1300 miles..What an insult.


Avis manager told me no fix as of yet and could be a month (if not longer). I have a 2012 ford fusion they gave me as a rental so it will do, but it isn't awd and now I can't take my 120lb dog anywhere which is an inconvience because he goes where I go. I don't know how this car will go in the snow. I am a nurse so calling off for bad weather is not something I will do and haven't for 11yrs. I always depended on awd or 4wd vehicles and this is making me regret getting rid of my Toyota FJ Cruiser. This escape is by far the most expensive ride that I have owned as well. (mid 30,000 range) and I can't even drive it. I had no warnings come up on my dash so kudos to ford for recalling if there is serious risks but don't continue to sell them until you have a fix. This is the fourth recall. I didn't own it then and should have done more research in regards to that. However no matter what car company you choose the first year for a brand new engine will always be iffy. I traded the FJ Cruiser in because I only got about 16mpg in it. My escape even with the ecoboost engine and using 89 fuel is only getting 23mpg which is not what the estimated amount should be. I don't gas it at green lights or drive like I am in the indy 500 either. Usually also use cruise control. I would like to see the line do well because of the different engine but if this goes on there is always the lemon law or class action lawsuite. I love paying over 400 a month and add insurance to that for a car that I can't drive. When I dropped it off they told me 5 days which is what they were probably instructed to say. Why lie? Just say you don't know. They also claim it is voluntary but they certainly did not make it sound that way on the phone. Honesty goes a long way.


I tried calling Ford customer service today. Good thing I wasn't calling from the car using my flakey Sync system or I might be toast now - waited over thirty minutes before I gave up

pissed off

we have a 2 month old 2013 escape. it was built special order for us after the second recall. it's now at the dealer since dec 1 when we got a call at 0915 hours est! that it was being recalled and not to drive it due to a high risk of a fire. christ!this is recall number 3 for a possible fire problem.
while we have been driving fords since 1964 and always loved them. we have had only one bad one, a 1978 mustang turbo. with this one ford we want it replaced with one having the 2.0 and a extended 100.000 mile warrenty for free.
and ford heave enterprise rental out the door. we are now in number 3 and while it's a suv it's in as bad a shape as number one. which some one had blown buggers out of thier nose out onto the dash board screen.the enterprise guy had the brass to say it's not that it's a problem with the screens face,it also felt like it would stall when decelling on the highway. it had a broken side veiw mirror had no washer fuild in it and a quart low on engine oil with the oil service lamp on. anwser to that was they forgot to reset it. number 2 had a stink like something had died inside of it.kind of a mold stink. we are now in number 3 it was delivered to us dirty in need of a washing and with only 1/4 tank of gas. i'm a retired dealer mechanic, never in my 45 years of working the field had i had to deal with such problems.
ok ford has had to round up around 89.000 rentals. at least be sure they are clean,well mantained and delivered with a full tank of gas.


Corporate number is 800 392 3673 Hit 1 and 4 and then 4 again. Listen to the prompts. There is a section for the recall.
Going to have to go through corporate. Dealers do not know anything. I want a 2.0 Titanium with extended warranty for free. Enterprise not great either. Cars stink, not washed and most dont have any gas in them.

Loralie Helbock

I have a 2013 Escape... 1 month old ..800 miles on it.... first ford in my life and I am in my 60's. Enterprise gave me a 2013 Nissan Juke as a rental, hot little car but not the ride I paid for.....I called Ford and they said a minimum of two weeks on a other options at this time but the rentals.


here's a follow up on mine..i tried to make a deal with our local dealer..they called me today and said to hold off any deal..I told them I wanted to hold off on my offer anyway and the salesman said that was a good idea..i said i either wanted a free one upgraded or I will join a lawsuit, he told me they were trying to work out a deal..waiting to see what they offer..also notifying them they will be required to pay my monthly payment and insurance..i'm sure they'll buy off on that (right) needs to man up..this escape looks great, drives great and we love it, very popular..never had a ford before this is our first would think ford would want to take care of satisfied customers before they become dissatisfied.


Purchased a 2013 Escape SEL end of October, have only 1500 miles on it and now I'm driving a rental. (2012 VW Passat) Passat is a nice ride, but I am not paying insurance or a vehicle payment to drive a rental. MY Escape has been at the dealer since MON 12/3 sitting outside in all types of Buffalo NY weather when it normally is in a heated garage. Before the most recent recall for the vehicle starting on fire, I took a weekend trip to Methuen MA (north of Boston) and put nearly 500 miles on the Escape. During the trip, I did not experience any sort of overheating or other problem associated with the most recent recall and wonder if a problem existed in my Escape if that during the trip I should have had a problem. In any event, I've just made my 1st payment on a vehicle that I cannot drive. I spoke with the Ford dealer today and they still do not have any answer for a repair to the problem nor what the problem maybe. Even when the problem is found, it will still that more time to produce the necessary parts to remedy the problem. How much more time are we talking, another week? 2 weeks? 3 weeks? Longer? Ford is alotting $ 50.00 per day for rental fees, per customer based on the 89,000 or so Escapes & Fusions recalled, using those figures, it is costing Ford roughly $ 30 million per week in rental fees alone. With Ford's continued problem with its 1.6 L EcoBoost engine, I would like Ford to upgrade my current Escape SEL to a 2.0L with the same options at no cost to me. Chevrolet had a similar issue at the beginning of 2012 with the Volt and Chevy opted to either replace or refund the vehicle to its customers. I should not be penalized for Ford's blunder and something on Ford's part needs to be done. Finally the communication from Ford is less to be desired. Nearly a week after leaving my vehicle at the dealer, I had to call and see if any updates were avaliable on the recall status. My dealer had no further information and appears I will have to call Ford Motor Corp. to try and get some answers. I've always bought foreign cars (VW & Toyota) and thought I'd give Ford a shot. Maybe I should've stuck with what I've always purchased.


