Most-Watched Videos of the Week

A quintet of videos showcasing the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 dominate this week's most-watched videos list. The top spot goes to Editor Mark Williams' overview, while the remaining four span Williams' interview with Jeff Luke, GM's executive chief engineer for full-size trucks, during the recent Silverado and Sierra unveiling outside Pontiac, Mich. Check out the videos above and below:



Although alot of it is pretty much the same truck as the current model (video guy says so) except "tweeked here and there", the only thing I see different is the front fascia, dash, and engines. The interior shown in spyshots on other websites were already putting it down then, and now it's talked liked it's better than ever? I guess putting a rear mud flap on backwards on my truck will yield it better mpg's too. I don't doubt the all-new engines will be good, but I still would wait a few years before I ponied up the money to make sure the bugs are more than worked out. With the over hyped new Malibu already getting a makeover, is GM just rushing their products to market so people won't forget about them? I wish they were design wise inspired more like the 95-98 model years like I heard they might be. Instead we get a different engine in last years truck. Of the two new trucks, I might be the only one, but I prefer the Silverado, but would rather take the interior of my '00 Silverado over the new one. Maybe the 2018 trucks will look more retro. I'm sure it will be with these engines now, which will then be "proven". Last thing GM, please PAINT the frames like Ford does. Maybe the super high incredibly strong super strength steel (sarcasm) on the frames will not rust as fast.


I couldn't get past the guy talking with his hands. It was so annoying.. The truck is abysmal inside and out. Chevy will lose a lot of sales.


Very good report. Covered all the relevant parts of the new trucks. Can't wait to hear the news on the MPG gains they have made with the new engines.

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