Had my Escaoe for only 2 weeks before this recall.. 340 miles.. Now I'm driving a loaner and still have to make the monthly payments on a car that is sitting on a dealers lot... No idea on how long a fix will take either... But, I can say that if the end of the year comes and no resolution, I am demanding a refund or they have to upgrade me to the SEL with all the bells and whistles at no extra cost to me.


When i bought mine it was the first one in our date 6 others have sold because of them seeing ours and liking it..HEY everyone..check this to then put in ford excape...wife just told me ford ordered dealers to provide owners with compairable vehicles for those of you with rentals..ours was a dealer loaner so if you settle for getting yours back with the repairs, make sure you get everything you're suppose to...I'm worried something later might happen so i'm going for an upgrade from SEL 1.6 to 2.0 or they can give us titanium to make me go away..otherwise back to toyota I go..


I just made my first payment on my 2013 SEL Escape. Last Sunday I drove a 300 mile roundtrip. On the way home, I did get the message“Engine Power Reduced to Lower Temps”. At the time, I was not aware of the recall, and I just thought, must be something special with my fancy engine. My car did not catch on fire, but it was overheating, which shouldn't be happening. They tried to put me in a Focus today and I insisted on an SUV. They took me to enterprise and now I'm driving a jeep patriot. I'm not happy that I'm driving a $15000 car and paying for a $30000 car. I'm not so much upset over a recall, but I am upset that they don't know why it's overheating, how to fix it or when it will be resolved. I love my Escape. I wonder what kind of compensation plan they are trying to come up with? I'm with you, I'd take a Titanium at no extra charge to me.


I purchased my 2013 Escape on November 30, drove home and got a call from my salesman the next morning to return the car. I agree with others that we should either be allowed a buy back or an upgrade for no extra charge. This is my first Ford and only second new car I've ever purchased. Disappointing.


Follow up from SAT 12/8- Called Ford Motor Corp. & was told no new info was available. It appears Ford is keeping everyone in the dark. Local news doesn't mention recall staus and national news isn't much better. When Toyota had their recall problems, news reported on more frequently. Bad enough vehicle is sitting, but can't Ford give its customers updates?


I also have a 2013 Escape SEL w/1.6 Ecoboost engine. Purchased 6.27.12 & am now on 4th recall. Using 2012 Fusion from Enterprise-not what I purchased & not what I wanted. This was 1st new vehicle in 10 yrs. Talked w/dealer about exchange & purchase of 2013 Escape w/2.0 eco or 2.5 duratec & he said they could only do a trade-in. Like I should be penalized for the engineering errors of Ford, even when I was willing to give them add'l money for the upgrade! I agree that Ford needs to offer a buy-back or simply allow us to upgrade to a different engine w/full-credit for our current vehicle.


try looking at this site. I sent them an email with my info. You will probably have to check it out for your state but they appear to be in several states.


I also bought a new Escape SE 2013 at the end of Oct this year it was my very first purchase of a new car.

Prior to the recall I had brak issues where the brakes squealed when coming to a full stop. They fixed it said the pad were faulty and replaced them. 2 weeks later it started up. made appointment to bring in for braks again, was told about the recall they took my escape and gave me a rental.

They could not fix the brakes again because of the recall.

Anyone else have issues with their brakes?

I also, agree, an upgrade is in order.


We purchased the 2013 Ford Escape in Mississippi for my daughter who lives in Illinois on November 25th. She drove it home and to work for 8 days and it has been at the shop ever since. While we did receive a call from the dealer, Ford Motor Company has not sent the first letter to my home or given any update as to how long they plan on keeping the vehicle, or even what the plan is for a fix. I feel as though they put my daughter at risk! They knew they had a problem and let us purchase the vehicle anyway knowing she would be taking it to Illinois. The dealer says they had no idea the Escape had any recalls prior to this one, which I find hard to believe! While they have given her a rental, it is less than comparable and when she went to pick up the rental it was empty. When asked if they would be filling the car up with fuel she was told by the manager of the rental company "No, we are under staffed. You can take it like that, or bring the car back empty." I would prefer a full refund of the purchase price, but from what I am hearing it will be a fix when they have one, and a lifetime warranty. So what are they going to do if you purchase the extended warranty. It still will not save their name in my eyes. Will never purchase a ford again.

I upgraded from my 2001 Ford Escape to a 2013 Ford Escape/1.6L engine. Paid cash for it on 9-15 and turned it back into dealer on 12-6-12. I demanded a similar rental car. Got a Ford Flex, roomy but not as stylish and fuel economical. Told my salesperson to be on the lookout for similar features in Escape only with 2.0L engine. Indiana Lemon Laws state that after 30 BUSINESS days, if the vehicle is not repaired to my satisfaction I can return the vehicle to the dealer for the full price that I paid for it. After being a Ford Escape owner for 12 years(my first Escape had quite a few recalls also) I am willing to be patient but only up to the 31 business day mark. I do not want a remedy to the engine fire thing, I want a solution! I also feel that the dealer should have disclosed that there had already been recalls on that vehicle. I realize that a entirely revamped car will have a few bugs, but for me to pay insurance on a car that is sitting at the dealers lot is ridiculous.

Linda Noberini

I too am extremely disappointed with my dealership. I waited 15 years to buy my new 2013 Ford Escape. I had it only 3 weeks - 425 miles on it - when I was told to return it because it was unsafe to continue driving it. I was told there was no fix and engineers are working on the problem. I am very, very dissatisfied with the salesman for not disclosing the fact that the sel 1.6 model was recalled 2 other times. I would have purchased the 2.0. I feel Ford should offer an upgrade at no extra charge!


I just called corporate and my dealer for the 10th time. Dealer has no information still ! Corporate was at least nicer than my own dealer. I am complaining to the New York state Attorney general office. I also put a call into the New York Times Reporter named Jim Cobb. He is the automobile reporter . I am hoping he returns my call. There needs to be a investigation about this.

pissed off

in new jersey if it sits unrepaired for 20 days it is a lemon. today is number 10 for mine. no word from my dealer's owner who knows we want it replaced with another plus the 2.0 and extended warrenty for free.
for people looking for lawyers doing lemon law cases another firm watching the days is they handle 14 states and have our case in the waiting to be filed.
plus in the news today states it is another week before they have a fix ready.a up grade of the software to control the cooling system? FORD i am a retired ase master tech, with 45 years in dealership shops and have owned fords for 50 years that fails to pull any wool over my eyes.

pissed off


ENTERPRISE RENTAL! your cars all stink. number 3 is a santa fe suv. the seat bottom cushion is broken, plus we not only have one for the escape we have a beat up f150 thanks to our insurance company for a hit and run on our other car. there is green mold growing in the cup holders!! guy said thats ok we missed it cleaning it, gas don't they believe in filling them,every one had less then 1/4 tanks.


here's my update: I received an email from ford today. Hi Gary, My name is Yvette and I am with Ford's Customer Relationship Center. I received your email regarding your suggestion to upgrade engine of the recalled 2013 Ford Escape. I am sorry to hear that your vehicle is involved with Safety Recall 12S41. I apologize for the inconvenience that this may caused you. I understand that you are disappointed regarding the performance of your 2013 Escape, which is now involved in the 12S41 recall. . Ford makes safety a top priority. Therefore, Ford Motor Company is working proactively to address the concern and put in place the correct and effective repair on our vehicles with recall 12S41. Under the guidelines of the program, there is no compensation as of yet. Ford makes safety a top priority. Therefore, we are advising our customers to drive their vehicle to the nearest Ford dealership to arrange alternative transportation as soon as possible. You will receive communications from Ford within 7-10 business days with your next steps and more details regarding recall 12S41. We are working as quickly as possible to provide our customer with the best resolution to this issue. If you need further assistance with your service or repair needs, please speak with Service Manager Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your loyalty to Ford. Thank you for your contacting Ford Motor Company. Sincerely, Yvette Customer Relationship Center Ford Motor CompanyI have contacted a missouri lemon law lawyer, they are suppose to contact me. We'll see.


Hey Gary, what part of MO are you? I'm in KC.

I find it interesting that I have not recieved one piece of mail from FORD. Have any of you recieved anything about the recall in the mail?


Not a word.


Hi everyone, I received a letter from ford yesterday. It is just a standard form letter informing me of the recall. No other information provided. I called up my dealer again. No information. They werent even that nice ! I talked to the salesman that sold me the car orginally. I told him I want a 2.0 Titanium, or Ill take a SEL. I have the SE. He said that the SE 's come with 2.0. and he hinted that it cost a 1000.00 more. I told him I want a upgrade and I am not paying for anything. He told me it is the engine that is the problem not the features. I said I want to be compensated for this. He laughed and told me to deal with corporate. I also sent an email to the sales manager, I have not heard back yet . I have not owned a ford for about 20 years. This might be the last one I invest in. They dont seem to understand the public relations nightmare this is going to cause


Being a supplier, I have direct involvement with Ford Engineering. I must say I have NEVER worked with an OEM (and I have worked with ALL of them) that does as poor a job of product validation as Ford. Their first priority with new products is time to market, and the hell with making sure all issues are resolved prior to selling to the public. Shame on you Ford. I will NEVER buy a Ford product.


I recieved the canned recall letter today. At this time, I'm not bothering my dealership. I figure I should give them a chance to resolve this issue. I'm not happy about it, don't get me wrong. I'm keeping a journal of my dates of events.
I just feel the need to put my 2 cents in about the rentals. I see a few people having problems with Enterprise cars. Your dealership cannot do anything about the cars that Enterprise rents. Complain to Enterprise. They also have a corporate office.
The Lemon Law in MO says I have to give them 30 days to fix the problem.


I bought my 2013 Escape in July and have been involved in all 3 recalls. When I called to arrange my transportation, I was told they didn't have enough rental cars and were providing two per day. I had to wait 1 week, and I continued to drive my car. If they car is so dangerous, why did they let me do this? I read about the software fix online, but my service department told me they were told not to mention anything to anyone because they're not sure if this is the "fix". They also advised me to ask for a corporate buyout on my car. I'm going to try once again to get someone at corporate to answer my calls. Tired of paying for a car that has been in the shop more than I've driven it. I'm counting down the days until I hit the 30 day mark, then PA Lemon Law here I come! I'll walk before I buy another Ford!


My dealer called today and told me ford figured out the software glitch. said they would not have the software for at least two weeks then it would be about three weeks after until i get it back. Lemon law here I come. I have the Fusion as well with the motor. I took delivery on my "leased" vehicle November 9th and less than three weeks later I had it back to the dealer for this recall. It is frustrating that I am paying for a leased vehicle while it sits in the shop.

the rental experience was ridiculous. originally hertz tried to put me in a Yaris (never heard of that car until that day) and it was soaked on the inside. i then was put into a mazda2. being 6 foot 1 it made it a challenge. after a week of that i now have my nissan with 25000 miles on it. I throughly enjoy making a car payment and driving a rental.

Is it true that we could complain and request a replacement of greater value? Would corporate upgrade us to a higher model with the 2.0 motor???

I love this car but I'm disgusted im driving and paying for a foreign POS.


I found a lemon law lawyer. here is their info. They called me today and they want more info from us to determine our case and when i told them they need to check out all of your comments and the other umteen thousand people in the same boat, they said they would look into it..i encourage everyone to at least contact them or check them consultation..janet, west central missouri..i read the missouri lemon law and unless i misunderstood it, it states if your without your vehicle for at least 30 days in a calendar year for repairs you qualify..

Brent Wikgren

Attorney at Law

Krohn & Moss, Ltd.

10 N. Dearborn St.

3rd Floor

Chicago, IL 60602

(312) 578-9428 x203 (direct)

(866) 289-0898 (Illinois fax number)

(866) 431-5576 (Florida fax number)

Licensed in Florida and Illinois




Maybe i misunderstood the lemon law in MO. I'll read it again.
I know some of you have beeen involved in all the recalls. I totally feel your pain. This is the first for me and it's a doozy. Am I correct in understanding we really have no recourse unless we've reached the 30 day mark in the shop? Don't get me wrong. I really like my Escape. But am I going to feel safe with the 1.6? And when we do trade it in years down the road, are we going to get hit with not holding a value because of this recall?


Just took mine in.....ugh!!


I am allowed to "trade-up" to the bigger 2.0 engine, for $4000!!!! Um, originally the bigger engine was only $1095 more. This is the compensation plan? I get today's trade-in value on my faulty 1.6 and pay almost $3000 more for something that was originally only $1095 more. NOT!


SB, i received a call from my dealer today. He said Ford called them and said to offer me an additional 2500 to trade up, that brought our deal to 3800 difference so far, they originally wanted 6600 to trade. I would go with the 1000 difference for their cost to upgrade ..but they keep pissing me off and i won't even take that offer. Ford sent me another response but it was basically the same response as yesterday only from someone else. Where's that petition..we need to get it to the news media.


Gary, yes - I should have mentioned the $2500 offer to trade up - that is what I got also, bringing my difference to $4000. If they would do the $1095 I'd take it, but not anything above that. Yes, we all need to stand firm - I am hoping we will get WHAT WE PAID!!!! Hopeful, with patience,it will work out for all of us.


I spoke with Ford yesterday - The person I spoke to on phone just advised I would have the option to let them buy the car back off of me for what i paid or they would offer me an upgrade. When I asked about what the upgrade offer was, I was just advised somebody would be in touch with me within next 7-10 days and he couldn't answer. He said he wasn't aware if the upgrade would cost me anything or not. When I advised I didn't agree with having to pay anything to upgrade, he just said he agreed and that shouldn't be the case. I assume everyone else is getting a case # when they are talking with the, I know I am.


I too called corporate and got a case number. I inquired about the buy back. I think safety is the number one issue here.

I however was lucky and got a GMC Terrain as a rental with 38 miles on it... Very nice ride.

What does everyone think the odds are about the buyback? Would they cover the cost of what you paid including tax title and license? Just wondering...


Talked to corporate and got a case number - the lady I talked to said this is a sales/financing question, not a recall question!?! I told her, no this was NOT, that I am asking her to document that I am requesting a buyback for what I paid, so that I could trade up to the bigger engine without losing money (downpayment, depreciation, and my employee discount plan (sibling in the business)). She then said she needs to research more and call me back. Then she came back and gave me a case number and said she was putting it through to the buyback department. I asked if this is what they are doing for every case. She said they are working diligently at this and have a department dedicated just to this issue. I will get a call in 7-10 BUSINESS days about it. So, more sit and wait. Very frustrating!


I called the day after I heard about the recall and was told by the service manager at the dealer, "DO NOT DRIVE IT. Call roadside assistance and have it picked up and brought in." I did that and have been without the car since December 4th. I did get a letter about the recall a few (3) days ago, but there was no more information than what I already knew. I think I'm going to call corporate and get a case number to express my displeasure and ask for some type of compensation. The car has less than a thousand miles on it and I've had it for a little over two months.


I got a call this evening from the service manager at the dealer and he told me my Escape was repaired and ready to be picked up....


what number are you calling to get corporate and a case number..cant wait to hear what kind of crap they're going to tell me.


If everyone calls and requests an upgrade at no additional charge, maybe they will get the message. As for finance, I think they can do a substitution for collateral?? think that is what it's called. I'm not sure on that...Anyway, Yes, please post the number for us all to call corporate.


Is there any class action?
Which lawyer should i call.

I boughy my car at a dealer in NJ.
I broughy my car on dec 6 and they told me my car wont be ready before at least january, maybe. Longer.
What can i do ?


ill post the corporate number I have to find it. I received a call from them. This is the offer, I received 2500.00 over trade in value, plus there is a 1500.00 cash incentive program you can combine and there is a 500.00 dollar discount if you finance with ford, which I did originally anyway. So I purchased a SE 2.1 FWD drive has roof rack package and enhanced sound system and bigger wheels. I ended up paying 1895.00 more. Which I am stil somewhat annoyed at becuase we shoud get an upgrade without paying anymore. But they would not budge and I went to another dealer and it was the same thing. The problem is the trade in value is a lot of lower than what I purchased the vehicle for. You need to get the highest trade in value you can and then use these other incentives if you want to upgrade to a 2.0


On my trade the dealer said no way he was giving up the rebate. What ford doesn't know is i am buying a new truck. Was considering a new ford but they screw this up and insult me here i come. No big deal for them but hopefully everyone I tell will reconsider buying a ford.


Gary you should go to a different dealer. Corporate number is 800 392 3673 Hit 1 4 4 and 1


just picked up my escape and talked to the service manager. he told me the software upgrade consisted of changing the parameters for when the system alerts you to overheating. I asked if the engine was prone to over heating, and he said he didn't have an answer for that. This makes me a bit nervous.


After I went to the dealer and confronted them, they said they can fix before next week, and then they call me and told me I had an oil leak into the exhaust manifold. So I am not sure if I want this car back?

I am really pissed off.


Just traded out of my SEL 1.6 into a 2.0.
My dealer was very fair and understood our anxiety.
Gary,don't know how a dealer could not give the rebate. The manufacturer is giving it, not the dealer.Good luck.


Question to Duckworth. Did your dealer do an even swap of your SEL 1.6 into the 2.0? I've started to talk with my dealer about swapping my SEL 1.6 Escape for a V6 Premium Mustang but Mustang is $ 5000 less than what I paid for escape. Dealer said they could swap me into another vehicle, such as Mustang, but I need to discuss further with them on some sort of compensation for a vehicle that costs less than what I initially paid for. Not sure even how they would do the transaction.

Just dropped mine off at my dealer today. My Escape is my business vehicle (business graphics applied) and was I was in Missouri all last week for business. I have always thought the interior smelled hot when I ran the climate control fan. Also noticed my temp guage went from C to middle of C & H in a matter of seconds after starting the vehicle.
Back to my dealer story......they told me that they would be in touch within the next week. Told them I needed something comparable in size so I can haul my tools and ladders.....what did they give me....a Fusion. Not only am I making a monthly payment on something that I cant utilize, Im paying for advertising and losing possible new clients.
I believe Ford needs to make a gesture of good faith in providing their 2013 customers the option of upgrading to the vehicle of their choice for no charge. This would take care of any compensation that could be necessary.
Dont know if the Explorer is having any problems, but thats what I want. Not driving a new vehicle that continously is having safety issues. If I wanted to have a vehicle that does that, I would have bought a used vehicle.


Hey Joe, no on the even swap. We worked out a nice discounted price on the new 2.0 and they gave me full credit for what I paid for the 1.6. They took care of the doc and I paid the extra sales tax. Which was not much since here in NC you only pay sales tax on "new money"...difference in trade and new cost. They were "repairing" my 1.6 as we were working on the deal, but, I did not want it back.


Duckworth, thanks for the info. Hopefully my dealer will be able to assist me as your dealer did. What a pain this has been for everyone involved and hopefully the 2.0L doesn't have any problems.
Thanks again.

I was offered 3 options
1) Make 1 payment on lease
2) ESP Warranty 75000 miles
3) 2500 Trade assist

The invoice on my Fusion is $25000. I was looking trade into a new ford edge 29600.

When the dealer ran the numbers he is only giving me 20700 for trade. That is 4300 difference. Why is Ford only giving 2500 trade assist. The should be giving 4300 on the trade or the dealer needs to give more value on the trade. What about the tax and fees that we paid to get the first vehicle. I only had the car for one week.

john ross

I bought one too after owning a trailblazer since 2002. I use for my business. Very upset and disappointed. They say they have a software fix? How does this prevent a fire if the engine overheats for some othere reason down the line? I would like a refund. I have 1k miles on it and its been at dealer since Dec 2nd with vague updates. Worst high end purchase i made. Ive lost faith in this vehicle.

pissed off

try'm also in NJ, under nj's lemon law down 20 days and not fixed you can file a case. i strongly advise you talk to these people as they are a major law frim covering 14 states and come with very big backing of several tv news channels.
as to our own,not one word since it went in 17 days ago and we told the dealers owner we wanted a replacement at NO COST .
again read the lawyers website for better information and call wabc tv''s reporter listed in their web site.


A friend of mine who is a highly skilled auto technician purchased a used Chevrolet Malibu for his wife rather than a used Ford Fusion. That tells me something right there. He isn't brand bias either since he owns a Dodge diesel p/u truck, Mazda p/u, Ford Ranger p/u and Chevrolet S10 p/u.

old woman

I got a call today mine is ready tomorrow


I got a call today mine is ready tomorrow


I got a call today that mine should be ready by the end of the week... just in time for a road trip I have planned. (make me a little nervous) I was actually hoping to take the rental instead. I got very lucky. was in a jeep patriot that felt like I was driving my husbands truck with a lawn mower motor. Called Enterprise and asked to switch. Now I'm in an escape.

mark klohmann

I called Jim Cobbs at the New York Times, I told him about the recall. He knows about it, but I told him about upgrading to the 2.0 and having to pay additional monies to do it. And the fact that we are taking up to a 4500.00 hit on our trade calls for vehicles that are sixth month and under old. I bought mine in september and has 1988 miles. Email Mr. Cobb. The more people the better chance they will investigate


Called the "customer relationship center" (866-436-7332) as suggested, and I was told that Ford is developing a "buy back program" of some sort and someone will call me in the next 7 to 10 days. Some information was taken and I was given a case number. Let's hope they get this right!!!

Nashville Lee

Haven't been notified by the dealer or anyone about a fix to our vehicle. Seeing on here it is just a matter of time until it's ready. My biggest complaints are that I get put in a rental vehicle that gets 18 mpg compared to my escape getting avg of 26. Driving a thousand miles a week for work, that's a couple hundred extra dollars. I think ford needs to offer some sort of "make it right" incentive. On top of that, I have two small children in car seats. If it did catch on fire...that's terrifying!


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I'm looking for a new SUV and was just about to drive the 2013 Escape at my local Ford dealer. I had no previous knowledge of the recalls, but those along with the manner in which Ford appears to be treating their customers makes me want to stay far, far away from Ford. Unfortunately, your pain is now my gain. Thanks to this blog, I think I'll wait until the Toyota RAV 4 becomes available sometime in January.


Update- Met with my dealer tonight about opting out of my SEL 1.6L Escape. Was initially told by salesman that vehicle would be swapped out with a comparable vehicle at little cost to me. This sounded like a great option to get out of this 1.6L mess so I decided to test drive a V6 Premium Mustang. (MSRP $ 29,580) The MSRP on my SEL 1.6L Escape when I purchased it late October 2012 was $ 35,000 so I figured I would finance a considerable amount less than what I am for the Escape. Upon discussing finiancial business, salesman informed me that he was misinformed about this vehicle swap out and that Ford is not allowing this avenue to rectify the problem. At this point I was not too happy with what the dealer had to say. Dealer told me that my SEL Escape would have to be taken in as a regular vehicle trade. Again, not very happy that a vehicle I've had less than 2 months, 3 weeks of which has been at the dealer for repairs, was considered a normal trade. Told them I wanted a comparable vehicle swap like they mentioned earlier. They said Ford was not doing that, instead offered a $ 2500 trade-in allowance. Here comes the bullsh*t, dealer appraised a trade-in value of my Escape & told me it was worth $ 24,000!!!! Are you kidding me!!! The Escape depreciated $ 11,000 in a matter of less than 2 months. Dealer did mention however that I would receive the additional $ 2500 trade-in allowance,wow that really makes a difference. Told dealer that the Mustang I am looking at is roughly $ 6000 less than what I paid for Escape and the I should only have to finance $ 6000 or so less than I am now for my Escape. How pathetic is that? I've been able to drive my vehicle nearly as long as it's been at the dealer for repair. Dealer continued to work out some pricing options but I told them I would only finance $ 12,000 at the most since the Mustang was considerably less than what I paid for Escape. Best they could do was 48 months @ $ 377per w/the extended warranty, which would raise the monthly payment anyways. That financing price would have been $ 18,000 plus the extended warranty & interest. of course this deal is not acceptable and was able to speak to sales manager. He said that the offer above was the best he could do and when I asked about the "buy-back program" Ford is working on, he said that the $ 2500 trade-in allowance is part of the buy-back program" Sales manager and my saleman seemed honest that their best deal the came out with was nothing near what they would personally take if they were in my situation. They said basically Ford determined what they wanted to do with these affecte recall vehicles and that the dealer themself can only dend as far as they have been told to do so. It appears Ford knows little to nothing about keeping customers happy and customer service is next to existent. Was told the my vehicle is "allegedly" supposed to be "fixed" tomorrow and that I should be able to pick it up, Woo Hoo!!
Called the Ford Customer Service (866-436-7332) and spoke with rep. I filed a claim about the potential vehicle buyback. Rep is supposed to review my case and contact me in 7-10 business days. Maybe this will give me an escape out of my Escape. Otherwise all I can hope for is another recall & my 30 calendar days will be closer to being up soem I can qualify for the Lemon law in NY and get my money back on this vehicle.
Finally, What else can be said about Ford, what a "quality" company as it regards to how it treats its customers. Hope everyone takes action like I am & maybe enough voices will be heard and Ford will do whatsright to make its customers happy. If not, this will be the 1st and only new Ford vehicle I will ever own. What a mistake on my part for giving for giving a chance. Extremely dissatisfied!!!

Joe...Thats a bunch of crap! I will be calling the relations line today and will update what my situation is. Took mine in last Sat and was told by the mechanic he would see me in 2 days. Owner told me he would see me in a month.......Interesting. Ford needs to give every Escape owner with the 1.6L engine the option of a buyback for the full amount of the purchase price or at least that much for a trade in credit. Thats the least they can do!


I upgraded to the 2.0 same model SE had to pay 2K more. Not at all happy. I got them to eliminate some of the fees and they did not charge me for the color ruby red which is more money. I put in a call to the corp number I am waiting to hear back from a supervisor. Dealers are not cooperating at all. We should not be penalized for not wanting to drive the 1.6L


I was informed after 3 weekd of not having my 2013 Escape that it was being worked on and I would have it the next day, however noone called me. Went in the following day and the service mgr told me the recall parts were fixed but that FORD was not 100% sure that it was the main cause of the issues so they needed more time to go over my vehicle to make sure nothing else was wrong. Well they found another oil leak in an unrelated area and now have to oder parts for that. I had only drove this new Escaope for 1 month, less than 1000 miles and all these problem.. Not happy, and I dont even know if I feel safe getting it back if and when I do. Waiting to hear back from corporate on what my options are..


Hey I posted earlier, I was able to trade out of my 1.6 and received all I paid for it on a new 2.0 Titanium. I had pay the difference in the cost of the two cars but I expected to do that. My dealer here in NC was very responsive. A local family dealership for the past 50 years. My reason for this post is to advise I have been through the corporate "will get back to you in 7-10 days" I have contacted them by phone and by e-mail twice. All three times I got the same response....will get back to you 7-10 days. These contacts were about 19-20 days ago and no reply on any of them. Just a "heads up" and good luck.


Update- Dealer called me today & said my Escape was ready for p/u. Took rental back to dealer & picked up Escape. Upon driving out of parking lot, I automatically could tell the difference in the Escape's horsepower. It seems to run really well so far and I almost thought they had replaced my 1.6L with the 2.0 Quite suprised how well the vehicle accelerates compared to how it did before. Time will tell if this repair resolves the recall issue.


My Escape has been at the dealer since Dec 3rd Got a call on Monday that the software had arrive and the were working on the vehicles. Not a word since. Tried to upgrade to the 2.o they only wanted to give me almost 4000 less for my escape to trade. It has 1200 miles on it. I agree that Ford should allow upgrade at no cost to owners. Was also told by dealer that the trade in price on my car had decreased. Not my fault.

Troy S.

I feel bad for the people affected by this Its sad to see folks having to pay for vehicles they can't drive, given shoddy rental vehicles and the corporate communication run around. Even worse some dealers are trying to profit from it. One thing that I didn't see mentioned is resale value. It's going to be low. Especially after several recalls and the negative stigma from them. Sure, when you buy any product, there's risk but in this case owners should be afforded some customer satisfaction perk.


Just got mine from the dealership today. It looks fine


Had my 2013 Escape into the dealer today they fixed the recall problem but found an unexplained oil leak they had to look into. Mechanic said other Escapes they had worked on this week had other fluid leaks mine was the first one with a oil problem. he said Ford doesn't even know about this latest issue. Dealer set me up in a 2013 Escape SEL till mine gets fixed. Ford should buy back the Escapes at no charge to upgrade to the next model with the 2.0


My 2013 escape has just had the new software update to supposedly prevent the engine from catching fire. All recalls are now up to date. Also a new dashboard was installed as was defective from factory. Not happy with gas mileage. Very nervous about driving car with family and grandchildren! I agree with everybody that we need Ford to step to the plate and make this bad situation right! jc

Cathy Thompson

I am happy to say I too am trading in my 1.6 for a 2.0. I am thrilled. I had to be a shrewd negotiator. I have had my 2013 Escape since August 10th. I put 4500 miles on it. Initially, the dealership was charging me for depreciation on the trade in. . Again, it's not our fault we have to trade out! Suck up the cost of the depreciation Ford! They did that. I am only paying for the difference in the upgrade of the new engine. I'll deal with that! To all of you, use your bargaining power. They are sales people. I am not the least bit disappointed. If you can do better than that more power to you!


I just got back my escape fixed. Nevertheless, I noticed thant i can shift speed even in Driver mode. Before it was working in the S mode. Do you have the same on your escpe


I bought my 2013 Escape on Nove 30th, was supposed to take delivery on Dec 3rd, but couldnt due to the recall. Finally got my Escape on the 21st of Dec. Does anyone else hate the Escape ride? It feels like I am riding in a plowed field! Totally agree that FORD Stinks! I am looking at a Taurus, since I am already sucked into Ford at this point. NOT HAPPY with the $2500 trade in they are offering. My Escape has only 300 miles on it!


@shiela: you know, it is possible to test drive vehicles before you purchase them. That way you know how they ride.

@anyone else: have any if you who've posted about ford customer care gotten any follow up? And does anyone have details about the actual fix? what was done? Software doesn't take 3 weeks to install...


Bought my Fusion Election Day...460 miles later Dec i it was at dealer for recall. today they offered me 5000 less than I paid for it to updgrade to same MSRP 2.0. Where in North Carolina is your dealership Cathy?


Well, Just got my Fusion back after 21 days at the dealer. Was told there would be absolutely no difference in mpg, rpm, horsepower, etc. On a short trip which included highway, I reset the mpg as soon as I got on highway. Now, let me say that when we drove the car from Columbus, OH to Chicago I got 40 mpg on the highway. Today, on the highway, I got 28 mpg. Will take car out for extended test drive tomorrow. Not happy so far. Something has been changed.

@Brian, I totally agree! Just got mine back today after undergoing the recall since Dec 15. Asked the dealer about trading or if Ford would do a buyback. His answer was that I have too much negative equity and there isnt anything they can do to help. Interesting change of attitude since I walked into the dealership to purchase this piece of unsafe crap! Not very happy thats for sure. I did notice that when I take my seatbelt off while driving now, the alarm does not sound nor does the guage display light up. Ford needs to do more to keep us all as customers!


@Jeff, if something's different, please share what it is. What did the dealer say? An engine is metal and is not flammable, so how exactly does different 1s and 0s solve this issue?
There's no reporting being done; this comment board can be a valuable exchange of info.
Also: remember that these dealers are not your friend. Dealers are not Ford. It's a headache for the dealers too, and they want you and that car out of their lives. Demand better answers and service than some of you have been getting.

Sally H

ALERT: My 2013 1.6 Ford Escape's Power Steering Locked 2 seperate times in the same day while traveling on congested roads, making the vechicle impossible to navigate. After 3 recalls, lower than advertised MPG, problems with SYNCH, computer glitches with clock, voice commands, radio, etc. MY 1.6 2013 Ford is back at the dealership and once again I am driving another rental. They can not find the problem. The 2013 1.6 Ford Escape is clearly defective. Yes, we should all be upgraded to the 2.0 at no cost to us. Toyota just paid over 1 billion in a class action suit...perhaps this is what Ford should expect next. Miraculously, we have not been hurt yet, but sadly, it is only a matter of time..Ford must recall all of these defective vehicles and replace them at NO COST to us.


@Sally: please share relevant info. We have Fords; what Toyota has done could not matter less.

What you think Ford 'should' do is also not relevant. People following this want to know what is actually being done. Please help report on this situation.

So: did you upgrade to the 2.0 engine? Did you have to pay? Are you meeting with an attorney? Have you contacted Ford directly? What are you/your dealer doing to get out of this 1.6 Escape?

It's not like info on this recall for the 1.6 hasn't been around. When I bought our 2.0 Titanium I made the salesperson aware that I was only upgrading to the Titanium becuause of the known issue with the 1.6, without asking the dealership took the cost of the engine upgrade of the price of the car. I Paid 29k otd for my Escape MSRP was over 36k and I traded in my 07 Acura MDX for it. I love our Escape!

Old Man

Good for you Rick! Provide your home address and I'll mail you a gold star.

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